Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars Report – August 19, 2016

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Shane Teas assisted an Ohio officer with a case where an Ohio subject brought a deer killed in Illinois during the 2015 season and transported it back to Ohio in violation with their CWD laws. It was later determined the subject did not have a valid permit to take the deer in Illinois. The subject was issued a citation in Illinois and possible charges in Ohio.

A man from Reynolds pleaded guilty to citations issued by CPO Posateri for unlawfully using his muzzleloader deer permit during the first firearm deer season and failing to report the deer harvest on the same day as taken. He was fined nearly $300 for the violations.

CPO Shane Teas completed an investigation in Stephenson County of a subject who used his wife’s permit to tag a 10-point buck during the previous hunting season. The hunter then killed a second buck and used his permit. The hunter received two citations and two sets of antlers were seized.

CPO Thompson investigated a case involving a female subject shooting a buck with a bow in 2015 before buying licenses and permits. After a Louisiana Game Warden spoke to the subject, she provided a photo of her posing with the buck. After acknowledging the buck was not tagged at the time, she admitted she did not buy permits or licenses until after the harvest. A 9-point buck was seized and citations were issued for unlawful hunting without a permit/license, failure to tag immediately upon kill, and unlawful take of a white-tailed deer.

CPO Alt stopped a motor vehicle in Rock Cut State Park after observing the violations of speeding and a disobeyed stop sign. The traffic stop revealed additional violations of driver’s license not on person and no valid driver’s license.

CPO Palumbo and CPOT Cox conducted a deer permit investigation which resulted in a citation and multiple written warnings being issued to a Rockford man and a Freeport woman, for the unlawful use of another’s deer permit, loaning/ transferring deer permits, and improper tagging of deer.

CPO Palumbo and CPOT Cox issued a citation and multiple written warnings to three Fulton kayakers that were kayaking on Pool 13 of the Mississippi River. One of the kayakers did not possess a personal flotation device and none of them had water usage stickers for their vessels.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Kelley issued a citation to an individual at Butler Lake in Libertyville. The subject was observed fishing but tried to assert he was not fishing. However, CPO Kelley had seen the man fishing and, furthermore, saw the man break the hook off his line in an apparent attempt to hide his fishing activity. When confronted, the man confessed to breaking the hook off his line and also admitted he was fishing with an expired fishing license.

CPO Posateri responded to an unattended and unregistered campsite at Johnson Sauk Trail State Recreation Area. A tent and various other camping gear were set up on a site, however no one was observed staying there. The site superintendent left a note but the note remained in the same place. All the camping gear was seized as abandoned property since an owner could not be identified. The items will be stored for 6 months and if an owner does not come forward it will be disposed of according to policy.

CPO Semenik was working a criminal enforcement detail with the Illinois State Police District Chicago and was assigned to patrol the Dan Ryan Expressway portion of Interstate 94. At approximately 1 a.m., CPO Semenik was parked off the I-94, 75th Street accident investigation site when he observed a vehicle exit the ramp at a high rate of speed. CPO Semenik followed the vehicle down a side street off 75th and initiated a traffic stop in the high risk neighborhood. The vehicle was occupied by three convicted felons, one of which was an active member of the “Gangster Disciples” street gang. CPOs Macias, Mooi and Reid arrived on scene to assist. The driver of the vehicle’s license was also suspended since 1982. While the CPOs were interviewing the occupants outside of the vehicle, CPO Reid recovered a loaded .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol hidden under the passenger seat. At the conclusion of extensive interviews, it was determined that the passenger who was a gangster disciple had the pistol in his coat pocket at the time CPO Semenik initiated the traffic stop. CPO Semenik arrested the driver for driving while license suspended and the passenger for aggravated unlawful use of weapon. Illinois State Police troopers assisted in the transport and processing of the subjects.

CPO Whitchurch and CPOT Poffenberger were on patrol at a Lake Michigan harbor and observed a subject fishing without a license. As they were dealing with that subject, another subject fishing nearby observed the officers and was observed discarding what appeared to be marijuana and a joint into the water. The subject was cited for unlawful pollution of a waterway.

CPO Whitchurch and CPOT Poffenberger were on patrol at Lake Michigan when they observed a subject operating a personal watercraft without a fire extinguisher on board and without proper watercraft registration. A citation and a written warning were issued.

CPO Whitchurch and CPOT Poffenberger were patrolling Lake Michigan when they observed a subject fishing from a kayak inside a harbor. A watercraft inspection was completed and a fishing license was requested. The subject had a valid fishing license but did not have a valid water usage stamp. The subject did not see the importance of the officer’s enforcement of the violation. The subject was cited for operating the watercraft without a water usage stamp.

While patrolling the DesPlaines River, CPO Klemme observed a subject kayaking. After an inspection it was determined that he had not purchased a water usage stamp prior to boating. He was issued a citation.

CPO Klemme and CPOT Poffenberger were conducting boat enforcement on Lake Michigan at the Diversey Harbor boat launch. Approximately 13 vessels were inspected and several citations were issued. The violations included safety equipment and registrations.

While working the Cal-Sag channel from the Worth Boat Launch, CPO Klemme conducted a vessel inspection and discovered the operator did not have a fire extinguisher or a Type 4 pfd on the vessel. The operator was issued a citation and a written warning.

CPOs Vaughan and Mooi conducted a bicycle patrol of the Chicago Lakefront. The CPOs patrolled from Montrose Harbor to DuSable Harbor checking fishermen along the way. One citation and five written warnings we issued for various violations.

CPO Whitchurch observed two subjects fishing from a motor boat in Cook County and performed a boat safety inspection. The boat was not in compliance with required safety equipment. One of the subjects did not possess a valid sport fishing license because of owed child support. The other subject was an out-of-state resident who did not possess a valid nonresident sport fishing licenses. Citations and written warnings were issued.

A CPO was called out to DuPage County to investigate the possibility of an American bald eagle lying on the side of the road either injured or dead. CPO Macias went to the location and discovered it to be a Canada goose, not an eagle, and the animal was disposed of.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Viverito advised Sgt. Williamson that he had received a complaint of short crappies being taken on the Friends Creek Bridge of Clinton Lake. Sgt. Williamson responded to the area to find two California residents and one Champaign resident fishing. After checking their bucket, it was found that they had legal bluegill. While checking licenses it was found that only one of the fishermen had a valid license. Two citations were issued for not having a valid fishing license.

CPO Greuel cited an Arcola man for fishing without a fishing license while fishing in a restricted area along I-57 in Coles County.

CPO Moody, CPO Viverito, CPO Wright, and Sgt. Williamson responded to an officer involved shooting in Mahomet. The Mahomet officer was shot by a suspect that had been previously stopped by another Mahomet officer. During the scuffle and shooting, the Mahomet officer is believed to have shot the suspect. After the initial shooting, the suspect retrieved a rifle from the house he was staying in and shot the patrol car several times. The suspect then retreated to his truck and rammed the patrol car with his truck before fleeing the scene. The suspect’s truck was found later southwest of Mahomet and CPOs Moody, Viverito and Wright kept a perimeter around the vehicle until SWAT teams could arrive and search the area. Sgt. Williamson assisted in coordinating a team to set up a perimeter to the north of where the truck was found. CPOs kept up their perimeter for about 10 hours until the area could be searched and it was found that the suspect stole a truck from the business near where his truck was found.

CPO Graden received a complaint from Moraine View State Park staff concerning a large amount of residential trash and debris that had been unlawfully deposited in the Catfish Bay Campground dumpster. The investigation determined a Bloomington man had filled the dumpster to overflowing with personal waste from a rental house he cleaned out. The subject was issued a citation for littering in a state park, unlawfully depositing residential debris/waste in a state park dumpster.

CPO Moody arrested a Charleston man on a failure to appear warrant for fleeing and eluding a police officer. The man was also cited for pollution of a waterway.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPOT Brian Snodgrass and CPO Michael Goetten received a complaint of a subject in possession of a live wild fox in Macoupin County. The subject was interviewed and originally claimed he purchased the animal from a game breeder.

CPO Gushleff conducted a boat safety inspection at the Beaver Dam State Park boat ramp. Two men said they were fishing and had some fish in a cooler. CPO Gushleff inspected the fish in the cooler and found a crappie that was only 7 inches long. The minimum length to keep crappies is 9 inches at Beaver Dam State Park.

Sgt. Wagner was attending church, off duty, when a subject confessed to shooting a turkey out of season. CPO Goetten went to his residence and seized the turkey. The subject was cited for shooting a turkey after the season had closed.

CPO French and CPOT Tripp arrested a St Louis subject for obstruction of identification, no fishing license, and on three warrants. Two of the warrants were from the counties of St Clair and Madison. The other warrant was a no bond warrant from Missouri on probation violations.

CPO Tapley was checking fishermen at Boulder Boat Ramp at Carlyle Lake. As he was checking bank fishermen, a boat came in near the boat ramp area, but stayed out at a distance. CPO Tapley observed one of the men throwing fish back into the water. CPO Tapley spoke with the men at the boat ramp; however they denied throwing any fish into the water. Upon checking their bucket of fish, seven short crappies were found by the CPO. After a discussion, one citation was issued along with two written warnings for boating violations.

CPO Tapley took a report of three dead juvenile bald eagles at Carlyle Lake. It is believed that in a recent storm with high winds, the nest and eagles were blown from their tree. The eagles were turned over to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife agent.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPO Folden continued an investigation in Hamilton County involving wildlife code violations allegedly committed by a non-resident outfitter. Because of previous complaints, CPO Folden and CPO Williams contacted the outfitter and requested all of his records. The outfitter provided all information requested in a timely manner. Only minor violations were detected contrary to the allegations. A written warning was issued for a minor record keeping infraction.

CPO Folden completed a randomly assigned commercial inspection on a Hamilton County wild game bird breeder. Two written warnings were issued for possession of wild game birds without a current wild game bird breeder’s license and failure to maintain records as required.

CPO Mohrman tracked down a Carbondale subject who was observed fishing in an aquaculture pond at Southern Illinois University’s Touch of Nature facility. The subject admitted he was fishing at this facility and did not have a fishing license. The subject was cited for no fishing license and warned for fishing without permission.

CPO Mohrman received a call of a subject in camouflage carrying a big dead bird over his shoulder on a farm in rural Jackson County. The caller who has just moved to the country did not know what kind of bird this could be and thought it was big enough it may be an eagle. Since it was still spring turkey season and this is a farm which is turkey hunted, CPO Mohrman surmised that the caller had observed a successful hunter. The landowner where the subject was observed was called and confirmed that the bird the subject was carrying was indeed a lawfully harvested turkey and not an eagle.

Sgt. Cariens, Jefferson County Sheriff Travis Allen and Shane Williams retrieved two stranded fishermen from Rend Lake during a severe storm. Their boat filled with water and they were not able to get to shore during the storm. They were picked up and their boat was towed to the Bonnie South boat ramp from an island on the north end of Rend Lake.

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