Southeast Ohio Fishing Report – November 6th, 2015

Piedmont Lake (Belmont County) – Saugeyes are starting to move into the shallow areas of the lake as the temperatures start to cool in this 2,273-acre lake. Fish the shoreline and road bed in the lower basin of the lake near the dam. Use jerkbaits or crankbaits imitating minnows or shad while doing a steady cast-and-retrieve. In the main lake, cast crankbaits around the shoreline or a vertical jig with a minnow and chartreuse twister tail.

Dow Lake (Athens County) – This 171-acre lake, located inside Strouds Run State Park, is a popular destination for local anglers. Shore access is available from U.S. Route 50, and boat access is available from County Road 20 (Strouds Run Road). Fall offers great opportunities for largemouth bass as the cooler temperatures cause the fish to move back into shallower water. Try fishing around structure, such as weed beds and fallen trees, using spinnerbaits and crankbaits.

Lake Logan (Hocking County) – The cooler, fall temperatures will trigger bass to move back into shallow water areas as they prepare for winter at this 333-acre lake Try using white buzzbaits and spinnerbaits. Good size saugeyes can be caught on a variety of baits, including rubber worms, floating minnows, minnows on the bottom, chrome or silver-colored stick baits, or trolling worm harnesses. Mud or sand flats are good areas to explore, as well as shoreline areas with riprap.

Seneca Lake (Guernsey and Noble counties) – The cooler temperatures will help anglers looking for crappies, bluegills, and white bass. Fish minnows under a slip bobber or with jigs over submerged structure throughout the lake. Submerged structure is marked along the shoreline with florescent paint on nearby trees. Maps including the location of submerged structure are available by calling the District 4 office at (740) 589-9930. There is a nine-inch minimum length limit for crappies in effect on this 3,508-acre lake.

Tycoon Lake (Gallia County) – For crappies, try casting pearl, white, or speckled two- to three-inch twister or grub tails tipped with a minnow in four to eight feet of water. Fish near submerged brush piles, tree stumps, and old fence rows. Largemouth bass fishing success may pick up as bass actively search for food to prepare for winter. Try fishing crankbaits and topwater lures.

Lake Vesuvius (Lawrence County) – For largemouth bass, shad imitation crankbaits and white or chartreuse spinnerbaits are always popular choices. If you have a boat, try using plugs in the area where the creek feeds into the mouth of the lake above the dam.

Piedmont Lake (Belmont County) – Saugeyes will start moving into the shallow areas of the lake as the temperatures start to cool. Use jerkbaits or crankbaits imitating minnows while doing a steady cast-and-retrieve. The south side of the lake, especially at the County Road 100 bridge in the evening or early morning hours, has been the most successful in the past. In the main lake, cast crankbaits around the shoreline or vertical jig with a minnow and chartreuse jig. Muskies can still be caught this time of year. Try trolling large crankbaits or bucktails along the dam or around Essex Bay.

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