Pie Iron Campfire Wild Turkey BBQ Sandwich

From the author: Congratulations!  You filled your turkey tag this spring, and have been enjoying some of that wild turkey with your evening meals or as a sandwich for your lunch.  Maybe you have just a little bit left over, and you’re wondering what to do with it.  Don’t throw it out!  Dig out your Pie Iron and make yourself a delicious Wild Turkey BBQ sandwich while camping or in your backyard.

You might have used a pie iron, or pudgie pie maker, when you were a kid.  Some of my absolute favorite recipes were the pizza pie and a chocolate and peanut butter dessert pie.  But who says you have to keep it simple?  My Wild Turkey BBQ Sandwich pie opens a whole new world while using the venerable pie iron.  Want to get even more gourmet?  Swap out the regular old white bread and use a sourdough or a marble rye.  To prepare the wild turkey, I didn’t do anything special, just pan fried with some basic seasoning. However you make it, you’ll have a fun new recipe to enjoy from your spring hunting success.

This recipe is by Darren Kirby, author of over 17 books. Kirby is a Wisconsin native and has enjoyed the outdoors for more than four decades. Camping is one of his passions, and he regularly used a pie iron as both a kid and adult. Not finding a good recipe book for the pie iron, he set out to write his own, and thus the book Pie Iron Recipes was born. Visit www.DarrenKirby.com for more information.



¼ Cup Precooked wild turkey meat – shredded

¼ Cup shredded Monterey Jack or Cheddar cheese

2 Tbl of your favorite BBQ sauce


* Add sliced Canadian baconections:

Get a small bed of hot coals going.  You will want a campfire that has some open flame.

Butter one side of a slice of bread. Place into pie iron, with buttered side against iron.

Add wild turkey meat, cheese and BBQ sauce.

Butter a second slice of bread and place on top with buttered side facing out.

Add a second slice of bread and butter, then close the pie iron.

Trim off any crust that is showing outside of the iron after closing.

Cook over the campfire roughly 5-6 minutes until golden brown. Flip the iron during cooking to evenly brown both sides.

It is ok to open the iron while cooking to visually check the bread for doneness.  A dark golden brown is ideal for the bread.  These are made to be cooked over a campfire.  Indoor stoves just don’t do the job.









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