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Illinois Cuffs & Collars – April 17th, 2015

Region I – Captain Laura Petreikis

CPO Jones issued a written warning to a Lanark man for unlawfully making food available for deer. The man had a large feeder in his back yard with corn in it.
CPOs Jones and Beltran responded to an injured bald eagle call just north of Millidgeville. The eagle was captured and transported to a licensed rehabilitator to be cared for.
CPO Posateri worked a deer permit investigation where the hunter killed a 4-point buck but only had an antlerless-only permit remaining at the time he shot the buck. Knowing it was illegal to tag the deer with the wrong permit, he went to Walmart to purchase another archery combo permit and reported the harvest. The hunter was issued a citation for No Valid Deer Permit prior to taking the 4-point buck.
CPO VanZant was checking fishermen at Powerton Lake. As two fishermen came out, he asked them how they did. They replied “great, we both have limits.” After counting the fish in their buckets, he observed one subject had a very heavy looking backpack. The CPO asked if they had any more fish and they said no. One subject was ultimately found to have hidden five extra white bass in his backpack. He was issued two citations for illegal take of over the limit of white bass.
CPO Alt was called to investigate a boat registration and title complaint. The investigation revealed the seller failed to provide the buyer with a watercraft certificate of title at time of sale and the buyer failed to make application for registration and title transfer within 15 days of purchase. Two years had transpired since the sale/purchase of this boat. CPO Alt had to ensure the vessel was not stolen, and then successfully tracked down the seller, who signed over a Watercraft Power Of Attorney and Watercraft Application for Registration/Title transfer for the vessel so the buyer could complete the transfer. Verbal warnings were given to educate both parties as to their legal requirements under the Illinois Boating Code and to encourage future voluntary compliance of the law.
CPO Gerard received the court disposition from a previous arrest. On Nov. 2, 2014, CPO Gerard cited five men for unlawfully hunting on Caterpillar Proving Grounds property in East Peoria. All five men pleaded guilty. Three of the subjects were ordered to pay $891.50 plus serve 100 hours of community service.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Klemme was conducting observation of perch fishermen at the North Slip and observed an individual carry a large green bucket to his vehicle, place it inside, and return to the fishing area. CPO Klemme believed the bucket was heavy based on the way the man was holding the bucket while he carried it. CPO Mooi and an intern arrived to assist with compliance checks of fishermen leaving the area while CPO Klemme kept watch on the individual who carried the bucket. CPOs Klemme and Mooi conducted compliance checks on the individual who owned the vehicle and his fishing partner who was carrying another bucket. Upon inspection of the bucket in hand and the bucket in the vehicle, the individuals were found to be in possession of 92 yellow perch. The limit of Lake Michigan yellow perch is 15 per person, per day. Each individual was in possession of 31 fish over the limit. Multiple citations were issued to each individual and a mandatory court date was given. The fish were confiscated and released alive into Lake Michigan.
CPO Davis and CPO Kelley investigated a TIP complaint of a subject fishing with too many devices. The subject was in possession of an undersized largemouth bass and using 10 ice-fishing devices. He was issued a citation for the undersized bass and a written warning for too many devices.
While conducting routine ice-fishing enforcement in McHenry County, CPO Jason Hurt approached a shanty on Lake Killarney. As he approached, two male subjects exited the shanty and began to collect their tip-ups and other gear. One subject produced a valid sport fishing license. The other subject advised he did have a fishing license, just not currently in his possession. While looking inside the shanty, CPO Hurt detected an odor of burnt cannabis. When the subjects were asked about the cannabis, they admitted to smoking and gave up a sack of cannabis, a glass pipe, and a small one-hitter pipe. One subject was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and the other subject was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cannabis (2.5-10 grams), and given a written warning for fishing license not in possession. Both subjects were released on a Notice to Appear.
CPO Wollgast handled the investigation of a dead wolf found along a road ditch in rural Grundy County. The female wolf was found by a person who brought it to the attention of the DNR. The wolf was X-rayed by a local vet and it was determined that the cause of death was injuries sustained from being struck by a vehicle. The USFWS is taking a DNA sample to test to see if it is indeed a pure-bred wolf.
CPO Whitchurch was observing anglers fishing on the frozen waters of Lake Michigan. He observed one subject catching numerous yellow perch and placing the perch at his feet as he caught them. The subject caught 15 yellow perch, which is the daily limit. CPO Whitchurch observed as the subject continued to fish and caught three more yellow perch. After the subject caught these fish, he took each over to a pile of yellow perch that were located by another angler. CPO Whitchurch made contact with the subject and advised him of the limit laws. The subject was cited for the offense.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Barnes received a court disposition for a Tower Hill subject who he had cited for shooting a white-tailed deer with a .17 rifle and spotlight. The subject pleaded guilty to two Class A misdemeanors of hunting by use of conveyance and hunting between one-half hour after sunset and one-half hour before sunrise. The hunting from the roadway and unlawful use of a rifle during deer season were dismissed. The subject was fined $767.
CPO Graden received a complaint from the McLean County Sheriff’s Department in reference to an individual unlawfully shooting a crow from his motor vehicle. A witness described seeing a small, gray Toyota passenger car pull onto the shoulder of the road. A gun barrel emerged from the driver’s window and the male driver shot a crow that was in a farm field adjacent to the road. The witness took a photograph of the offender’s license plate with her cell phone and forwarded the information to the McLean County Sheriff’s Department. The investigation determined that the offender recently purchased a new Stevens side-by-side double-barrel .410 shotgun. The man was out rabbit hunting in the morning and did not have the opportunity to kill any rabbits with his new gun. While driving home, he encountered two crows in a farm field along the road. He shot one of the crows because he wanted to check the accuracy of his new gun. The dead crow was left in the field. The offender was issued four written warnings and two citations: (1) unlawfully hunting from a public roadway and (2) unlawful discharge of a firearm from a public roadway.
A Gibson City man was convicted in federal court for mail fraud, tax evasion and illegal application of a pesticide inconsistent with its labeling. He was sentenced to serve 97 months in federal prison and ordered to pay restitution of a total of $75,862. Sgt.  McReynolds, Sgt. Williamson, CPO Reeves, CPO Lee and retired CPO Mansell worked on the case in conjunction with U.S. EPA Criminal Investigation Division, IRS Criminal Investigation Division, IL EPA, and Illinois Department of Agriculture.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Rolfingsmeier completed a deer investigation on a St. Clair County deer hunter. The hunter used his elderly mother’s deer tags to harvest an 8-point buck and a doe during the 2013 firearms deer season. The hunter was issued a citation for unlawful take of white-tailed deer and unlawful possession of another’s deer permit while in the field, and several written warnings. The 8-point buck skull was seized for evidence.
CPO Swance investigated a complaint of the theft of several expensive deer stands and a trail camera on leased property. Some of the missing stands were located in an outbuilding of an adjacent landowner. The landowner stated his great grandson and his friend had taken down deer stands over the weekend, but he originally believed the deer stands were theirs. As a result of the investigation, multiple deer stands were returned and arrangements made to compensate for the remainder of missing items.
CPO Cochran observed a vehicle parked near Strawkis Boat Launch at Sangchris Lake State Park. CPO Cochran located an individual fishing west of the dock and conducted a compliance check. After measuring the fish on a bump board, CPO Cochran determined the subject failed to immediately release three crappies that were below the legal length limit. When asked what the subject was using to measure the fish, it was revealed he was using the handle of the fishing rod. Enforcement action was taken.
CPO Swance responded to a hunting without permission complaint in which a landowner located several deer stands and a trail camera. The CPO was able to canvass the area and locate the subjects involved. After searching the point of sale data base, it was found the subjects were juveniles, had not attended Hunter Safety class, and had no hunting licenses. They did, however, have deer permits. After discussing the issue with the illegal hunters and their parents, the tree stands were removed and the CPO was able to get the young hunters enrolled in a local Hunter Safety course.
CPO Wichern received information from a TIPS complaint regarding a poached 8-point deer near Mauvaise Terre Creek. It was determined an Indianapolis man shot the deer with a shotgun during closed season on private property without permission or the proper licenses. The individual paid $487 in fines and court costs for poaching the deer and the deer meat was donated to a local church food pantry.
CPO Wichern completed an over-the-counter deer permit investigation. A hunter shot a female fawn with his bow and chose not to tag it with his either-sex archery permit. The untagged deer was transported to Cass County where the hunter purchased an OTC antlerless-only deer permit and then he reported the deer harvest to the DNR.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

While on vacation, CPO Folden received information on his personal cell phone from a concerned citizen in reference to poaching. The anonymous individual said they observed and photographed an individual shooting a firearm from the passenger’s side window of a truck directly in front of their house. The individual provided CPO Folden the photographs and the exact location of the violation. The photographs clearly displayed a tan Chevy truck occupied by two with the passenger aiming a long gun out of his window. CPO Folden showed the photograph to local law enforcement and sportsmen in an attempt to identify the suspect vehicle. CPO Folden received information from another individual who overheard a conversation in relation to this incident and provided the officer with details leading to the location of the suspect vehicle. CPO Folden went to the residence and verified the vehicle was the same as in the photographs. CPO Folden interviewed the owner who admitted to driving the vehicle that day. The person admitted to driving around with a buddy looking for coyotes to shoot from his truck. He told CPO Folden they did not find any coyotes and became bored. The driver told CPO Folden they had a .243 rifle (cased), a 12-gauge shotgun (cased), and a 9 mm handgun in the vehicle. The driver told CPO Folden that his buddy shot at a couple of road signs with the handgun from the vehicle. The driver told CPO Folden his buddy also shot at several blackbirds out of the window of the truck with his shotgun. The driver told CPO Folden blackbirds were the target when the photograph was taken. CPO Folden called the second suspect for interview. The second individual verified the story, admitting that the acts were wrong and wanted to be cooperative. CPO Folden issued citations to each person for unlawful transportation of an uncased firearm and warnings for unlawful use of a vehicle to hunt coyotes and unlawful shooting upon a roadway.
CPO Johnson arrested two Tennessee subjects for the unlawful take of deer with crossbows and unlawful use of a resident deer permit to report a deer harvest. The subjects confessed to only buying the antlerless only permit with the intent to use resident either-sex permits. The deer were seized and the subjects pleaded guilty in court. That case was in 2013. In 2015, the CPO conducted a taxidermy inspection and observed an order for a 9-point buck mount, using the same permit the Tennessee subjects were cited on. The CPO is working with Tennessee Fish and Wildlife to seize the already mounted deer and an ongoing investigation continues.
During a waterfowl enforcement detail in Fayette County, CPO Compton noticed a large amount of snow and blue geese in a corn stubble field near a county road in Fayette County. CPO Compton concealed himself in an area where he could observe the geese. About one hour later, CPO Compton witnessed a local subject drive down the county road and exit the vehicle with an uncased loaded shotgun. The hunter crossed the road with gun in hand and stalked about 100 yards toward the geese. The hunter stood up and fired into the still feeding birds, killing five of them. After the hunter returned to his vehicle CPO Compton approached the hunter. The hunter received a citation for unlawful transportation of a loaded firearm in a vehicle and two written warnings for uncased gun in a vehicle and unlawful hunting from a highway.
CPO Compton charged a Loogootee man for unlawful trapping on land for coyotes by placing a foothold trap within 30 feet of exposed bait. The subject was using a dead dog and a sheep for bait. The man also received a warning for coyote trapping during the closed season.
CPO Mohrman concluded a deer permit investigation in Jackson County. During the course of the investigation it was determined a nonresident purchased resident archery deer permits using his former Murphysboro address. The subject purchased these permits after he harvested two does but did not buy a hunting license or habitat stamp. This is the first time the subject has done this and he stated to CPO Mohrman this will be the last time he does it. The subject was charged with falsification/misrepresentation to obtain a permit, archery deer hunting without a valid Illinois archery deer permit, and hunting without a hunting license.

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