Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars Report – August 19th, 2016

District 1 — Ashland area

Wardens Amie Egstad, of Bayfield, and Ed McCann, of La Crosse, checked several trollers among the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior with undersized lake trout, not enough PFDs for those on board, no fishing licenses, and not having wire cutters on board for downrigger lines used for fishing. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Egstad received information in July about illegal bear baits on public land that were too close to roads. Some of the bait site subjects were contacted and another subject is being further investigated for other possible violations.

Warden Egstad responded to Saxon Harbor for five days after the July 11 storm flooded out the marina. Wardens looked for missing boats on the bottom of Lake Superior with sidescan sonar. Egstad was assisted by wardens Dave Oginski, Ed McCann, Bill Hankee and Adam Stennett.

Wardens Lynna Gurnoe, of Bayfield, Egstad and deputy warden Kyle Ziembo patrolled the Apostle Islands and approached a vessel near York Island. A couple was trolling and was in possession of two lakers. The couple stated they each caught one fish. Egstad determined one lake trout was undersized and the woman didn’t have a Great Lakes trout stamp. Near Port Wing, another vessel of trollers had five males aboard; none had boater safety. There were only three adult sized life jackets aboard. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Adam Stennett, of Brule, and Matt Koshollek, of Drummond, stopped two jet skiers on Lake Minnesuing who were circling and splashing each other closer than 100 feet of each other.

Wardens Stennett and Koshollek stopped a pontoon boat driver on Lake Minnesuing for allowing a 9-year-old child without a life jacket to stand on the front bow deck of the boat while it was under full power.

Wardens Stennett and Koshollek stopped a boat operator on Lake Minnesuing for allowing a passenger to ride on the seat back of the boat while she was towing a skier. All on board were under the age of 20 and in possession of alcohol. One passenger attempted to drop his bottle in the water as the wardens approached. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Stennett and Koshollek checked a boat of four anglers on Lake Nebagamon. There were only three wearable PFDs on board and one throwable. The boat owner also failed to have the registration switched to his name. Enforcement action taken.

Warden Stennett checked a fisherman on the Brule River at the Rainbow Bend in July. The fisherman was in possession of live worms and a hook baited with a worm. Only artificial lures are allowed on that stretch of the river.

Wardens Koshollek and Ziembo arrested a male operator of a UTV for operating while under the influence after he was observed traveling 31 mph in a 10 mph zone and attempting a U-turn burnout while the wardens tried to stop him.

Wardens Koshollek and Ziembo stopped a boat on Namekagon Lake, and smelled marijuana. Two passengers admitted to smoking and possessing the drug and were arrested by a Bayfield County deputy.

Wardens Koshollek and Stennett observed a vehicle and boat leaving the Middle Eau Claire Lake boat landing with an aquatic weed on the boat trailer. Koshollek stopped the vehicle to notify them about the weed. Koshollek noticed the driver was impaired and conducted field sobriety tests. Enforcement action was taken.

District 2 — Cumberland area

No report available.

District 3 — Park Falls area

No report available.

District 4 — Woodruff area

No report available.

District 5 — Lower St. Croix area

No report available.

District 6 — Eau Claire area

No report available.

District 7 — Wisconsin Rapids area

No report available.

District 8 — La Crosse area

No report available.

District 9 — Black River Falls area

No report available.

District 10 — Wautoma area

Warden Ben Mott worked Long Lake in Waushara County over the Fourth of July weekend and observed one PWC operator running faster than no-wake while closer than 100 feet to Mott. And, he observed a second one operate faster than no-wake from the other PWC. The second PWC attempted to spray water on the first PWC. Upon contact, Mott issued one citation for the greater of the two offenses and issued warnings to both operators for failing to have boater safety certification.

Warden Mott was working boating on Big Silver Lake when he observed an individual operating with no stern light and operating faster than no-wake at nearly 11 p.m. The individual was underaged and had consumed alcohol and was in possession of a large amount of alcohol. The subject was towed to a local supper club and a Waushara County deputy issued citations. Mott issued a couple of warnings to the subject. Mott worked with the supper club to make sure the boat could be parked at that location and the manager secured the keys in the house safe until a sober party could retrieve the boat the next day.

Wardens Mott and Kaitlin Kernosky were working boating enforcement on the Wolf River in July when they were flagged down by boaters who could not get their boat started. The wardens worked with the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Department boat patrol in order to obtain jumper cables and were able to get the boat started and the individuals back on their way.

Wardens Mott and Kernosky were working boating enforcement on the Wolf River and stopped one boat that was displaying a 2007 registration. Upon further contact and testing, it was found that the operator was impaired and was arrested for operating while intoxicated. Later that evening during the local fireworks display, the wardens stopped a different boat for operating with no navigation lights. Through observation and testing, the operator of the boat was found to be impaired and arrested for operating while intoxicated.

Wardens Nate Ackerman, of Berlin, and Butler conducted boating enforcement on Green Lake. Ackerman coordinated an enforcement detail for an annual boating event. Ackerman stopped a boat that was on plane with the trolling motor down. Ackerman saw the front deck of the boat coming apart. After stopping the boat it was found that the operator was intoxicated. The operator was arrested for boating while intoxicated. The sheriff’s department also arrested two other boaters for OWI.

District 11 — Peshtigo area

No report available.

District 12 — Green Bay area and Northeast Operations Marine Unit 

No report available.

District 13 — Oshkosh area

Oshkosh team June reports

Warden Ryan Propson, of Appleton, and recruit Justin Mueller investigated a complaint that an individual was operating an unlicensed taxidermy business. The audit revealed that the individual hasn’t been licensed since 2011, but has continued to conduct taxidermy. In addition, records weren’t being accurately completed, the game items weren’t being properly recorded, and the individual was working on migratory birds without the required federal taxidermy permit. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Thomas Sturdivant, of Neenah, received a report in June of a Winnebago County individual who possessed two wild Canada geese. An investigation revealed that the suspect, while fishing on the Fox River in the Kaukauna area, removed two goose eggs from a nest and raised them. The geese were approximately one-month-old at the time of the complaint. The geese were taken to a rehabilitator and enforcement action was taken.

Warden supervisor Chris Shea assisted the Fond du Lac Police Department with the apprehension of a man who was wanted on drug possession charges. The man was fishing in Lake Side Park without a license. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Shea contacted a boater who had been operating on the Fox River near Sun Set Park in Kimberly. The operator showed signs of intoxication. Field sobriety tests were conducted and the operator was arrested for OWI.

Oshkosh team July reports

Warden Michael Disher, of Chilton, checked anglers for licenses along the east shore of Lake Winnebago. Two anglers had each kept an undersized largemouth and smallmouth bass, which were in a bucket.

Warden Disher investigated multiple individuals who had moved to other states, but continued to buy resident licenses. Other enforcement action is pending.

While checking fishing activity along the Fox River, warden Jason Higgins, of Oshkosh, observed a subject throw a beer can into the grass and walk away. Higgins contacted the subject and found the subject had been cited in the past by Higgins for the same violation, but at a different location. The subject tried blaming his action on someone else for not picking up his beer can, on a disease he has, on the park for not having garbage cans and numerous other reasons.

Wardens Nicholas Miofsky, of Campbellsport, and Shea worked boating enforcement on Kettle Moraine Lake. Because of the July Fourth weekend there was heightened activity on the lake. Miofsky and Shea observed a PWC leave from the shoreline at a speed greater than no-wake and to operate on plane while weaving in and out of anchored boats. Miofsky stopped the boat to discuss the no-wake violations. The operator was found to be operating the PWC while intoxicated and didn’t have a safe boating certificate. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Sturdivant while checking shore anglers, spoke to several juveniles sitting in a parked vehicle. He detected the smell of marijuana and requested the assistance of the Menasha Police Department, whose  officers requested the assistance of the Neenah Police Department’s drug K-9. The police department released the juveniles to their parents; charges are pending.

District 14 — Sheboygan area

No report available.

District 15 — Milwaukee area

Warden Steven J. Sanidas was working sport fishing enforcement in Summit in July when he observed an individual catch and kill an undersized largemouth bass. The individual was observed killing the bass by beating it against the floor of his boat. The subject then tossed the dead bass back into the lake. When contacted, the individual denied that the fish was a bass and argued that the fish was a bluegill, which he wanted to feed to a blue heron in the area. Sanidas located the floating, undersized bass and confronted the individual with the evidence. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Sanidas was contacted by village of Mukwonago police officer Rob Kreiser in regards to a fishing violation along the Mukwonago River. Sanidas responded and assisted Kreiser with an individual who was in possession of three undersized bass. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Sanidas and air management specialist Mark Davis completed an illegal asbestos burning / demolition investigation. Sanidas cited a subject for failing to inspect outbuildings for asbestos materials and failing to notify the DNR of the demolition project.

Warden Doug Zeihen, warden Brad Peterson and wildlife management staffer Kelly taught the fourth annual wingshooting “Train the Trainer” class at the Mead Wildlife visitor center during the middle weekend of July.

Wardens were among the law enforcement officers on duty during the annual Lake Okauchee Tie-Up in July. As many as 500 boats attended. Five individuals were arrested for OWI and several citations were issued for miscellaneous violations.

Warden Blaine Ziarek investigated reported turkey hunting violations in July. It was determined the hunter had failed to register turkeys harvested in spring over the last two years. Turkey parts were seized and enforcement action was taken.

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