A little innovation goes a long way when setting out trail cameras

Trail cameras have revolutionized scouting for white-tailed deer. 

What used to take several ore-season trips and hours of  time in the woods can now be determined easily by strategically placed trail cameras in your hunting area.

The benefits are huge. Trail  cameras are in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week, taking pictures of every critter that walks through the area. Not only do you get an up close look at what deer are around, but you also get a peak at raccoons, opossum, rabbits and canine predators that live in the area. 

Another obvious advantage is that by not having to make so many scouting trips, you are leaving the area unmolested and not racking your scent through the white-tail woods as often.

And today’s digital cameras take exceptional cameras. The fun of using one is checking the pictures it takes.

With the archery deer season just over a month away, now is the time to set out your cameras and see what’s happening in your hunt area.

I hunt with several family members and friends so we are able to set several cameras out n various locations to really get a good look at what’s happening on the farms we hunt. 

But we ran into a problem a few years ago.

We found an area that had lots of tracks and sign that deer were using it, but there was absolutely no tree close enough to the area that we could hang a camera on. So we improvised. We drove a three-foot stake into the ground in an appropriate location and hung the camera on the stake. The pictures we got were amazing and the new camera didn’t seem to bother the animals at all.

One thing we found that really helps is to use a wooden stake in such a situation and put a screw or two in the back of the stake so we have something to anchor the camera straps to. We’ve gone as far as setting cameras along deer trails in the middle of open fields and captured some good pictures.

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