Pheasants Forever seeks help with promising upland project

You know the saying about land: they aren't making any more of it.

When it comes to hunting land in Illinois, it's especially true.

So the work currently being done in the middle of the state by Pheasants Forever chapters is gratifying. PF has been working to restore native grassland habitat in Knox County on the 508-acre property called "Forever Fields."

Local chapters are planning a large-scale work day on Dec. 5 to finalize the restoration of native pheasant and quail habitat.

“Since 90 percent of Illinois is privately owned and upland game bird populations are below the long-term average, Forever Fields provides an excellent opportunity for wildlife and recreational access,” stated Scott James, Pheasants Forever’s Farm Bill wildlife biologist in Knox County. “Purchased by Pheasants Forever as a reclaimed strip mine, this property is undergoing renovation that will provide quality habitat for pheasants, quail, and upland wildlife already existing on the area for years to come. Some have referred to this area as ‘a piece of South Dakota in your own back yard,’ and Pheasants Forever is excited about the property’s future.”

Volunteers will be assembling at the south parking lot of Forever Fields, located two miles east of the city of Victoria at the corner of highway 167 and highway 180. For more information about the Forever Fields large-scale work day or to volunteer independently, contact Scott James at (309) 660-3147.

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