Pennsylvania Cuffs & Collars – November 6th, 2015

From the Game Commission 

Butler County WCO Randy W. Pilarcik reports officers are investigating baited and illegal treestands reported by landowners and hunters. 

Crawford County WCO Mark A. Allegro reports that multiple baited archery deer areas were successfully investigated during the first week of the season. 

Crawford County WCO Randy R. Crago reports having a road-killed bear and a road-killed eagle on the same day.

Crawford County WCO Randy R. Crago reports that, on the opening day of duck season, multiple citations were issued for various violations including: not having a migratory bird license, unsigned duck stamps, and possession of lead shot. The same individuals were also warned for not having their hunting licenses with them. All of them had left their licenses at home.

Erie County WCO Darin L. Clark reports that he investigated a baited treestand on state game lands. The hunter was using an older climbing treestand which had triangular steel teeth. The stand had damaged the tree. The hunter was charged for the damage and, in addition to the fine, will pay $140 in restitution. Hunters need to evaluate their treestand and the tree they put it in to ensure they are not causing damage. Damage is considered cutting into the inner bark.

Jefferson County WCO Roger A. Hartless reports that charges were filed the first week of archery season relative to an incident of hunting through the use of bait, killing an antlered deer in a baited area, and placing out corn and apples to attract deer in Disease Management Area 3. Individuals are reminded it is unlawful to hunt through the use of bait, and it’s also unlawful to feed wild cervids or use or possess cervid urine-based attractants in an outdoor setting in an established DMA is unlawful.

Venango County WCO John A. McKellop reports that a number of jacklighting incidents have been reported to him in recent weeks. “As often is the case, the velvet comes off the bucks in early September and the jacklighters begin ramping up their activity,” McKellop said. 

Venango County WCO John A. McKellop noted that bald eagle sightings in his area have become commonplace. “I actually have been seeing different eagles almost daily in my patrols,” McKellop said. 

Warren County WCO Eric M. McBride reports that several cases of baiting are currently being investigated.

Warren County WCO Eric M. McBride reports that charges are being filed against a man who shot a deer at night while using the headlights of his vehicle. 

Warren County WCO Matthew R. Savinda reports that a skunk was picked up in Freehold Township, northern Warren County, which tested positive for rabies. Citizens are advised to keep an eye out for any animals exhibiting unusual behavior.

Mercer and Venango counties LMGS Mario L. Piccirilli reports his Mercer County crew has been stoning state game lands parking lots, finishing mowing on goose pastures, and winterizing equipment.

Mercer and Venango counties LMGS Mario L. Piccirilli reports his crews have been actively stocking pheasants. Both crews have also been actively marking all state game lands parking lots, gates and roads with numbers and letters to correspond with the state game lands for later identification on maps for hunters.

From the Game Commission 

Franklin County WCO Eric Anderson reports that, following a call to the Southcentral Region Office by a concerned citizen, two juveniles were cited for hunting doves from a motor vehicle, as well as shooting within several safety zones.   

Bedford County WCO Brandon Pfister reports he has an ongoing investigation into five deer that were shot in the Saxton area over the summer. 

From the Game Commission 

Bradford County WCO Michael Goodenow reports that an individual was cited for placing treestands on the game lands prior to two weeks before the first deer season. The individual also was warned for parking beyond commission signs and not placing proper identification tags on his treestands. The individual faces fines ranging from $200 to $400. 

Bradford County WCO Eric Kelly reports charges pending against an individual for hunting deer through the use of bait.

Monroe County WCO Bryan Mowrer reports filing citations against multiple individuals for driving their four-wheel-drive vehicles on State Game Land 38. The vehicles were observed on covert trail cameras that were placed to capture images of license plates. 

Monroe County WCO Bryan Mowrer reports assisting State Police to locate a man on State Game Land 186 in Jackson Township. After two days of searching with dogs, helicopters, and more than a dozen officers, the subject was located. 

Susquehanna County WCO Ben Rebuck reports investigating several baited sites during the first week of archery season. 

From the Game Commission 

Berks County WCO Dave Brockmeier reports attendance was exceptional at the annual tour of State Game Land 110. “We had nearly 300 vehicles and over 700 people participate within six hours,” he said.

Bucks County WCO Shawna Burkett reports that several permitted bait sites have been checked over the last few weeks and many of the locations have not been in compliance with the regulations. Baiting is allowed by permit only on private property within the southeastern special-regulations area. Hunters are reminded that only corn or food pellets, dispensed from an automatic feeder, are permitted within. Sites that are not following regulations will be shut down and the permit will be revoked.

Dauphin County WCO Scott Frederick and DWCO Barry Everly found three people using the State Game Land 211 shooting range committing violations including shooting more than three rounds per firearm, and shooting at pumpkins and other non-paper targets. Additionally, none of them had a range permit or hunting license, as required to use Game Commission ranges. Charges are pending.

Dauphin County WCO Mike Doherty reports that a local anti-hunter is being charged with two counts of interference with lawful hunting after he repeatedly harassed bowhunters during the first week of archery season.

Delaware County WCO Justin Ritter reports that a great number of the citizens have been providing tips related to crimes against wildlife. These tips have provided vital information with ongoing investigations. Everyone is encouraged to reports crimes against wildlife and can remain anonymous.  

Lancaster County WCO John Veylupek reports that DWCO Justin Brian cited an individual for duck hunting with an unplugged shotgun.

Lancaster County WCO John Veylupek cited individuals for hunting without first securing the required hunting license and for failure to lawfully dispose of killed game or wildlife.

Lancaster County WCO Dennis Warfel reports several individuals were cited for failure to display orange during the overlap with the early muzzleloader season. One hunter was cited for archery hunting without the required archery stamp. He was also cited for the unlawful deer he harvested without that stamp. 

Lehigh County Kevin Halbfoerster WCO reports that recent violations include hunting over bait, failure to wear the required fluorescent orange while hunting archery during the overlap with the early muzzleloader season, and dumping and littering charges. “If you should happen to witness a violation, remember to call our Operation Game Thief number at 1-888-PGC-8001 or call your nearest region office listed in your hunting digest,” he said.

Montgomery County WCO Raymond Madden reports that numerous cases are being investigated, with most of these cases involving the unlawful use of bait for hunting. 

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