Minnesota Great Eight Lakes Fishing Report – March 25th, 2016


Areas around the lake with creeks and rivers have opened quite far, and the shorelines have popped loose, as well. Based on the last reports from anglers, main-lake ice is melting from the top and bottom, so although it could stick around for a while, the ice-fishing season has ended.

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Ice continues to cover the main lake, but it’s sketchy, and fishing it has pretty much ended for the season. The Rainy River is open and opening farther each day, now all the way to Four Mile Bay. Muddy water has temporarily slowed the walleye bite, but sturgeon continue to hit at a good pace. Franz JevneBirchdale, Frontier, Vidas, and Timber Mill landings are now open to any size boat.

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The lakes are open and many docks have been put in at the public accesses. The cooler weather has kept most fishermen off the lakes, but when it warms up and the sun is out, Wayzata Bay on Lake Minnetonka has produced a few crappies in 4 to 6 feet.

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The cooler weather of late has actually improved the ice a bit; it has firmed up again after the unseasonably warm weather earlier this month. Shorelines have held up and ATVs likely will be a means of transportation through this weekend; watch any areas with moving water.

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Resorts have closed their accesses for the season, but some anglers continue to utilize public accesses such as Richard’s Townsite and West Winnie Campground. Main-lake ice conditions are good, and if the shorelines hold up,  perch are available to catch in 10 to 15 feet.

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There was some limited ice-fishing activity in a few bays last weekend, but that’s no longer an option. Main-lake ice varies in depth and appears honeycombed, while most shorelines have pulled away, as well. Ice fishing has ended here.

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There’s still ice on the main lake, but nothing that’s safe enough for anglers to travel on. The shorelines, bays, and current areas have deteriorated especially fast. Open-water reports from the Rainy River have been limited for walleyes, but sturgeon action is being reported.

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The shorelines have started to open, and the ice that remains is soft. Although you could probably find a spot to access the lake, it’s no longer advised.

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