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Pennsylvania Cuffs & Collars – June 5th, 2015

From the Game Commission 

• Butler County WCO Christopher J. Deal said multiple citations have been filed against people who have disposed waste on state game and Hunter Access lands.
• Butler County WCO Randy W. Pilarcik is investigating a couple of dumping complaints. One of them involves the dumping of at least 60 bundles of shingles, and the other eight bags of household garbage. He anticipates that charges will be filed soon.
• Clarion County WCO Jesse N. Bish reports that a Franklin man was cited and pleaded guilty to a littering charge that arose from an encounter that started with a naked individual in a state game lands parking area in the middle of the day. After a brief investigation, it was determined that the individual was dumping large amounts of paper towels and bags over the bank into a culvert after he would bathe in the spring. Twelve large five-gallon brown paper bags full of paper towels and 50 cardboard paper towel rolls were removed from the scene. The defendant was ordered to pay $500 and costs by the magisterial district judge.
• Clarion County WCO Steven J. Ace reports a successful prosecution on a summary appeal hearing regarding a bear that was taken through the use of bait. The evidence proved that the individual was guilty, and the courts agreed. 
• Crawford County WCO Mark A. Allegro  is investigating trespassing and unauthorized destruction of a beaver dam and drainage of approximately 30 acres of wetlands along Williams Road in Hayfield Township. Anyone with information is asked to contact WCO Allegro through the Northwest Region Office at 814-432-3187.
• Crawford County WCO Randy R. Crago reports that a New York man was found guilty of killing a deer illegally during the firearms season. He used a WMU 1A antlerless license in WMU 1B.
• Mercer County WCO Donald G. Chaybin reports several warnings were given for minor infractions at the opening of spring gobbler season. The second morning produced a “mistake kill” as a hunter killed two jakes with one shot. He reported the incident, completed the mistake kill affidavit, and paid the $20 restitution. That second turkey was then given to another family.
• Venango County WCO Ronda J. Bimber reports several litter cases are being investigated, as well as a few damage-to-property issues. 
• Venango County WCO Jason R. Amory reports that multiple charges are pending in separate dumping cases involving Hunter Access properties. Dumping charges will continue to be aggressively enforced on all property open to the public. Charges range from $50 to $250 with the potential for an additional assessment of $10 per piece of refuse in certain areas.
• Warren County WCO Eric M. McBride received several beaver complaints and is working with landowners as well as trapping some of the nuisance beavers.
• Clarion and Jefferson counties LMGS George J. Miller reports that the American Chestnut Foundation recently contracted the planting of 24,000 native tree and shrub seedlings on State Game Land 72 as part of a strip-mine restoration project.
• Crawford and Erie counties LMGS Shayne A. Hoachlander reports that the Brokenstraw Watershed Group provided tree shelters and stakes, and planted pin oaks on State Game Land 154 to help with a grouse-management project. 

From the Fish & Boat Commission 

• Venango County DWCO Jake Hoovler worked on surveillance after a recent stocking at Justus Lake while WCO Kerr was stocking a different waterway. The effort paid off as he apprehended two individuals over limit, one with 10 trout the other with seven before he stopped them fishing.
• Mercer County WCO Jeff Giardina responded to a countywide request for assistance in a robbery case when the vehicle drove past him. He followed the vehicle which refused to stop to the suspect’s home where he was apprehended.  The suspect had just robbed a woman of her purse, was driving under suspension and in possession of illegal drugs.
• Erie County WCO Matt Visosky recently settled a pollution case at a local vehicle repair facility that had a release of used motor oil to a tributary of Mill Creek.  Illegal floor drains allowed the oil spill to enter storm water system into nearby wetlands. The company had cleaned the site and paid $3,000 settlement. Charges are still pending by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

 From the Fish & Boat Commission 

• A York County man was recently found guilty of the first-degree murder of his estranged spouse from a June 2012 incident on the North Branch of Muddy Creek. At the request of the Pennsylvania State Police, Waterways Conservation Officer Darren Kephart assisted their criminal investigation unit with an extensive forensic analysis of the crime scene adjacent to and in the waterway where the felon staged the homicide as an ATV – drowning accident. During the week-long criminal trial, WCO Kephart provided crucial prosecutorial testimony relative to stream flow and hydraulic dynamics with respect to the after-death body placement of the victim.
• Addressing angler complaints of misconduct, Dauphin County waterways conservation officers recently held a covert special enforcement detail on Rattling Creek and the West Branch of Rattling Creek in concert with an inseason trout stocking.  Utilizing plain clothes officers and unmarked vehicles, multiple summary enforcement actions were initiated for over-the-limit violations, failure to possess valid fishing licenses and littering (discarding fish entrails into the water or onto lands immediately adjacent to the stream).
• While conducting an inseason trout stocking on the Frankstown Branch of the Juniata, Blair County Sgt. Craig Garman monitored an Emergency Medical Services call of an unresponsive adult male in close proximity to his location. Arriving on scene prior to the EMS unit, Garman partnered with Greenfield Township Police Chief Andrew Campbell and initiated CPR efforts to the downed citizen. Despite their immediate intervention efforts, resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful.
• In concert with an inseason trout stocking, Mifflin County waterways conservation officers conducted a special enforcement detail on Kishacoquillas Creek in the Belleville area. Utilizing plain clothes officers and concealed surveillance, four individuals were apprehended for over-the-limit violations, four individuals were cited for disorderly conduct (openly urinating in close proximity to residences on private lands open to public fishing) and one individual was cited for field dressing of fish (discarding the entrails of 26 trout into the water and onto adjacent land to the stream).

From the Game Commission

• Pike and Monroe counties WCO Mark Kropa reports he assisted in a DCNR investigation on Five Mile Meadow Road in Dingman Township at the old Boy Scout camp. Several charges are pending on individuals for violations including blocking emergency-access roads, littering, underage drinking and supplying alcohol to minors.
• Pike and Monroe counties WCO Mark Kropa reports several citations were issued at the State Game Land 183 shooting range. Violations included shooting multiple projectile ammunition, shooting at soda bottles, and littering.                                                                 
• Susquehanna County WCO Ben Rebuck reports charges were filed against one individual as a result of a road-hunting incident that occurred this past December. New information surfaced in the investigation that allowed Rebuck to proceed with judicial process.
• Susquehanna County WCO Ben Rebuck is looking for information concerning an incident where a large gobbler was shot from the road on Easter Sunday. The incident happened on May Road in Ararat Township. The suspect was driving a newer model silver/brown pickup truck with an 8-foot bed and a yellow-colored dog was in the truck. Any information about this incident should be directed to the Game Commission’s Northeast Region Office at 570-675-1143.
• Wyoming County WCO Victor Rosa continues to monitor several bald eagle nests located throughout Wyoming County. “Some of the nests are very popular as residents enjoy viewing the majestic birds,” Rosa said. “Remember to keep your distance from nesting eagles so they can continue their recovery.”  

From the Game Commission

• Bucks County WCO Shawna Burkett reports that over the last six weeks, several cars have been burglarized in county and township parks. Many game lands parking lots are near some of these parks. People using game lands lots should remember to lock their cars and not leave valuables in sight to help protect against such events. 
• Bucks County WCO Ellyn Henry reports that she has been receiving calls about goose harassment and nest stomping. “Any sightings or witnesses of harassment should be reported to the Game Commission immediately,” she said.
• Chester County WCO Matthew Johnson reports that two individuals were arrested for use and possession of controlled substances and paraphernalia on State Game Land 43. Charges were filed and both subjects pleaded guilty.
• Dauphin County WCO Mike Doherty comments that small animals can be a problem for homeowners, but a local woman decided the handle the problem herself by live-trapping a squirrel and a skunk, and then disposing of them by burning them alive. “She was found guilty when I cited her for this, but she still didn’t think she did anything wrong,” he said. 
• Delaware County WCO Justin Ritter reports that two dead hawks have been found in the same vicinity of one another.  An investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of death.
• Lancaster County WCO John Veylupek cited a number of individuals for using drugs and possessing drug paraphernalia on state game lands.
• Lehigh and Northampton counties WCO Tyler Kreider reports that on May 18, four peregrine falcon eyasses were successfully banded and examined under the Tilghman Street Bridge in Allentown. The three females and one male all were in good health and were safely returned to the nest after a thorough examination by an agency biologist. The nest and falcons will continue to be monitored and protected by agency personnel and officers.  
• Northampton County WCO Brad Kreider reports that biologist Art McMorris will be coming to Northampton County to band peregrine chicks at two different locations. 
• Schuylkill County WCO Joel Gibble reports that the individual responsible for killing a bald eagle and five great blue herons near Andreas pleaded guilty to all charges and has paid close to $4,000 in fines for the incident.

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