Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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Upper Peninsula Fishing Report – April 10th, 2015

Pickford Area

There was still safe ice on Munuscong Bay last week, and anglers there were catching fair numbers of yellow perch. With rain and warm weather in the forecast, the ice  wasn’t expected to last much longer. Ice anglers also were catching perch in Lake Huron at Cedarville. The ice there was deteriorating, too, and fishing wasn’t expected to last much longer.
Wilderness Treasures, (906) 647-4002.

Curtis Area

Anglers were still sneaking out on Manistique Lakes last week and catching pretty good numbers of yellow perch and bluegills. Wax worms and butter worms were producing the best results. Ice along the shore of the lakes was melting, and with warm weather and rain in the forecast, it wasn’t expected to hold up much longer.
Mick’s Bait Shop, (906) 586-6040.

Marquette Area

A few boaters were fishing around the bubblers in Lake Superior’s Marquette Harbor last week. Light numbers of salmon and a few lake herring were being caught. Light numbers of steelhead have moved into the Carp River, but fishing has been slow so far.
Gander Mountain, (906) 226-8300.

Escanaba Area

Shore ice was starting to break up on Lake Michigan’s Little Bay de Noc last week, but there was still plenty of ice north of Gladstone. Fair numbers of perch have been caught from Butler’s Island to the narrows in 18 to 40 feet of water. Wigglers and minnows have both produced good results. The fish are on the move, and anglers are having to move around to stay on them.
Bay View Bait & Tackle, (906) 786-1488.
BayShore Resort Bait & Tackle, (906) 428-2950.

L’Anse Area

Ice was holding up pretty well last week in Lake Superior’s Keweenaw Bay. Decent numbers of splake and lake trout were being caught up and down the bay, especially in front of the river mouths. The Falls River is open, and light numbers of steelhead are trickling in. There was still a couple feet of snow in the woods.
Indian Country Sports, (906) 524-6518.

Bergland Area

Warm weather has arrived in the western Upper Peninsula. Fishing pressure has been light on Lake Gogebic, and ice is breaking away from the shore. With more warm weather and some rain in the forecast, ice fishing has cone to an end.
Bear’s Nine Pines Resort, (906) 842-3361.

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