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Michigan Cuffs & Collars – June 19th, 2015

CO Brian Lasanen contacted several anglers on Lake Gogebic. One subject was operating an unregistered watercraft. When checking another watercraft one of the anglers was found fishing without a valid fishing license. Enforcement action was taken during both contacts.
CO Mark Leadman and Sgt. Ryan Aho contacted two anglers fishing a trophy catch-and-release-only lake. The subjects were fishing in medium to heavy rain not expecting to be checked. One of the subjects was fishing without a valid fishing license. The subjects stated that they did not catch anything and had no luck. During the course of the contact a stringer with two walleyes attached was discovered along the shoreline approximately 30 yards from where the anglers were fishing. One of the anglers stated that he caught one fish and the other subject caught the other. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Brian Bacon investigated two fires in Dickinson County. One fire involved a train bridge that was deliberately set on fire. The fire was quickly extinguished without damaging the tracks. The second fire was a 6-acre fire in rural Dickinson County. It was determined that the fire was started from heavy machinery that was being operated in the area earlier that morning.
Sgt. Marc Pomroy responded to the scene of a 20-acre wildfire in Dickinson County. The landowner had tried to burn a small wildlife food plot, but the fire quickly escaped and spread. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Kevin Postma investigated a wolf/cow depredation complaint. While traveling out to the scene, a wolf was seen running away from the cow that was on the ground giving birth to a calf. The calf was partially eaten and the cow had to be put down due to severe injuries sustained from the wolf.
While checking a local trout stream for trout anglers, CO Watson contacted a pair of anglers coming off the water at the access site. A quick check inside of the anglers’ cooler revealed an overlimit of brook trout. Enforcement action was taken.
COs Bobby Watson and Mike Hammill worked the walleye opener together. Numerous verbal warnings were given and tickets issued. One group of lucky anglers had more than 20 walleyes and northern pike in a livewell at their cabin. Upon measuring the fish it was discovered that several were undersized. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Brett Gustafson reports a relatively slow walleye opener in the Straits area. Anglers on Brevort Lake, Pine River, and Cedarville had some success on pike and perch, but few walleye.
CO Brett Gustafson handled a nuisance beaver complaint in Cedarville. Upon arriving on the scene it was apparent a permit would be issued. The beaver had the landowner’s property badly flooded.
CO Robert Freeborn received a complaint regarding a domestic dog caught in a snare in a river. After CO Freeborn located the snare using the GPS coordinates given, it was determined that it was a coyote caught in the snare, not a domestic dog. Upon further investigation it was determined that the snare was tagged with a Sault Ste Marie tribal tag. CO Freeborn was able to get ahold of the tribal police and turn the investigation over.
CO Robert Freeborn located a vehicle parked along a local trout stream. When CO Freeborn exited his patrol truck it was determined that two of the subjects had poles in their hands while the third was observing. After a brief conversation with the subjects, they were asked for their fishing licenses. The subject who didn’t have a pole in his hand stated he didn’t have one and wasn’t fishing, the second was obviously under age and the third stated that it was back at the motel. CO Freeborn asked again if they had one because he would be double-checking the computer. The subject replied that it was back at the motel. After a quick check on the computer it was determined the subject had not purchased a license this year. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Jared Ferguson and Acting Sgt. John Wenzel worked Little Bay De Noc on the walleye opener. The COs battled poor weather all day and were still able to make over 150 contacts and cover the entire bay. No tickets were written and compliance was high.

While completing reports in his patrol truck near a wetland area, CO Eric Bottorff heard “Whoo-hooo” and the sound of ORVs. CO Bottorff found two subjects on ORVs tearing up the wetlands. Both were ticketed.
CO Andrea Erratt located two lost mushroom hunters on their ORV. They had been driving cross-country all over state land. After being found and ticketed, the operator admitted he’d been warned several years ago for the same violation, but thought the law may have changed.
CO Andrea Erratt received a complaint on Medusa Creek of subjects attempting to snag and net fish. CO Erratt was able to watch the subjects for a while and then contact them. Violations included attempting to snag, fish without license, and recreational trespass. Enforcement action was taken.
Sgt. Greg Drogowski responded to a call at 3:30 a.m. of a bear treed in the city of Charlevoix that would not leave. The bear was in the backyard of a residence, between a school and US 31. Sgt. Drogowski and a city police officer kept the bear treed at daylight, and kept onlookers away from the area. DNR wildlife biologists arrived with a tranquilizer gun and successfully darted the bear and transported him away in a bear trap.
CO Mark DePew was watching three anglers who had been catching bass on a lake in Otsego County. Upon contacting the subjects they were found in possession of undersized bass and were issued a ticket for the violation.
CO Mark DePew reported that an individual who had been charged with shooting an 8-point buck without a license last deer season was charged $5,000 in restitution.
CO Paul Fox was patrolling a remote lake in Presque Isle County when he observed three subjects in a small boat fishing near shore. Contact was made with the subjects and CO Fox asked to see their fishing licenses, PFDs, and the registration for the vessel. None of the listed requirements were present, as they had not purchased their licenses, had no PFDs on board, or valid registration. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Bill Webster investigated an ORV accident where an operator was riding on state land illegally. The subject then trespassed on private property and drove into a barbed wire, which struck him in the face. The landowner had recently put the fence up to keep trespassers out. The rider was ticketed for illegally operating on state land and warned for trespassing.
As CO Jon Sklba was checking the launch site on Black Lake, the driver of a boat coming to the docks flagged him down requesting first aid. The angler was fishing in a bass tournament and had caught a 50-inch muskie. The angler then reached into the fish’s mouth to retrieve his lucky lure and the giant fish bit him, exposing bone and tendons on the angler’s hand. CO Sklba bandaged the subject’s hand and advised him to go the hospital for stitches.

Several conservation officers including COs Sam Koscinski, Sean Kehoe, and Rich Stowe assisted DNR Wildlife Division personnel with the removal of a sow bear and three cubs from a Cadillac area subdivision. The sow and cubs had wandered into the subdivision and remained in a tree overnight, creating safety and traffic concerns. Wildlife and Law Division employees, with the assistance of fire department personnel, were able to capture and relocate the bears the following morning after they failed to leave the area. The bears were successfully relocated to a less populated area several counties away near the Pigeon River State Forest.
While checking a damaged area on state land, COs Kyle Publiski and Brian Brosky located a Jeep stuck in a sand bowl. The COs contacted the operator about the illegal operation, and while there, watched as two more trucks and two ORVs entered that same illegal site. Contact was made with all the other operators, and enforcement action was taken.
COs Kyle Publiski and Brian Brosky were checking anglers on Hamlin Lake when they watched a vessel with four subjects fishing. As they approached, only one person continued fishing, and the others set down their poles. When asked for licenses, three of the persons onboard said they were not fishing. The COs asked if there were any fish on the boat and they stated that there were. The only licensed angler told the officers that he didn’t catch any of the fish. After the COs explained that they were done listening to untruthful statements, all admitted to fishing. It was also discovered that one subject had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Jason McCullough contacted a couple of anglers who used a railroad right of way to access a remote section of the Muskegon River in rural Clare County. When CO McCullough asked about their catch for the day, they hesitated and stated that they had caught and kept a rock bass. An inspection of the fish revealed a different story. The fish was actually an undersized largemouth bass. Based on the interview, it was determined both subjects actually knew better and a ticket was issued for the violation.
CO Mike Hearn investigated an ORV personal injury accident in Kalkaska County. Upon arrival it was determined that the victim had fallen off his motorcycle while turning around. While on the ground, another person operating a four wheeler ran over the victim’s leg, causing it to break at the knee. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment.
CO Mike Hearn was checking fishing activity on a remote lake in Kalkaska County when he contacted a couple fishing from shore. It was determined that the female was fishing without a license and her husband had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The wife was ticketed for the offense and her husband was arrested without incident and lodged in Antrim County Jail on the outstanding warrant.
While on patrol in southern Missaukee County, CO Matt Liestenfeltz contacted three subjects riding on a golf cart with a dog cage attached to the back. The driver of the golf cart was wearing a dog training remote control device while the passenger was carrying a holstered Ruger .44 magnum Redhawk pistol. Three hounds wearing training collars eventually showed up. CO Liestenfeltz issued the dog owner a ticket for dog training during closed season.
CO Chris Bowen received a complaint of anglers in a fishing boat keeping smallmouth bass out of season. CO Bowen responded to the complaint and watched the boat until contact could be made from shore. CO Bowen found two smallmouth bass in the livewell. The subjects stated they believed they were just large rock bass. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Quincy Gowenlock was investigating a Facebook complaint of a subject posting pictures of him with speared muskrats. The CO responded to the suspect’s residence to interview him. The subject advised that while he was sucker spearing he saw something swimming toward him. He went on to say he didn’t know that it was illegal to spear muskrats. He was then shown copies of his Facebook page stating that this wasn’t the first muskrat he has speared. It also showed another page where a friend told him it was illegal and his response was, “I know.” The suspect just lowered his head in shame. Enforcement action was taken.
COs Joel Lundberg, Dan Lee, and Quincy Gowenlock were conducting a joint ORV patrol in the Kawkawlin Flooding area when they heard the sounds of a vehicle revving the engine at high RPMs. As the COs searched the area, they located several pickup trucks parked on the trail and a mudder truck driving back and forth through a mud bog. The subjects were ordered to come out and upon contact were advised that it was illegal to be driving off road. The subjects claimed ignorance of the laws and after a brief discussion agreed with the COs. While CO Gowenlock obtained the drivers’ information, COs Lundberg and Lee walked around the area where all the bystanders were watching and located partially full beer cans still cool to the touch. When asked, two other subjects admitted to tossing the beer cans when they saw the officers. A ticket was issued to the driver for operating in a closed area and littering tickets were issued to his friends.
While patrolling the Gratiot Saginaw State Game area for turkey hunters, COs Will Brickel and Dan Lee contacted several ORVs operating on the state land. Tickets were issued and information was provided to the operators.

CO Andy Bauer contacted an angler before the opener of bass season and during the contact located two smallmouth bass that the subject had kept. One bass was legal size and the other was extremely undersized. The subject was ticketed for keeping bass during the closed season.
CO Jeff Robinette was patrolling on a Cass County lake and made contact with two subjects who were fishing. One of the subjects didn’t have a fishing license and it was discovered that he had a warrant for his arrest. The subject was ticketed for the fishing violation and was able to post bond for the warrant.
CO Steve Mooney and Sgt. Zach Doss patrolled Lake Michigan and made contact with several boaters and anglers. The occupants of one boat were fishing with too many lines and four subjects were located fishing without licenses. Tickets were issued for the violations.
CO Andy Bauer and Sgt. Zach Doss patrolled on Lake Michigan out of St. Joseph. One subject was trolling and when asked for a fishing license he tried to show a sportcard and an Indiana daily fishing license as a Michigan fishing license. Enforcement action was taken. In addition, a 48-foot unregistered boat was located that hadn’t been registered since 2011 and then was registered improperly as an 18-foot boat. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Brad Brewer received a complaint of a beaver being shot out of season. CO Brewer teamed up with CO Jeff Robinette and they were able to locate the suspect after a lengthy investigation. The subject had shot the beaver with a .30-caliber rifle directly toward the lake in the safety zone of other residences, in addition to taking the beaver out of season with an illegal method. Warnings were issued for reckless discharge of a firearm and for the safety zone violation. The subject was ticketed for taking the beaver with the illegal method out of season.

CO Rich Nickols is currently investigating a complaint of a subject with a coyote in captivity. The subject adopted the animal from a pet store as a 6-week-old “shepherd mix.” The DNR permit specialist is working with the subject to obtain proper permitting.
COs Matt Page and Chris Reynolds patrolled the Coldwater Chain of Lakes making numerous contacts. Several verbal warnings were given for minor marine safety violations and one subject was issued a ticket for operating an unregistered vessel. The COs made contact with the operator, who stated, “I knew it was expired but I thought I could sneak out without getting caught.” Enforcement action was taken.
CO Chris Reynolds, while on marine patrol, stopped a vessel for having an expired registration. During the stop the CO conducted a check of the vessel and asked to see PFDs for all of the passengers on board. The CO advised the driver of the vessel to help find the PFDs, as the passengers looked confused as to where to find them. Once the life jackets were located, it was found that they were short PFDs for all of the occupants on board. The CO explained the importance of having PFDs available for all occupants and knowing where to find them. Enforcement action was taken.
COs Chris Reynolds and Justin Ulberg worked a marine patrol and stopped numerous vessels with expired registrations. All of the boaters had the current registrations on board, but had forgotten to put them on the vessels. Verbal warnings were given.

Lt. Arthur Green, Sgts. Dan Bigger and Todd Szyska and COs Pete Purdy, Mike Drexler, Dan Walzak and Saykham Keophalychanh provided training in Wilderness Survival skills to a group of Beaumont One Medical Flight Crews. The group was taught how to start a fire, gather and filter water, and how to build a shelter. The group enjoyed the training.
CO David Schaumburger was checking anglers in a marina when he came across a group of four anglers who had just pulled in. The anglers were busy putting equipment away in the truck when CO Schaumburger observed a 5-gallon bucket tucked in close to the cab of the truck. CO Schaumburger approached the anglers, who were not very talkative, but the skipper said they had caught their walleye limit that day. The CO checked the fish and boat, and inquired about the bucket in the truck. The skipper had no idea about it, and said if there were fish in the bucket, his friend must have dropped them off to him without his knowledge. CO Schaumburger located the 5-gallon bucket that contained 13 walleyes. The skipper was not very cooperative; however, he eventually admitted to taking two trips that day. Enforcement action was taken.
Sgt. Todd Szyska and COs David Schaumburger and Kris Kiel were just beginning a group marine patrol when Sgt. Szyska viewed a group of anglers quickly packing up their cooler on shore. CO Kiel maneuvered the boat to let CO Schaumburger jump off onto the rocky shore to get a peek inside the cooler. CO Schaumburger approached the anglers, who stated they had a few rock bass in the cooler. Not only were there rock bass inside the cooler, but also an undersized smallmouth bass. Enforcement action was taken and the COs gave the anglers a quick lesson in fish species identification.
CO David Schaumburger came upon an angler dragging what seemed like a heavy cooler back to his vehicle. Upon contacting the angler and asking how the fishing was going, the angler was very quiet and had short answers. When asked what was in the cooler, the angler stated, “some fish.” When asked how many fish, the angler stated that he thought there were 25. CO Schaumburger counted the white bass, and the angler was in possession of 40 white bass, putting him 15 over the limit. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Justin Ulberg received a complaint in Lenawee County of a subject in possession of a largemouth bass during the closed season. The subject had posted a picture of the bass on a social media site showing the bass lying on a cutting board. CO Ulberg made several attempts to interview the subject at his residence but no one would answer the door. CO Ulberg made note of the subject’s vehicle that was parked in the driveway. While out on a patrol CO Ulberg observed the subject’s vehicle in front of him on the roadway. A traffic stop was made and CO Ulberg was able to interview the subject in question. The young angler admitted to keeping the bass out of season and claimed he was new to fishing and unaware of all the regulations. CO Ulberg provided the young angler with a fishing guide and explained the rules to him.

CO Rich Nickols worked an afternoon shift on Belle Isle and assisted with a medical call involving an employee with the Grand Prix as a possible jumper on the MacArthur Bridge. The subject was not located.
COs Jason J. Smith and Damon Owens were working a late night Belle Isle shift when they observed an individual drinking alcohol inside a vehicle. The officers contacted the driver and discovered that his driver’s license was suspended 10 times and he had five warrants for his arrest. The driver was arrested and lodged at the Detroit Detention Center.
CO Ken Kovach assisted with the lighting of the MacArthur Bridge ceremony in which the Penske Corporation highlighted the installation of the new lights on the bridge which they graciously donated.
Sgt. Ron Kimmerly contacted three females parked in a van near the Kid’s Park on Belle Isle. The original contact was made due to the females placing garbage under their van. Upon contact, the CO noticed one of the females urinating in a 5-gallon bucket in the back of the van. The three had open beers and vodka in the vehicle. There were also warrants for their arrests. Enforcement action was taken.


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