Continue to make necessary improvements to deer registration, or …

The 2015 gun deer season may become known as the year of electronics, as in e-registration. 

It appeared to be a good plan to modernize deer hunting, at least the afterglow of the hunt, when carcasses began the long process of becoming venison, leather gloves, and wall mounts.

Gone, it appears, are the days of one-stop shops, however.  To get from a deer in the woods to one of those other ends mentioned above, hunters could, in the past, stop at an all-service, in-person registration station and go a la carte based on what they and the DNR wanted.

A conversation might go lie this: Want your deer registered? Okay. Want deer aged? No. Want tissue collection for chronic wasting disease? Yes. Well, then it is also aged at the same time. Want to donate the deer? Sure, give it to the needy.  Another thing, can I bring carcass waste from other deer back here? Over there is the dumpster, that’s where you put the waste.

A few hunters can’t see themselves dealing with e-registration and so a number of businesses, hundreds actually, thought they would keep the tradition of in-person registration going by offering phones, help, and computers to assist in getting the deer entered as a counted carcass.

But where do I get this deer aged? I hear the DNR wants to age 350 deer per county. Oh, down the road to the next stop.

See the problem for some loyal hunters? Now it may be several stops to get the complete job.

Seeing the need for CWD tissue collection, aging, difficulty with e-registration by some hunters, deer donations – all things some hunters want and data the DNR may need. The DNR decided to set up some of their own volunteer stations where one or more of these tasks can be accomplished.

Isn’t that what e-registration was supposed to  eliminate? The need to go somewhere?

Why the state wants that data in the first place when many of the science positions have been eliminated may be beyond comprehension.

It will all work out in the end, though, I hope. 

One parting thought, though. 

What happened to the hunters’ cry for “I want it simple, traditional, fun, easy and … ?


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