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Michigan Cuffs & Collars – January 8th, 2015

CO Brian Lasanen contacted three anglers fishing near Ontonagon. None of the anglers had valid fishing licenses, and enforcement action was taken.
CO Dave Miller watched a group of anglers fishing on Huron Bay and observed one of the subjects fishing with more than three lines. The CO contacted the subject, and enforcement action was taken.
CO Matthew Eberly contacted two subjects on the water in Houghton County. The subjects did not have personal flotation devices and were fishing without fishing licenses. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Mark Leadman watched two anglers fishing on a closed trout stream. Contact was made, and enforcement action was taken.
CO Mark Leadman contacted two subjects in possession of fishing poles and fishing gear on a closed trout stream. The subjects stated that they were not fishing. They stated they were just testing out their new backpacks to see how their fishing gear would fit. Enforcement action was taken.
COs Marvin Gerlach, Brett DeLonge, and Sgt. Marc Pomroy worked the spring walleye activity along the Menominee River. Patrols were conducted in conjunction with Wisconsin wardens to address walleye snagging and the taking of overlimits of fish.

CO Jared Ferguson investigated a complaint about deer carcasses on the frozen portion of a river. CO Ferguson checked the area and determined the deer was a road kill and was providing food to nearby eagles.
While checking anglers at a local bluegill hot spot, CO Mike Hammill witnessed a vehicle operator drive past him onto the frozen surface of the lake. CO Hammill recognized the operator of the vehicle and knew he hadn’t had a valid driver’s license in years, as he is denied and revoked for an extended period. A short time later, CO Hammill made contact with the driver, who claimed the CO must have been mistaken and that the passenger of the vehicle was actually driving. A quick interview with the passenger confirmed what CO Hammill had witnessed. The subject was arrested and brought to the Mackinac County jail for driving on a suspended license.
COs Mike Hammill and Rob Freeborn worked a local Schoolcraft County hot spot for panfish. CO Hammill observed several anglers having success on bluegills throughout the day. One particular angler decided to start fishing for northern pike, even though the season was closed. Upon contact with the angler, he quickly turned and pointed to a northern pike in a makeshift livewell and stated, “I’m not going to keep that.” CO Freeborn ran a check for prior violations, which revealed that the individual was ticketed for the same violation several years ago, and had received two other DNR citations this past fall. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Jeff Panich received a Report-All-Poaching complaint stating there was an extreme over-feeding situation of deer on Drummond Island. CO Panich’s investigation revealed the excessive feeding was causing an unnatural shift in the island’s wildlife. Enforcement action is being taken for the excessive deer feeding.
CO Jon Busken was contacted by an angler who asked if he could leave his ice shanty on Lake Huron off Cedarville past the March 31 removal deadline. The officer explained that even though ice conditions may still seem adequate at the present, ice can quickly deteriorate this time of year, thus the shanty must be removed after each day of fishing. The angler appreciated the call and said he understood the reason for the rule.

Sgt. Greg Drogowski received information that a subject with a DNR warrant had returned to Michigan from Kentucky. CO Matt Theunick and Sgt. Drogowski located the subject at a remote cabin and arrested him on the warrant.
CO Tim Rosachacki was patrolling in Alpena County when he came upon a grass fire. The fire was ignited by a subject who was burning garbage nearby. CO Rosachacki advised the subject that burning during the early spring when everything is still dead from winter is a bad idea. CO Rosachacki also advised the subject of his responsibilities when he does have a fire. Enforcement action was taking for allowing a fire to escape.
CO Paul Fox was checking anglers along the Ocqueoc River when he came upon a woman who was fishing with her son. Neither the mother nor the son had caught any fish. CO Fox advised them that their fishing gear would most likely not yield any fish. CO Fox re-rigged their fishing equipment to something more appropriate and gave them tips on river fishing.
CO Paul Fox was patrolling state land for illegal ORV activity when he came upon a pickup truck on the roadway. There were multiple children riding in the bed of the truck. Upon investigating the vehicle, CO Fox located an uncased rifle inside. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Paul Fox was on patrol when he observed an ORVer travelling a high rate of speed on a county road. Upon stopping the ORV, it was determined that the owner failed to purchase an ORV license. A ticket was issued for failing to license an ORV license.
CO Paul Fox was on patrol when he observed a grass field that had just been burned. The local fire department responded to the scene. The landowner stated he was burning brush when the wind caught the flames and burned a large grass field and neighboring property. The subject was advised that no burning permits were being issued, and enforcement action was taken.
CO Jon Sklba contacted a subject fishing on the Ocqueoc River near the weir. The subject was maybe 20 feet from the weir and 5 feet from a sign that says, “No fishing Within 100 Feet of the Weir.” Enforcement action was taken.

CO Sean Kehoe was patrolling for illegal ORV activity when he observed two people operating a truck and a Jeep off-road in a closed area on state land. CO Kehoe noticed the vehicles were not licensed through the Secretary of State, but had ORV licenses. CO Kehoe advised the operators that the vehicles needed to be registered and have insurance. Both operators were ticketed for operating a vehicle in a closed area on state land.
While on foot patrol along the Pere Marquette River, CO Josiah Killingbeck observed a fishing guide directing his clients to fish on lands that were clearly marked with “no trespassing” signs. The guide then proceeded to walk the property himself. CO Killingbeck contacted the fishing guide, who openly admitting to trespassing and stated that he knew he wasn’t supposed to be where he was. The recreational trespass law was enforced.
CO Josiah Killingbeck was patrolling the Pere Marquette River when he observed two kayakers approach private property where numerous complaints of trespassing had been received. Both kayakers stopped in front of a “no trespassing” sign and proceeded to unload all of their gear onto shore, directly underneath the eye-level sign, to fish. Enforcement action was taken.
COs Brian Brosky and Kyle Publiski went to a location on Hamlin Lake to check for fishing activity and observed a boat with three individuals fishing in a canal. The COs walked toward the boat, and when the occupants realized they were law enforcement, they started their motor in an attempt to flee. The COs were able to cut them off prior to them entering the main portion of the lake. An investigation revealed that the boat was not registered and all three anglers were unlicensed and in possession of 18 bluegills. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Troy VanGelderen of Oceana County received a complaint about a trap with an otter in it. CO VanGelderen located the trap and noticed no tag on it. CO VanGelderen located several other traps in the area with no tags on them. The traps also were exposed above the water line. CO VanGelderen was able to ascertain who owned the traps. He made contact with the trapper and took enforcement action.

CO Mark Papineau responded to a complaint regarding several ORVers “tearing up” a gravel road in Gladwin County. As CO Papineau approached the area, he observed several ORVers performing donuts and wheelies in the roadway. The illegal activity also had created large ruts in the road. Contact was made, and the CO identified the subjects and learned that a warning was given weeks earlier for the same activity. The subjects were ticketed for careless operation.
CO Mark Papineau completed an investigation in which he located a photograph of a local Gladwin County subject posing with a 7-point buck in October 2014. Research into license purchase records indicated the subject was unlicensed at the time of taking the deer. A license subsequently was purchased after the fact. During an interview with the suspect, CO Papineau learned that the deer was actually shot by a second individual, who also was unlicensed at the time. Warrants are being sought by the prosecutor’s office for multiple charges for hunting without licenses and an illegally taken deer.
CO Kyle Bader checked an angler who was fishing without a license. The man admitted that he knew his fishing license was expired, and he had not purchased a new one because  said he didn’t have time. Further investigation showed that the same subject had been ticketed numerous times for other fishing violations. Enforcement action was taken.
COs Kyle Bader and Brian Olsen received information about a large gathering on state land that was planned during the weekend. When the officers arrived on the scene, there were more than 100 cars parked in an open field. There also was a large bonfire at one end of the field. As the party dispersed, people scattered into the swamp and a few got their cars stuck in the mud. The fire department was called to put out the bonfire, which was in an area surrounded by jack pine. The COs returned the next day and found subjects wandering around in the swamp, looking for lost shoes and cell phones.
COs Jon Warner and Brian Olsen contacted an angler fishing in the closed area of a fishing weir on the East Branch of the Au Gres River. The subject admitted to the violation and had one large steelhead in his possession, which was released. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Dan Lee and Quincy Gowenlock were patrolling the Flint River when they observed two anglers fishing from a boat. The COs noticed that the boat was missing its MC numbers. Upon contact, the COs also noticed that the two had no life jackets on board. While the COs talked with the pair, they admitted to fishing with lures in a closed area, not having fishing licenses, not having any life jackets, and operating an unregistered vessel. Both subjects were issued tickets and given a number of verbal warnings.
While patrolling the Saginaw County river systems, COs Will Brickel and Dan Lee made several contacts with anglers. While rounding a bend in the river, an angler was seen snapping his line off and running up the river bank when he noticed the COs’ patrol boat. Contact was made with the individual, and a hidden fishing pole was located behind a wood pile, along with a tackle box of artificial lures (not allowed to be used during the closed walleye season). The COs also noticed that several 22-ounce beer cans had been tossed in the bushes where the angler was fishing. Without a lot of CO investigation, the angler began confessing that he had been targeting walleyes for the past three days during the closed season. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Joel Lundberg walked a stretch of the Tittabawassee River that had a spawning closure. No fishing is allowed along that portion of the river in Midland. The CO located three individuals at dark, fishing a remote section of the river. One individual was fishing, and he said he wasn’t fishing for walleyes, and that he was fishing for pike. The CO advised him the pike season was also closed, as was the section of river where the subject was fishing. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Joshua Wright was following up on a complaint that a person had an untagged deer hanging in his garage from the deer season. When CO Wright arrived at the residence, the deer was gone, but further questioning of the suspect revealed that he had shot a deer during the muzzleloader season. CO Wright checked the suspect through his computer and found that he was a convicted felon. Further questioning revealed that the suspect still had the muzzleloader in his possession. Warrants are being sought for felon in possession of a firearm.

COs Jeff Robinette and Brad Brewer patrolled the St. Joseph River system for fishing activity and observed a subject catch and keep a walleye during the closed season. The subject was ticketed for the violation. In addition, a subject that had felony and misdemeanor warrants for his arrest was contacted and arrested on the warrants.
CO Andy Bauer responded to a RAP complaint about a subject catching and keeping a bass on the Lake Michigan pier in St. Joseph. The complainant stated that he had told the subject that the season on bass was closed and that he needed to release the fish, but the subject kept it anyway. CO Bauer made contact with the suspect and two other anglers who were with the suspect and located a smallmouth bass that had been retained. In addition, the two anglers who were with the suspect did not have fishing licenses. The subject with the bass was ticketed for keeping the bass during the closed season, and the two other subjects were ticketed for fishing without licenses.
CO Jeff Robinette observed an ORV being operated on a public roadway with an adult driving and a small child riding behind the driver, even though the ORV was designed for one person. In addition, neither subject was wearing a helmet. CO Robinette issued the driver a ticket for operating on the roadway and warnings for riding double and failing to wear helmets.
While working closed streams, CO Steve Mooney pulled into the park in Bangor and saw an angler fighting a fish in the closed section of stream along the Black River. He watched the subject land a large male steelhead and bring it onto the bank. Contact was made, and the subject claimed he hooked the fish on the open side and fought it into the closure. CO Mooney located another rod deployed by the subject on the closed side approximately 50 yards from the bridge. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Chris Holmes encountered a subject fishing without a license in the city of Kalamazoo. The subject did not possess any identification and provided CO Holmes with numerous incorrect names. CO Holmes arrested the subject for fishing without a license and continued to investigate the subject’s true identity. The subject was identified, and it was discovered that he was wanted by the U.S. Marshal’s Service out of Tennessee for a weapons offense. The subject was lodged and is facing extradition hearings.

CO Rich Nickols followed up on a complaint about a subject shooting a deer last October before purchasing a license. CO Nickols interviewed the subject and obtained a confession.
CO Chris Reynolds made contact with a subject who still had two antlerless deer hanging in a pole barn with only one being tagged. The subject stated that he thought he had purchased two antlerless tags for the year. Once the subject was presented with his license purchase history, showing that he had only purchased one tag, he stated the license agent must have screwed up when he purchased his licenses. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Chris Reynolds made contact with a subject from an earlier littering investigation. The subject, when presented with the documents pulled from the litter site, said he had no clue how the documents could have been dumped. Ironically, the subject recently had moved from just a short distance down the road, and the litter was dumped at a location between his prior and present residences. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Matt Page inspected a local taxidermist and followed up on a suspected illegally taken deer. Initially it was thought that the deer was killed by a subject who had not purchased a license. Upon further investigation, it was found that another subject who lived across town had the same name and legally shot the buck in question. The taxidermist was warned and was educated on the proper documentation procedures.

COs Justin Ulberg and Mike Drexler responded to a complaint about a dead bald eagle in Washtenaw County. The caller advised that he was riding his horse when he observed an eagle lying dead in a swamp area. The COs located the deceased eagle and sent the carcass to a DNR Wildlife Division lab to be checked for a cause of death. Laboratory technicians determined that the eagle had been shot with a firearm.
CO Kris Kiel received a RAP complaint in St. Clair County about a fox caught in a trap. When the CO arrived on the scene, the fox was located, dead in a foot-hold trap. According to the complainant, the fox had been there for at least three days and there was fresh fish bait near the trap. CO Kiel found a tag on the trap that led to the owner. When asked for an excuse, the trapper stated that he had forgotten about it. The CO reminded the trapper about the fresh fish bait and the March 1 close of the season. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Kris Kiel was asked to investigate a complaint about trespass, ORV trespass, and illegal snares on Consumer’s Energy property in Macomb County. CO Kiel was met by the property manager and a corporate security officer. Together, the three walked approximately 5 miles through the swamps and located 16 illegal snares, three treestands, and illegal ORV trails coming from private property. None of the snares had tags on them, some had deer stops that produced a loop that was too small, but most had no deer stops. Follow-up interviews will be conducted, and multiple charges will be sought.
CO Pete Purdy attended an arraignment in Shiawassee County for a subject who had taken a 9-point deer without a deer license on opening day of the 2014 firearms season. The subject pleaded guilty to the charge and was ordered to pay $6,500 restitution, had his hunting licenses revoked per statute, and condemnation of the firearm used was ordered.
While conducting a fisheries patrol of the Flint River, CO Saykham Keophalychanh made contact with two anglers. The anglers were fishing without licenses and in possession of marijuana. Enforcement action was taken.
During a fisheries patrol at Atwood Stadium, CO Saykham Keophalychanh made contact with two anglers. A file check of both anglers revealed that one subject was wanted on a warrant. The subject was arrested on his warrant and lodged at the Flint City lockup.
CO Saykham Keophalychanh observed two anglers fishing at Genesee-Lapeer county line on Stanley Road at the Holloway Reservoir. When he made contact with the anglers, he found they did not have fishing licenses or identification with them. CO Keophalychanh followed them back to their vehicle, where they retrieved their driver’s licenses, and he ran file checks. Neither of the suspects had valid fishing licenses. Enforcement action was taken.
While patrolling the Flint River at Atwood Stadium, CO Saykham Keophalychanh observed two anglers fishing with artificial lures during the close of the walleye season. Contact was made with the suspects, both of whom possessed valid fishing licenses. One suspect was wanted on three warrants, and enforcement action was taken.

COs Josh Russell and Shane Webster were dispatched to a man having a heart attack on Belle Isle in Detroit. The COs responded and found him lying down, but still breathing. When the man regained consciousness, he had no memory of what happened. The COs assisted on the scene until emergency medical services arrived.
COs Josh Russell and Shane Webster responded to a medical emergency call at the aquarium on Belle Isle. The original call came out as a woman possibly going into labor. It later was found that the woman was upset and needed help getting a cab to get off the island.

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