Illinois Cuffs & Collars – May 27th, 2016

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

While patrolling Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Park, CPO Hoogerwerf observed a vehicle parked in the parking lot across from the main shelter building. The same vehicle was reported by park staff as suspicious on a previous day, as it was parked and occupied for over eight hours. A white male subject was sitting in the driver’s seat, slumped over, hands clasped together resting on his lap and his feet resting on the passenger seat. There was no movement or response from the subject after continued knocking on both the driver and passenger side windows. Medical personnel were requested. After opening the driver’s side door, the subject was lightly shaken and he woke up. The subject stated that he was “very tired and hadn’t slept in a couple of days.” He appeared slow and confused and agreed to being checked by medical personnel. After being cleared by medical personnel, he admitted to driving to the park on a suspended driver’s license. He was placed under arrest for driving while suspended and lodged at the Stephenson County Jail.

CPO Murry responded to the Shabbona Lake State Park of two individuals drinking alcohol and shooting pellet guns in the campground. Alcohol is banned in the campground, and BB/pellet guns are banned in state parks. Upon arrival, CPO Murry spoke to the individuals and observed two pellet guns, many items of alcohol, as well as drug paraphernalia with burned cannabis. CPO Murry also located cannabis on each individual. Both individuals were cited for unlawful possession of cannabis, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawful possession of alcohol in a restricted area, and unlawful possession or weapons in the state park.

CPO Finn received the disposition on a deer hunting case where a Marshall County man had illegally taken a deer from the road. The hunter received seven citations at the time of the incident. The hunter was found guilty of three of the violations and was ordered to pay $4,000 and will lose his hunting privileges for 15 months.

A father and son were fishing from a 9-foot, two-person fishing boat when their fishing line became tangled in the propeller of their trolling motor. While the father attempted to remove the fishing line from the propeller, the boat capsized, ejecting both occupants into the lake. The father was unable to swim safely to shore and was recovered by the Illinois Conservation Police with assistance from Peoria County Sheriff’s Department and Timber Hollis Fire and Rescue.

CPO Gerard completed a lengthy deer investigation centering around a resident harvesting three deer this past hunting season. The subject did not have a hunting license, habitat stamp, or deer permits. In addition, the subject was selling the deer meat. Multiple citations were issued.

 CPO VanZant investigated a deer permit complaint from the 2015 hunting season. While interviewing a subject, a confession was given. Officer VanZant has been working on this for several years, with the complaint being the missing piece that enabled the case to be made. A subject was issued citations for fraudulent use of deer permit, failure to tag deer, failure to report harvest, illegal take of deer and illegal take of more than two bucks.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Wagner, while on patrol, noticed an individual weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed. He initiated a traffic stop and found the individual’s registration was also expired. The individual was issued a citation for expired registration and written warnings for speeding and improper lane usage.

CPO Kelley assisted a McHenry County deputy with an injured goose in Port Barrington. The deputy believed the goose’s neck was broken but CPO Kelley discovered the problem was a fishing lure wrapped around the goose’s right wing. Once the lure was removed, the goose left the scene with what appeared to be non-life-threatening injuries.

CPO Davis and Sergeant Riedel conducted retail aquatic life dealer license inspections on three markets. They were issued written warnings and got into compliance.

CPO VanWiltenburg received a complaint from Lake County Animal Control regarding a dog caught in a leg hold trap. CPO Kelley and CPO VanWiltenburg went to the address in question and spoke with the dog owner who showed the CPOs where the dog was caught. One rusty, untagged leg hold trap was found staked in the ground, near some exposed bait (fish). There was also a treestand within 15 yards of the trap, along with a deer attractant. The CPOs also found two additional (dog proof) raccoon traps, one which was not tagged. The violator was contacted and was cooperative. He received one citation for trapping out of season and several written warnings for numerous other violations, including hunting and trapping within 100 yards of an inhabited dwelling without permission and placing food to attract wild deer.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPOs Honiotes and Reid and CPOT Kasher received information from Mokena Police Department about a subject who had a large alligator and other reptiles in possession. Subsequent investigation revealed that the subject possessed a 5-foot American alligator, two caymans and a large alligator snapping turtle. All four reptiles were seized and taken into the care of a rehabilitator.  Charges are pending.

CPO Honiotes responded to a call of a boat pulling a skier at Braidwood Lake. The lake is a fishing lake only. The boat and two occupants were located and admitted to water skiing on the lake without an observer. A boat safety inspection was conducted. One person was issued a citation for unlawfully operation of a watercraft without a serviceable fire extinguisher and the other was issued a citation for unlawfully operating a watercraft without the required PFD (personal flotation device). Several warnings were issued.

CPO Whitchurch was on patrol at Lake Michigan checking salmon fishermen. When one subject saw CPO Whitchurch, he abandoned his fishing gear and attempted to leave the area. CPO Whitchurch caught up to the subject who was an out-of-state resident. The subject admitted to CPO Whitchurch he had purchased nonresident fishing licenses and salmon stamps in previous years, but had failed to do so this year. The subject was cited for unlawful fishing without a valid sport fishing license.

CPO Whitchurch observed a motorboat underway at a Cook County lake. The operator was observed beaching the boat and then exiting the boat with his fishing gear. The subject walked across a peninsula to fish on the other side of the peninsula. CPO Whitchurch observed registration numbers on the boat but no expiration decal was affixed to either side of the boat. CPO Whitchurch made contact with the operator of the boat who turned out to be the owner of the boat. CPO Whitchurch asked the subject if he had valid registration for the boat. The subject told CPO Whitchurch he had the expiration decals in his vehicle, but he did not want to attach them to the boat because he was going to paint the boat in the near future. CPO Whitchurch checked the attached registration numbers on display on the side of the boat. The registration numbers were registered to a larger boat which the subject also owned. When CPO Whitchurch confronted the subject with the information, the subject then produced paperwork which confirmed the registration on the boat he was seen operating was for his other boat. The subject was cited.

CPO Macias was checking fishermen using power-line devices at Montrose Harbor when he noticed a subject taking the coho salmon he just caught, gutting them, throwing the offal into the harbor waters, wrapping them in newspaper and taking them to his van. The subject made it a point to hide them under his seat. CPO Macias approached the subject and confronted him with his findings. The subject told CPO Macias he did not speak English. CPO Macias tried his best to convey to the subject what he was doing was illegal and he needed to see the fillets in his truck. After 45 minutes of hand gestures, drawing on paper, and doing the best he could, CPO Macias managed to have the subject open his van and show him the salmon. CPO Macias cited the subject for overtake of Coho salmon and seized all but five of the fish.

CPOs Moody and Barnes, along with CPOT Sanford, cited a Mattoon man for being a registered child sex offender present in a park when he was at Lake Charleston. Another man with him who was highly intoxicated was cited for pollution of a waterway after 11 of his empty beer cans were found floating in the water and along the water’s edge.

CPO Barnes and Moody received a complaint of an injured bald eagle in Moultrie near the Lake Shelbyville Wildlife Management Area. After several attempts they were able to catch the injured eagle. They transported the eagle to the Illinois Raptor Center outside of Decatur. Initial evaluation determined that the injuries to the eagle were consistent with being kept confined to a wire cage. The eagle was transferred to the University of Illinois Vet Clinic and through consultation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the decision was made to euthanize the eagle. The case is pending information from the public to the identity of the individual(s) who had the eagle in their possession.

CPO Viverito was patrolling DeWitt County and was checking anglers along the DeWitt bridge when he discovered two 6-inch largemouth bass in an angler’s basket. An investigation ensued which led to the angler receiving a citation for failure to immediately release a short fish.

CPO Reeves made an arrest of a male subject at Clinton Lake on the Dewitt Bridge. While checking the subject’s fish, he was found to be in possession of two short crappies and one short largemouth bass. Upon returning to the subject’s vehicle, CPO Reeves noticed the subject had an owl talon hanging from his rear view mirror in the truck. Upon questioning, the man claimed he found the owl already dead in Vermilion County and cut off its foot. The subject was then issued a citation for the unlawful possession of owl parts.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Blakeley cited a subject for hunting without a valid deer permit, possession of a loaded firearm in the field after hours, and failure to wear blaze orange during the last late-winter firearms deer season. Another subject was cited for possession of a loaded firearm in the field after hours.

CPO Ralph Sievers received information about a woman posting pictures with her pet deer on Facebook from a CPO that works the northern part of the state. He received the information about a week prior to firearms deer season. Officer Sievers checked the woman’s Facebook page prior to going to her residence. The woman posted that the deer had escaped from the pen but was wearing a blaze orange collar. Officer Sievers waited until near the end of archery deer season to recheck the woman’s Facebook post. There was no news of the deer returning. CPO Sievers went to the woman’s residence and nobody was home but a pen was empty. CPO Sievers spoke with a neighbor and learned of the deer’s outcome.  A young hunter had shot the deer during the first firearms deer season.

CPO Charles completed an investigation of potential illegal deer hunting in Jackson County. CPO Charles made contact with one of the hunters who resides in Clinton County and determined that the hunter had been involved in illegal hunting that took place in Jackson County. CPO Charles made contact with the other hunters who were located in Jackson County. The hunters admitted that they had unlawfully used another hunter’s deer permit to tag a deer he had harvested. The hunter was cited for the violation, and the hunter who allowed his deer permit to be used was also cited for the violation.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPO Lay cited a Hamilton County archery deer hunter for not having a Habitat Stamp when it was investigated that the hunter had harvested two deer without first purchasing the required stamp.

CPO Diggins encountered two 75-year-old hunters dumping a deer carcass off a bridge during the late winter season. The hunters were given the option to clean up the carcass or be cited for polluting a waterway. The hunters opted to clean and properly dispose of the carcass. Both hunters were issued written warnings. The men stated they were unaware it was illegal to dump a carcass in a creek.

CPO Schoenhoff is working with Oklahoma Fish and Game on an individual using someone else’s deer permit to harvest a buck. She is coordinating with the CPO to ship an illegally taken deer head back to Illinois and deliver citations to the violator.

A complainant said he heard a shot near the road and saw a vehicle.  CPO Jourdan and Sgt. Cariens responded. The two young men suspected of shooting were located at a nearby residence. They repeatedly said they did not have a gun or shoot from the vehicle until CPO Jourdan found a rifle casing in the vehicle. The gun was retrieved from a hidden location and both hunters blamed the other for shooting at a deer. Eventually the shooter confessed. Both young men were cited for hunting by the aid or use of a motor vehicle. The driver was issued a warning for no driver’s license. CPO Jourdan located a deceased doe the next morning.

CPO Smith and CPOT Roper were on routine wildlife patrol when CPO Holland found a group of coyote hunters hunting near Bethel Church. CPO Smith arrived in the area and checked a hunter who was parked along Kin-Lou blacktop. The hunter could not find his hunting license and habitat stamp. CPO Smith checked Point of Sale and could not find any current hunting license/habitat stamp for the subject. CPO Smith issued one citation for no valid hunting license and one warning for no habitat stamp.

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