Lake Erie Region Fishing Report – May 8th, 2015

• The daily bag limit for walleye in Ohio waters of Lake Erie is six fish per angler. The minimum size limit for walleye is 15 inches.
• The daily bag limit for yellow perch is 30 fish per angler in all Ohio waters of Lake Erie.
• The trout and salmon daily bag limit is two fish per angler. The minimum size limit is 12 inches.
• The daily bag limit for black bass (largemouth and smallmouth bass) on Ohio waters of Lake Erie is five fish per angler. The minimum size limit for black bass is 14 inches.  

Western Basin

Where: Fishing slowed over the past week as wind and waves reduced water clarity, and colder temperatures limited fish activity. Anglers trolling caught fish west of Catawba, east of Middle Bass Island, and north of Kelleys Island, including deep water around Kelleys Island Shoal. Anglers jigging are still catching fish in Maumee Bay, nearshore around Turtle Creek and Wild Wings marina, and on the reefs of the Camp Perry firing range.
How: Anglers trolling have caught fish using crankbaits (Rapala Deep Husky Jerks, deep diving Reef Runners, and Smithwick Perfect 10 Rogues) and are starting to use worm harnesses with inline weights or bottom bouncers. Anglers jigging are catching fish on hair jigs and blade baits.

The Rocky River is currently exhibiting very good fishing conditions, and lots of steelhead are available. A large number of steelhead were reported spawning in shallow, gravelly areas this week, although plenty dropback (already spawned) and some fresh (not yet spawned) steelhead can be found in deeper water downstream.  Anglers reported hooking steelhead on a variety of offerings, including dime-size spawn sacks, small marabou jigs tipped with a few maggots, live minnows, spinners (Vibrax and RoosterTail are good), and egg and streamer fly patterns. Cleveland Metroparks biologist Mike Durkalec expects steelhead will be around well into May this year following the harsh winter and gradual transition to spring. Lake-run smallmouth bass numbers have increased appreciably this week, and spawning lake-run white suckers are still around, as well.  A spinner, jig, live minnow, or baitfish crankbait can catch smallmouth and steelhead, sometimes from the same hole.

Trout fishing at several Cleveland Metropark lakes has been good this week, with plenty of recently stocked trout remaining at Wallace Lake (200 pounds were stocked here on April 27), Hinckley Lake, and Shadow Lake (the latter two stocked by ODNR Division of Wildlife earlier in April).  Ledge and Judge’s lakes both still have some trout remaining, as well.  Take note that the daily trout limit is three per day in these waters, with the exception of Shadow Lake, which is five per day. Trout often bite on small jigs tipped with bait (maggots, waxworm, minnow, corn) suspended under a float, spawn sacks, small to medium size spinners (RoosterTail spinners are good), and Power Bait (rainbow and other bright colors have been best) about the size of a marble near the lake bottom with a small sinker. As an added bonus, just shy of 1,500 quality size bluegill, largemouth bass, and white crappies were stocked in Wallace and Shadow lakes over the past two weeks.
The East Branch Rocky River was stocked with 500 pounds of rainbow trout between Royalton Road (Rt. 82) and the ford crossing just south of Wallace Lake on April 27, which concludes Cleveland Metroparks’ scheduled spring trout stockings. This stretch of river has been stocked for five weeks in a row, with one scheduled stocking remaining. Trout have been biting excellent in the river on PowerBait, small jigs tipped with maggots, salmon eggs, and small spinners.  NOTE: the limit on any trout in the river, whether stocked catchable size or steelhead, is only two per day/angler with a 12-inch minimum size limit and our rangers and the state wildlife officer are out enforcing this regulation.
Anglers fishing the Cleveland shoreline of Lake Erie are pursuing steelhead, crappie, largemouth bass, northern pike, and a menagerie of panfish species.  Many fish can be found prowling the marinas at E. 55th, Edgewater, and Wildwood parks. The spring yellow perch bite is just getting started out toward Lorain and will only get better toward Cleveland in the coming weeks.
Cleveland Metroparks,

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