Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars Report – July 22nd, 2016

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Jones and CPO Teas made contact with a Savanna man who was fishing at Marquette Park. CPO Jones asked if he had caught any fish and the man explained he had a drum on a stringer. While CPO Teas checked the stringer, CPO Jones asked to look in his cooler to make sure he didn’t have a short bass. The subject opened the cooler and said there was a bass in it. The bass had the head removed (dressed). CPO Jones cited the man for possessing a dressed fish on a body of water with a length limit.

While patrolling Rock Cut State Park, CPO Fraser observed two vehicles closely following each other and traveling over double the posted speed limit of 20 mph. CPO Fraser initiated a traffic stop on the lead vehicle, the second vehicle stopped behind CPO Fraser’s patrol vehicle. A check of the four occupants of the first vehicle revealed all were reported gang members and only the driver held a valid license. A check of the second vehicle revealed the driver had a suspended license and was wanted on a warrant. The lead vehicle and its occupants were released and the driver of the second vehicle was arrested and transported to jail.

CPO Alt conducted a foot patrol on the trails between Red Oak and Lyon’s Club Picnic Areas within Rock Cut State Park and came upon a 30-year-old individual, in possession of cannabis, off of the designated trail. A search incident to arrest back at the subject’s car revealed additional cannabis and drug paraphernalia in possession. After a positive drug field test showing the green leafy substance had a presumptive presence for cannabis, the subject was issued a Notice To Appear in court.

CPO Alt cited a Rockford man in Winnebago County for unlawful taking of common snapping turtle during the closed season.

CPO Alt reached out to the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department and initiated a joint watercraft patrol on the Rock River in Winnebago County on Memorial Day. The six-hour patrol resulted in 23 boats inspected with three citations and 21 written warnings issued to area boaters. The patrol was designed to raise public awareness of the Illinois Boating Code to decrease incidents of OUI, reckless operation of watercraft, and lack of PFD (personal flotation device) use.

CPO Reid arrested a Henderson County subject for criminal damage to state supported property. The subject destroyed a planted sunflower field at the Big River State Forest with a 4-wheel drive Hummer. The subject eventually lost control of the vehicle and rolled on its top in the middle of the field.  The subject was arrested and transported to the Henderson County jail

CPO VanZant was called to the scene of an injured bald eagle. The eagle was ultimately caught and taken to WPSP where it was checked out and transported to Champaign to a veterinarian clinic.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Farber conducted sport fishing enforcement along the Des Plaines River on Lake County Forest Preserve Property. He conducted a compliance check for licenses and creel/length limits on two fishermen. The subjects stated that they did not have any fish in possession. CPO Farber inspected the shoreline and discovered a piece of fishing line tied to a small tree submerged in the water. One 23-inch northern pike was found strung to the fishing line. The statewide length limit on northern pike is 24 inches. The subject who stated that they had not caught any fish claimed ownership of the fish. The Chicago man was issued one citation for failure to immediately release short fish.

CPO Semenik arrested two male subjects after observing them fishing and smoking what he believed to be cannabis in a small row boat. After making contact with the fishermen and asking them to exit the boat, CPO Semenik interviewed the two men and recovered a glass smoking pipe and plastic container with cannabis in a tackle box aboard the boat. The two men were arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams. The owner/operator of the row boat was also issued a citation for operation with no wearable PFDs on board and fishing without a sportfishing license.

CPO Schreiber cited a subject fishing along the Fox River, near Fox River Grove, for failure to immediately release an undersized largemouth bass. The bass was only 9 inches long and the minimum length is 14 inches.

CPOs Schreiber and Wagner cited two subjects at the Carpentersville Dam for unlawfully using a cast net to take sport fish. Both subjects were catching small bluegills to be used for catfishing.

CPO Vadbunker was checking fishermen at Kankakee River State Park and found a fisherman fishing without his fishing license in possession. A subsequent check through Illinois State Police to see if he was wanted indicated that he was indeed wanted for Failure to Appear on a dangerous drug offense. He was able to post bond, and was also cited for the fishing license violation.

CPO Vadbunker and K9 Toby tracked a group of fishermen from a parking lot to the Kankakee River that was over a mile away.  Ten fishermen were observed fishing and during the observation one was observed smoking cannabis. During the remaining fishing inspections, one of the fishermen was observed sneaking into the woods. K9 Toby was able to find where the subject had hidden cannabis and drug paraphernalia. Two other subjects admitted to possessing cannabis. All four were charged with possession of cannabis and for possession of drug paraphernalia.

CPO Macias was called out to an Illinois nature preserve by a Cook County Forest police officer. A known poacher of plants and roots in the Illinois nature preserve was thought to be in the area taking items from the nature preserve. Two subjects were apprehended with evidence and admitted guilt to CPO Macias, several citations were issues

CPO Macias conducted deer investigations stemming from several hunters based in Cook County hunting in Ogle County. The subjects were located and all gathered to discuss the issue of not turning in harvested deer heads per site specific rules in Castle Rock State Park. Six subjects were issued written warnings

CPO Whitchurch was on patrol at the south end of Lake Michigan when he observed a subject actively fishing. When CPO Whitchurch walked over to the area where the subject was seen fishing, he noticed the subject running away and abandoning his fishing gear. CPO Whitchurch observed the subject hiding behind a tree. When CPO Whitchurch contacted the subject he admitted to leaving the area because he did not have a fishing license.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Moody and Sgt. McReynolds assisted the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office with the search of the Kaskaskia River for an 18-year-old Sullivan male missing from a tubing trip down the river. The subject turned up four hours later at a gas station in Shelbyville. The subject was arrested for unlawful consumption of alcohol by a minor.

Sgt. Williamson and CPOT Ausmus worked a boat accident on Clinton Lake. Clinton Lake Marina notified the CPOs of a sinking watercraft near Illinois Power beach. Marina staff responded by boat and was able to pump enough water out of the wrecked boat to tow it to shore where Sgt. Williamson and CPOT Ausmus began the investigation. It was determined that the operator hit a submerged object which broke the lower-unit off the transom allowing the vessel to become swamped. Operator inexperience was a contributing factor in the accident, and alcohol was not involved.

CPO Viverito and CPOT Ausmus cited a Ford County man for driving with an expired license. The CPOs stopped the vehicle speeding in Clinton Lake SRA and determined the driver’s license had expired two years ago. Citations and warnings were issued and the vehicle was removed by a valid driver.

CPO Viverito and CPOT Ausmus arrested a Dewitt County teen for possession of drug paraphernalia. While enforcing traffic laws at Clinton Lake SRA, the officers observed a vehicle run a stop sign and speed through the park. The vehicle was stopped, all three teens were identified, K9 Hank alerted to the presence of drugs in the vehicle. CPOT Ausmus searched the car and found a glass pipe with cannabis residue. The pipe’s owner was released on an NTA (Notice to Appear), and the driver was issued a two written warnings.

CPO Wright investigated a possible meth making complaint at Moraine View State Park. CPO Wright received a complaint from a nearby camper that the suspect had come to his campsite looking for some weed. After being told that he did not have any the man stated that they were going to cook up a batch tomorrow and he could have some. After CPO Wright arrived on scene he located the camp site and found no one. After six hours of waiting, the subjects never returned. The matter is still under investigation.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPOT Snodgrass and CPO Goetten responded to a complaint of a subject sunbathing nude on the Mississippi River in an area frequented by families. The subject was located, arrested and transported to the Calhoun County jail.

CPOT Snodgrass and CPO Goetten stopped a vehicle for driving 69 mph in a posted 40-mph zone in Jersey County. The driver showed signs of alcohol impairment. Field sobriety tests were conducted and the subject was arrested for DUI. A search of the vehicle revealed a drug pipe and cannabis. During transport to the county jail, the subject became belligerent and made suicidal statements. As a result, CPO Goetten began transporting the subject to the hospital. The subject, despite being in handcuffs, and then managed to get out of his seat belt. He then attempted to open the door to jump out of the squad and commit suicide. CPOT Snodgrass and CPO Goetten managed to restrain the subject and pull over to the roadway shoulder. The subject continued to be combative and made suicidal statements. EMS arrived on scene. The subject was transported to the Jersey Community Hospital where he continued to be combative with officers and hospital staff for several hours. He was charged with DUI with a BAC greater than .08 percent, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cannabis and speeding. He was admitted into the hospital pending an evaluation.

On Memorial Day, while on routine boat patrol of the Illinois River CPOs Myers and Wichern received several complaints about dead fish floating near Frederick. CPOs located 400 yards of trammel nets in Treadway Lake containing dead and morbid fish. It was determined two commercial fishermen from Beardstown had failed to check the nets for approximately 60 hours, and both fishermen failed to possess the proper licenses. The fishermen were charged with the violations and the nets were removed from the river.

CPO Liebl and CPO Lentz were working Horseshoe Lake State Park when they encountered a group of individuals fishing. A check of the fishermen revealed they did not have fishing licenses. A check through State Police showed one of the fishermen had an active warrant. Citations were issued for no valid fishing license and the one fisherman was taken to jail for the active warrant.

CPO Liebl received a call about a domestic dispute at Frank Holten State Park. The victim said she was at the park with a friend when her ex-boyfriend drove by and saw her. He pulled into the parking lot next to her, got out, and used a crow bar to damage her vehicle. The victim also said her ex-boyfriend had a gun in his waistband the whole time this was going on. Statements and photographs were taken. Attempts to locate the offender were not successful. A report was written and submitted to the State’s Attorney for criminal damage to vehicle and aggravated assault.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPO Johnson received a call from the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office in reference to a 9-point deer mount and bobcat pelt that was turned in. The individual who turned the items in reported the items might be stolen. CPO Johnson contacted the individual and obtained information on the alleged theft. Allegedly a male subject found them, in a ditch, and then gave them to the individual. CPO Johnson met with the male subject and identified the location of the ditch. After further questioning the subject took the CPO to a location where there was a vacant house. The subject said he found the items at the house. Multiple other mounts were observed in the house. The owner was contacted and arrived at the house. He reported missing a 9-point mount and a bobcat pelt. The subject was charged with theft and trespassing.

CPO Diggins was involved in a foot pursuit in Galatia after an unknown subject wrecked a stolen vehicle he was driving into a residential trailer. The subject ran into a large section of dense woods and managed to elude officers. The subject stole a second vehicle in Galatia and fled south. The vehicle was later found in Tennessee. It was later discovered that the subject had a loaded shotgun in the cab of the truck he wrecked.

CPO Taylor and CPO Holland while coming along side of a boat, observed a beer can floating in the water. The can was cold and 75 percent full. The subjects in the boat were questioned about the beer can and denied throwing the can in the water. After further questioning, one of the subjects admitted to placing the beer can in the water. The subject stated he was afraid it was against the law to have an open beer on a boat.

While on routine patrol at Sam Dale Lake Conservation Area, CPO David Holland and CPOT Paul Roper were checking sportfishing licenses when they came across a group of people fishing. When checking licenses in the group it was discovered that one of the individuals had an active warrant. The individual was arrested on scene and their vehicle was towed due to lack of insurance.

CPO Mohrman, while patrolling by boat on Kinkaid Lake, informed a subject he was going to receive a ticket for towing a skier without an observer. The subject told the CPO he appreciated it and said he deserved it. CPO Mohrman was a bit confused by this reaction and again told the subject this was a $120 ticket and the subject again said he appreciated it. Even after issuing the ticket the subject thanked the CPO and wished him a good day.

CPO Vasicek inspected a game breeder permit holder who bred pheasant and quail from eggs. The subject was issued a written warning as part of the investigation and a field report was generated.

CPO Thompson is investigating a complaint of trespassers erecting deer stands on neighboring property. He is also investigating foxes being trapped illegally.

CPO Thompson cited a fisherman for possessing one 8-inch largemouth bass and one 12-inch largemouth bass at a Forest Service lake where the minimum length is 15 inches.

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