Wisconsin sportsmen slowly learning ins and outs of DNR’s new Go Wild licensing system

The DNR began selling licenses via its new Go Wild system on March 19 and the system was operating when leftover turkey permits were first sold March 21.  But due to “program difficulties,” the online system was temporarily suspended.

The DNR said the system processed more than 175,000 hunting and fishing licenses before encountering a “software glitch” on March 21.

One license vendor in Crawford County, where I stopped the afternoon of March 21, said they were frustrated.  Many hunters had tried unsuccessfully to buy licenses and permits, and temporarily halted sales of licenses.

I purchased my license on March 16. As of March 30, two weeks later, I do have my “proof of license,” but only one of two conservation cards that I purchased.  I bought a second card at the same time, to keep at my cabin, and have not yet received it. The DNR sold more conservation cards than expected and ran out of cards. More are being printed.

I also purchased a state park sticker with my conservation patron license and have not received the coupon. The DNR said on March 31 that the agency will be mailing out actual park stickers in the coming week. I was originally told that I would have to drive to a state park to turn in my coupon for a park sticker.

I did purchase a leftover turkey tag the evening of March 21.  I do not have the tag because I forgot to print it off and will have to do that before hunting with the leftover permit.

I have now placed my first paper turkey tag in a plastic bag with my own pen in advance of turkey season.

One avid hunter I talked to said that at least with the old system when you paid more than $100 for licenses you “got something” when you bought a license.  Now they want you to provide your own paper and print it off, as well.

How long will it be before DNR begins at least providing license buyers with plastic “Go Wild” bags to protect licenses and permits?

If the bags are large enough – and paper – they also could be used as oven roasting bags to cook our turkey in afterward.

The DNR reports that they have sold more than 528,000 “products” and conducted more than 140,000 transactions since Go Wild kicked off.


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