Woodcock Limited is headed to the RAM Center

A chunky, short-legged shorebird, the American woodcock is an admirable foe for wingshooters. Found mostly in young forest habitats, these pint-sized birds zip and dip, dive and swerve through the air with an erratic, often confusing, flight path.

Despite these evasive tactics, Michigan hunters annually down about 100,000 woodcock, making us the No. 1 state in the nation for woodcock harvest.

As good as woodcock hunting seems to be, Woodcock Limited, an international conservation group dedicated to the welfare of the American woodcock, thinks it could be better.

That’s why the group is meeting March 28 at the Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center in Roscommon. It’s the first time Woodcock Limited has met in Michigan.

A relatively new conservation group, Woodcock Limited is headquartered in Pennsylvania  where the organization took root in 2003.

The group’s focus, according to its website, is “on creating singing grounds as well as primary and secondary growth feeding and resting areas. Much of our work is focused on creating a mosaic of sustainable habitat for both a resident population as well as for migratory birds,”

Close to 50 other species benefit from Woodcock Limited’s habitat work including ruffed grouse, wild turkey, bobwhite quail, the golden-winged warbler, even white-tailed deer.

On the 28th, festivities begin with a social hour at 4:30 followed by dinner, auctions and a presentation by Al Stewart, the DNR’s upland game bird specialist.

If you’re an avid bird hunter, here is a great opportunity to get involved with a group that will directly impact your hunting.

To learn more about the banquet and meeting visit www.woodcocklimited.org/product/2015-banquet/

To learn more about the group Woodcock Limited visit www.woodcocklimited.org or send an email to info@woodcocklimited.org.

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