Southeast Pennsylvania Fishing Report – August 28th, 2015

Lake Ontelaunee (Berks County) — Largemouth bass laying low during a heat wave in early August became more active following rainfall and lower humidity mid month. Soft plastic crawlers and crankbaits around lily pads were producing hits for some anglers.

Little Schuylkill River (Schuylkill County) — Trout were hitting early in the month on spinners, mealworms and red worms in the stocked section.

Locust Lake (Schuylkill County) — Some largemouth bass were reported on spinnerbaits, jigs and nightcrawlers in recent weeks. The deeper waters were yielding an occasional trout for some boaters.

Marsh Creek Lake (Chester County) — The deeper waters were yielding bass on crankbaits and spinnerbaits in black and purple, while a few bass were hitting around weedbeds on large soft plastics, including crawlers, and jigs. Bluegills and crappies were taking minnows as well as mealworms and wax worms. Muskie releases were reported, including some near shore on bass spinnerbaits.

Schuylkill River — The Black Rock Cromby Power Plant area down river to the Black Rock Dam area has produced some nice smallmouth bass this summer, with catches coming around weedbeds on soft plastic crayfish and crawler patterns. Flathead catfish were reported on live bluegills and crawlers. One fisherman caught a 40-plus pound flathead below the Black Rock Dam on a live bluegill. Channel catfish were being caught on liver and other baits. Anglers are reminded to stay clear of the fish ladder at the Black Rock Dam.


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