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Michigan Cuffs & Collars – July 31st, 2015


CO Brian Bacon and PCO Christopher Lynch were just getting ready to launch their patrol boat at an access site when they observed kids on a tube being pulled behind a boat without an observer. Contact was made with the driver, and the officers explained the requirement for having an observer present. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Brian Bacon and PCO Christopher Lynch conducted numerous marine patrols in Dickinson County during the past week. The officers addressed violations for failing to register a boat, improper display of registration numbers, and fishing with unattended lines.

CO Dave Painter and PCO Chad Baldwin received a complaint about several baby raccoons sitting on the side of a road. The officers investigated the complaint and found three raccoons too scared to move and no sign of their mother nearby. The officers inspected the raccoons, made sure they were healthy enough to survive, and then relocated them about 150 feet off the road where the mother could pick them up when she returned.

PCO Brad Silorey and CO Marvin Gerlach contacted two subjects fishing on the Menominee River. Both subjects had three lines out, but neither subject possessed a fishing license. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Brian Lasanen and CO David Miller conducted an Isle Royale patrol. Everyone they contacted was in compliance with Michigan’s fishing regulations.

CO Brian Lasanen finally caught up with an individual for shooting an antlerless deer without a permit during this past firearms deer season. The individual left town shortly after deer season when he heard that CO Lasanen obtained a warrant for his arrest. The Ontonagon County Sheriff’s Department had information that the subject was back in town, and CO Lasanen was able to locate him and serve the warrant.


COs Jon Busken and Bobby Watson contacted two anglers on Milakokia Lake and when asked for their fishing licenses, one claimed to have one but did not have it in possession. The second angler said that it was the first angler’s responsibility to buy her a fishing license so she was uncertain if she had one. Further investigation revealed that neither subject had a fishing license, there were no life jackets on board, the registration was expired, and the title of the boat had never been transferred when purchased. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Mike Evink and Rob Freeborn were called out at 11:30 p.m. to assist local deputies in locating a 74-year-old male who had been missing for an entire day. The individual was scouting for bear-hunting locations when he did not return home. He had no cell phone, and if he did, it would not have mattered due to the remote location. He also had numerous health issues that increased the urgency in finding the individual. He was located safe at 3 a.m. the following morning.

COs Mike Evink and Rob Freeborn conducted a patrol on the waters of Lake Michigan from Manistique around the Garden Peninsula. The officers contacted boaters near Fairport, and one ticket was issued for fishing with too many lines. The officers then continued to the Garden area where they made contact with numerous vessels. They also encountered and ticketed an individual who had various violations while he was fly fishing, sitting on a trolling motor battery on a paddle board being propelled by an electric motor while drinking a beer.

CO John Wenzel was checking an angler on Lake Michigan when he observed a single subject with a dog in a boat that had four planer boards out. Upon contact, CO Wenzel asked the subject how many lines he had out. The subject replied he had three and the dog had one. Rather than ticket the dog for fishing without a license, the owner was ticketed for too many lines. The subject stated he figured it was worth the try.


CO Andrea Erratt was on boat patrol when she observed two individuals from Florida fishing on the breakwall next to the Charlevoix DNR Fish Station. Upon CO Erratt making contact, the individuals stated that in Florida you don’t need a fishing license to fish from a breakwall or pier, so they didn’t buy one. A check of the subjects revealed that they had purchased Michigan fishing licenses back in 2009. When presented with this information, the subjects stated they used to live in Michigan and used to buy fishing licenses when they would go fishing. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Steve Speigl reports that a warrant has been authorized for a dog running at large that killed a fawn.

CO Nick Torsky and PCO Calvin Smith responded to a call about a loon in a ditch. The loon was located alongside a roadway, was captured, and was released on a nearby lake.

CO Eric Bottorff and PCO Ben McAteer located an illegal deer blind on state land. The resulting investigation and interview of a suspect ended with a ticket issued for failing to remove the blind from state land at the end of the deer season.

While on patrol in the Pigeon River Country State Forest, Sgt. Greg Drogowski responded to a complaint from two backpackers that two bears would not leave the area adjacent to their tent, even after they yelled at them. They reported the bears were not aggressive, but were pacing back and forth, not leaving. While the backpackers were on their cell phone with 911 dispatch, Sgt. Drogowski was able to determine their location and instructed them to walk out to the road to his location, approximately 1 mile. The backpackers were concerned the bears were now in front of them on the hiking trail, and it was after dark. After the CO blew a siren and encouraged them to continue, the hikers made it to the road and were transported back to their vehicle. They opted to stay in a motel for the night.

COs Kelly Ross and Brad Bellville were driving down a county road when they heard bullets flying overhead. The officers contacted three individuals target practicing on private property; they were shooting at a flower on the top of a berm and were unaware the road was so close. They were issued tickets for carelessly discharging a firearm.


CO Rich Stowe and his student intern responded to an injured-bear complaint in the Northport area of Leelanau County. The complainant advised they had been hearing what appeared to be an injured bear for hours in a swamp area. Upon arrival, CO Stowe heard what did sound like a bear moaning on the fringe of a residential area. Further investigation identified a sad dog (Akita breed) kenneled for getting sprayed by a skunk.

COs Holly Pennoni, Becky Hopkins, Sam Koscinski, and CO Killenbeck provided assistance to the U.S. Forest Service in the Mesick area with increased patrols related to a gathering of the Rainbow Family of the Living Light on federal lands located near Mesick. The event brought more than 1,000 people from a number of states who camped on Forest Service lands for approximately one week. Multiple law enforcement and resource agencies monitored activities and interacted with attendees, leading to minimal incidents or complaints related to the gathering.

CO Mike Wells, of Newaygo County, received a complaint about a subject throwing fish entrails into the water. The subject had been ticketed by CO Jeff Ginn for the same violation in the past. CO Wells conducted stationary surveillance of the angler and was unable to confirm the original complaint. Upon making contact, CO Wells was able to determine that the subject was in possession of fish with no license. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Troy Vangelderen, of Oceana County, and PCO Matt Neterer were patrolling the ORV area of Silver Lake State Park when they observed a subject spinning donuts on his motorcycle near the beach area where exhibition driving is not permitted. After making contact, it was discovered that the driver had a suspended license. Enforcement action was taken.


CO Nick Atkin was checking vessels coming off Saginaw Bay recently when he contacted an angler who appeared to be nervous. A check revealed two hidden and undersized walleyes in the boat. CO Atkin took enforcement action along with stressing the importance of measuring fish.

CO Mark Papineau was flagged down during a marine patrol on Wixom Lake in Gladwin County and made contact with a subject who had accidentally severed a finger on the door of his pontoon boat. CO Papineau was able to provide first aid, put the severed finger on ice, and took the victim to the boat launch for transport to a hospital.

CO Mark Papineau received a complaint about a possible drowning on Gladwin County’s Secord Lake. According to witnesses, a subject was seen snorkeling with a diver flag in the area of a local marina. Several hours later, the witnesses noticed the dive flag still in place but there was no sign of the diver. Along with assistance from the Gladwin County Marine Division, CO Papineau was able to secure the scene and obtain help from the local fire departments and a dive team. As further witnesses came forward, the identity of the diver was obtained, and he eventually was located at a local bar near the lake. The subject, now highly intoxicated, advised that he was using the diver flag as a location buoy and planned on diving in that area the following day. The subject was issued a ticket for leaving his dive flag unattended.

COs Bobbi Lively, Joel Lundberg, Brian Olsen, Kyle Bader, and Jonathan Warner, along with PCOs James Zellinger, Tyler Cole, Mark Siemen, and Sgt. Brandon Kieft, patrolled the Au Sable River from Mio to the Cummins Flats. This area has a large volume of complaints generated for marine activity including drunk and disorderly, minors in possession, drugs, litter, and numerous other safety violations. The officers patrolled by kayak and jet boat, making more than 150 contacts including 50 to 75 canoes/kayaks during the weekend. Tickets were issued for safety violations including failure to provide PFDs, and three tickets were issued for drug use/possession.

CO Warren MacNeill and PCO Jacob Griffin responded to a medical emergency involving a subject who had his leg amputated in a farming accident. The officers arrived at the same time as EMS and provided a C-A-T tourniquet to medics to further stop the bleeding.

CO Matt Liestenfeltz was requested by the Missaukee County Sheriff’s Department to respond to a large party on state land. There were more than 300 people at this party that was advertised by invite only on Facebook. A lot of damage occurred to state land because of this party, including littering, minors in possession, and disorderly actions. CO Liestenfeltz was able to locate the organizers of this event, and his investigation continues.


PCO Jason King and CO Quincy Gowenlock received a Report-All-Poaching (RAP) complaint regarding a subject posting many pictures of himself with several bucks and does on Facebook. His comments indicated that he had shot all of the deer himself in 2014, and when an RSS check was conducted, it was determined that the suspect failed to purchase any 2014 deer-hunting licenses. The COs made contact with the suspect, and when questioned, he initially lied and said his father and grandfather shot the deer. When questioned further about his comments indicating that he shot the deer, he advised that he was just trying to impress his friends. The COs still didn’t buy his story and continued to question him about the posting, and after a few more minutes, the subject finally confessed to shooting three bucks and getting paid $50 to shoot a doe for his friend. Enforcement action was taken.

While on a recent foot patrol, CO Kyle Bucholtz observed two fishing poles unattended with the bait and bobbers still in the water. CO Bucholtz took information from other anglers and waited in the area until the subjects returned. One subject stated he had left to eat and thought his stepson would watch the poles. The subject was gone for approximately one hour, and his stepson was not in a position to observe the poles had a fish taken the bait. Enforcement action was taken.


CO Chris Holmes and PCO Michael Haas responded to a suspicious situation in which two subjects were pushing an ORV down the roadway. Once on the scene, the COs found that the subjects were attempting to steal two ORVs. The subjects also were in possession of unlawful prescription pills and marijuana. The subjects were turned over to local deputies and arrested on larceny and felony drug charges.

CO Chris Holmes and PCO Michael Haas came upon an incident in which a golden retriever was hit by a Metro city bus. The dog was badly injured with a probable crushed pelvis. Animal Control officers were unable to respond to the scene. The COs loaded the wounded dog into the back of their patrol truck and took it to an emergency veterinarian hospital where the owners were contacted.

CO Chris Holmes and PCO Michael Haas responded to the scene where a parole absconder had fled the scene of a traffic stop by the MSP. Two police K-9 units tracked the subject through a wooded area but were unable to locate the suspect. As CO Holmes and PCO Haas were searching the area, they spotted the suspect on a road and arrested him without further incident. The subject was lodged in the Kalamazoo County jail.

CO Chris Holmes and PCO Michael Haas were observing two subjects fishing on a Kalamazoo County bridge. As they approached the subjects, one of them threw a 22-ounce beer can into the lake. When asked, the subject said he threw the beer because he didn’t think he could drink in public. The subject also was fishing without a license. He was ticketed for the litter violation and also for fishing without a license.

CO Chuck Towns participated in an event in Allegan County where local charter boat captains took approximately 70 kids fishing. The CO and charter boat captains were well received by the attendees.

CO Chris Simpson and PCO Brandon Hartleben were working a parks detail at Grand Haven State Park when they were called to assist with a disorderly subject. The officers located the subject, who was very combative and upon contact he was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. Upon resisting arrest, he also was charged with resisting and obstructing. It later was learned that the subject was on acid and he was transported to the hospital where he was cleared by doctors to be stable. He was lodged in the Ottawa County jail without further incident.


CO Todd Thorn and PCO Bill Haskin responded to a complaint about a raccoon being kept as a pet. The subject informed the COs that he had given the raccoon to his girlfriend and she released it two days earlier. The COs asked to look around and search the house, but were denied entry into the residence. The officers were allowed to look around outside and found a dead raccoon locked in a chicken coop. CO Thorn also found a fish tank containing seven baby snapping turtles. As the officers sought a search warrant, the homeowner gave consent to search. The COs found a marijuana grow containing 23 plants and several bags of clippings. The Meridian Township Police Department was called to assist, and the officers found the home filled with a large number of deer antlers and other animals. The COs then checked the homeowner’s RSS history and found suspicious inconsistencies. Inside the house, the COs found an untagged deer head and rack in a freezer for which the owner could not provide answers. The COs also found two sets of tagged antlers that were validated on the same day of purchase; however, the subject denied shooting the deer on the day the tag was validated. A picture dated the same as one of the tags in question was found with the subject and one of the deer in question and another deer. An RSS check was conducted later on the son. The son purchased a deer tag six minutes after his dad on the same day. The rack for the son’s deer was discovered, and it matched the other deer in the photograph. Confessions were obtained from both the dad and son stating that the dad shot two deer without tags. He then purchased a tag under his name and then a tag with his son’s identification. A total of four deer antlers, a cape, and illegal fishing gear were confiscated. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Matt Page checked an angler who was fishing from shore. As the subject saw CO Page’s boat approaching, the subject set his pole down and began walking away. CO Page made contact with the subject, who advised that he was not fishing; he was just playing around and not planning on keeping anything that he caught. The subject stated that he usually buys a license. CO Page checked the computer and found that the subject had never purchased a fishing license. CO Page advised the subject of a cheaper 24-hour license, and the subject stated, “Well, I fish more than that.” Enforcement action was taken.


While patrolling for marine activity on Pontiac Lake, CO Richard Cardenas issued tickets for violations of the 100-foot rule and for expired boat registrations.

CO Mark Ennett assisted with the transport and lodging of subject who had an outstanding warrant for fishing without a license out of Monroe County. The angler was being checked by CO Chris Simpson while on Belle Isle and found there was a warrant for his arrest.

CO Kris Kiel and PCO Will Kinney have been busy investigating a subject who intentionally ran over geese in the parking lot of a local marina. They also have been investigating a similar case involving a subject running over herring gulls in a parking lot. CO Kiel and PCO Kinney also have attempted to contact another suspect on an illegal turkey case. To date they have been unable to interview the suspect.

CO Kris Kiel and PCO Will Kinney checked several shore anglers. Three subjects were issued tickets for fishing without licenses.

CO Al Schwiderson worked a marine patrol on Lake Nepessing and assisted a subject at the launch who forgot to put the plug in the boat and the water was filling rapidly. On board the vessel was a female with a large cast on her leg. CO Schwiderson assisted the female in getting out of the vessel and helped the owner get the boat out of the water before it swamped.

COs Jeremy Beavers, Saykham Keophalychanh, and Richard Cardenas spent a large amount of time patrolling a peninsula referred to as “party point” on Lake Fenton. While at “party point,” the officers assisted a subject who injured himself while in the water. The subject cut his foot, receiving a large wound that was down to the bone. The officers dressed the wound and instructed the subject he would need stitches. The subject refused further medical attention. At one point, the officers were flagged down by a subject from the peninsula. The subject introduced himself as the undersheriff of Genesee County Sheriff’s Department and asked if the officers would come ashore and assist deputies on land. The officers went ashore and assisted the officers with crowd control. After helping to disperse the crowd at “party point,” the officers spotted a canoe that had capsized in the lake. The officers quickly went to the location of the capsized vessel in order to the assist the subjects. The officers safely rescued four subjects from the water and took them to shore. The capsized canoe was recovered by another boater who witnessed the incident.

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