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Illinois Cuffs & Collars – December 26th, 2014

Region I
While investigating a complaint of unlawfully attempting to take deer by the aid of bait, a District 6 CPO received a phone call from the complainant stating he believed the illegal hunter may be in the treestand. The complainant stated a vehicle was parked at the location of the illegal bait. The CPO responded to the scene and discovered a hunter who was hunting from the baited treestand. The CPO issued a citation to the hunter for hunting deer by the aid of bait.
A District 1 CPO responded to a report of pelicans that were shot and dead by the roadside. The CPO responded to the scene for investigation. It was determined they were struck by a car on a road that ran between two ponds of water. No evidence of gunshot wounds existed.
While patrolling Schuyler County, multiple “window searches” on hunters in the field and out-of-state hunters at hotels was conducted. A rifle was located in a vehicle with a loaded magazine in the center console of a truck parked alongside the roadway.
An investigation ensued after an out-of-state hunter was found to have blood in the bed of his truck and no deer checked in. A later interview discovered a large buck was killed in Kansas three days prior and the vehicle had not been cleaned out. While investigating this incident, possible violations arose around a possible landowner outfitting without permits.
While investigating a possible permit violation on a hunter using a crossbow, a very large pile of corn was located in a grass field approximately 25 yards from the base of a treestand. The stand will be investigated for the hunter to hunt over the pile of corn.
A vehicle was stopped after being observed spotlighting deer multiple times. The stop resulted in three citations for unlawful use of light from vehicle “spotlighting,” a citation for illegal transportation of alcohol – passenger, and three written warnings for uncased bows. The three bows were seized and filed for forfeiture.
A CPO investigated a complaint regarding illegal trapping in the Henderson Creek State Fish and Wildlife area. The investigation stems from a complaint received in November of 2013.
A District 1 CPO cited a man in Henry County for archery deer hunting over bait. There was a pile of apples approximately 15 yards away from the treestand with a trail camera pointing directly at the apples. The hunter said he knew he could not use salt but he thought natural items like apples would be acceptable.
A CPO cited an individual for careless operation of an ATV. The ATV operator crashed into another individual operating a dirt bike in a corn field. The operator of the dirt bike reportedly suffered two broken arms and a broken collarbone.

Region II
A District 2 CPO cited a subject for hunting deer with aid of bait. A written warning was also issued for having daughter’s permit and hunting license in his possession (parental responsibility). The subject was subsequently arrested and transported to Bureau County Jail for warrant on failure to appear out of Lee County.
A District 2 CPO cited a first-time firearms deer hunter at Moraine Hills State Park for shooting a buck without first taking a doe. The area is in a buck area and he mistook the 8-inch spike buck for a doe.
A District 2 CPO cited a firearms deer hunter for hunting without a habitat stamp. The subject stated that he had been hunting the past four years, both archery and firearms, and had no idea he needed the stamp.
A District 2 CPO issued a written warning to the father of a young firearms deer hunter who shot a small buck during the youth firearms deer season but forgot to purchase his hunting license. The father had all his required paperwork and was very apologetic for the oversight and appreciative of the officer’s understanding.
Two District 2 CPOs responded to a waterfowl complaint. The hunters were in compliance with the wildlife code, but did not have the required Fox Waterway decal on their boats. The operators were cited. One was also issued a written warning for failure to display valid registration.

Region III
A District 11 CPO and sergeant recovered a reported stolen vehicle stuck in the Shelbyville Wildlife Management waterfowl impoundment area in Moultrie County.
A District 11 CPO responded to a capsized sailboat on Lake Charleston. The operator was rescued by members of the Coles County Dive Team and Charleston Fire Department. The operator was transported to the hospital and treated for hypothermia.
A District 11 CPO, while checking deer hunters on Lake Shelbyville Corps of Engineer Property in Shelby County, arrested a deer hunter wanted on an arrest warrant out of Piatt County.
A District 11 CPO responded to a complaint in rural Moultrie County of hunting without permission. The landowner had found a treestand on his property and did not know who it belonged to. The CPO removed the stand and is continuing to investigate who had been hunting the man’s property.
Two District 11 CPOs investigated a case involving two Decatur men who had shot three deer and failed to tag or report any of them. The CPOs went and spoke with each of the men. The men admitted to shooting the three deer and failing to tag them. One of the men had shot a doe and a 9-point buck and the other man had shot a 6-point buck. Three days after harvesting the deer, the men decided to take the deer to a meat processor and realized they would need to tag and report the deer. The first man reported his 9-point buck but still never tagged or reported the doe. The second man reported his 6-point buck as a doe to keep from “burning” one of his buck tags. The two men received citations as well as multiple written warnings
A District 19 CPO continued an investigation from the 2013 deer season. The CPO noticed that two Florida hunters, who had been the focus of the investigation, were back in town. After a field interview, the officer got an admission that one of the hunters harvested a large buck and only had an antlerless only tag. The hunter admitted that a local man tagged the deer with a resident either sex tag. Multiple violations were noted and enforcement action taken.
A District 19 CPO conducted a Facebook investigation on an Urbana resident. The suspect had posted a picture of two deer on her Facebook page. Neither of the deer was checked in. The CPO conducted an interview with the suspect which uncovered numerous other wildlife violations. The suspect was issued two citations and four written warnings.

Region IV
A Hancock County CPO found a subject outfitting without a license as a result of a Craigslist search. The listing had a phone number. Doing a reverse look up search, the man’s name was found. A plat book showed a 40-acre parcel owned by the man. After some emails and phone calls were exchanged, the CPO made contact with him and did an interview. The man admitted to charging for hunts, providing stands, and showing people where the best place to hunt would be. The Hancock County CPO located a salt block last year prior to second firearms deer season 35-40 yards from a blind. The CPO checked the area again this year and found the salt block was gone, but a 4- to 6-inch deep hole was found about 3 inches in diameter. The hunter in the blind this year claimed he did not know it was there and gave names of other parties that may have placed the salt block there initially. The other parties involved were contacted and a Carthage man admitted to placing of the bait.
Adams County CPOs responded to a hunting without permission complaint. The CPOs found the hunter in possession of a 7 MM rifle in the field during gun deer season. The subject told CPOs he was just using the scope to look for deer even though he had binoculars in his pack.
An Adams County CPO was checking hunters when he observed a subject attempt to hide his firearm. The subject did not have a firearm deer permit or hunting license. The subject did not have a valid FOID due to denial for receiving mental health treatment within the last five years. Another subject did not have a valid firearm deer permit for Adams County. He had a Brown County permit and thought that he could use that permit in Adams County.
A Jersey County CPO ran the registration on an unoccupied truck parked on a field road. Upon doing so, he determined the registration was expired, despite having a 2015 registration sticker. Closer observation revealed the sticker was issued to another vehicle. Two empty gun cases were observed in the truck. Fifteen minutes after legal shooting time, the CPO observed two subjects carrying firearms approaching the truck. Only one was wearing blaze orange. The CPO watched as the hunters unloaded their firearms. Upon approaching the hunters and requesting to see their hunting licenses and permits, only one hunter claimed to be hunting. After a short interview, the subjects admitted they were both hunting.
A Jersey County CPO received a TIPS complaint of the occupants of a truck shooting a deer from a truck after legal shooting hours. The witness was able to obtain a license plate from the vehicle. The CPO responded to the suspect’s residence and located the truck. The registered owner was interviewed and admitted to shooting the deer from the truck and from the roadway.

Region V
A CPO took a compliant of non-resident hunters hunting from the roadway with crossbows. Investigation was to follow.
A CPO cited a subject for fishing without a license. The subject was not very happy, stating that he had only been out 20 minutes and it was too cold to fish anyway.
A CPO cited a non-resident hunter for failure to report deer harvest. A CPO cited a non-resident hunter for harvesting a buck with a “doe-only” permit.
A CPO arrested two subjects in Massac County for hunting by the aid of a vehicle, unlawful use of a light from a vehicle to illuminate wildlife, hunting from the roadway, hunting one half hour after sunset to one half hour before sunrise. The two individuals were in possession of a loaded AR-15 and a loaded SKS assault rifle and an uncased .40 caliber pistol. The driver of the vehicle had a revoked FOID and the passenger did not possess a FOID.
A CPO issued a Champaign resident a citation for fishing without a valid license at Crab Orchard Lake. A CPO is investigating a convicted felon for hunting deer by use of bait.
A CPO assisted with a dispute between a commercial waterfowl club and private property owner that adjoins that property.
A complaint was received on a Scheller man for deer hunting violations. The man had no license or deer permits on record. An interview with the man revealed he killed two bucks during this season. The man was cited for the violations and additional charges will be brought against other violators linked to the investigation.
A subject was charged with the unlawful take of two white tailed deer on Shawnee National Forest property in Alexander County. The subject harvested a buck and a doe with archery equipment. He failed to tag the deer immediately upon kill and failed to check in the harvested deer.
A subject was charged with hunting whitetailed deer with the aid of bait (deer cocaine) in the Shawnee National Forest in Jackson County.
In Franklin County a CPO saw a truck parked in the roadway and stopped the vehicle. An open container of alcohol was observed and the driver was driving on a revoked license. A “hitter box” with a metal pipe and a small amount of a substance believed to be cannabis was in the driver’s pocket. The driver was cited for the open alcohol, driving revoked, unlawful possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.
Several CPOs from District 14, a sergeant and a District 16 CPO worked an airplane detail in Saline, Hardin, and Pope Counties. Four men were under observation by unmarked and undercover Conservation Police vehicles. An ISP airplane assisted the detail and located the truck suspected of illegal night hunting activity. Shortly before midnight the four men were observed road hunting in Hardin County by the CPO in the air plane. CPOs converged on the hunters while in the act of hunting from the roadway. Two uncased bows were found in the vehicle and one 7-point buck discovered in the bed of the truck. A CPO found a doe near the stop location that hunters had just shot. A total of six illegally taken deer were confiscated three bucks, and three does. Four compound bows were seized and the subjects were charged with numerous violations including felony resource theft. The hunters admitted to using the same method of hunting during a hunting trip to the same locations in 2013.


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