Wisconsin’s spring activities are nothing to sneeze at

By some measures, there are not that many outdoors spring seasons or outside activities.

If one considers autumn with gun deer, archery deer, bear, turkey, waterfowl, sightseeing to gaze at new colors, upland game birds, fall fishing, trapping, wildlife photography, and so much more, spring’s offerings wane hugely in many respects.

Or is it a matter of publicity?

Spring’s list is not that short and the items on the list are nothing to sneeze at, unless it’s those wind-pollinated plants’ pollen clouds.

Spring owns trout fishing, frogging, turkey hunting, mushroom gathering, birding, shed hunting, dog training, gardening and tree planting.

There’s not a lot of killing going on with this list, is there? 

With fewer options, one might think each activity would be going gang busters.  And some are, but many are silent recreations.  And we don’t hear a great deal about them.

Spring has become the season to whine about politics and those politicians who really run the natural resources agency that the people actually own.

Media usually doesn’t give us the reminders we sometimes need to get excited about outside stuff.    The media gives us more whining about the politics of water, mining and changes in how the outdoors is changing.

Maybe it’s time to begin taking better advantage of spring’s offerings and see that many of them fit in with what’s coming in summer and autumn.  Many of them can become scouting excursions for summer’s and fall’s hunting and trapping festivals.

Many of them can be learning times, while picking morels or listening to turkeys or searching for fawns, calves or cubs.

Maybe it’s time to remember that green is a color, too, actually the new color after the drab browns and stark whites of winter have been painted over.

Fall may be attractive because finally green has gotten old we’re ready for orange, red, rust, and purple.

Spring only comes once a year.  Morels only grow above ground in May.  The trout opener and inland fishing opener is always the first Saturday in May.  Spring turkey season occurs in, yes, spring.

We’re only young once.  We only live once.  But we have as many springs as autumns.


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