Holiday Gift Guide for the Naughty or Nice

After a season of hunting and fishing, the outdoor enthusiasts in your life are sure to know what gear needs replacing, upgrading, or retiring. It’s no easy task to find the perfect gift, but by choosing something from the list below you’ll have a good chance of not having to stand in the return-line at the store the next week.


If making your truck as versatile as possible is your thing, then the Trilogy hard tonneau cover is for you. Keep all hunting and fishing gear securely locked, drive with two-thirds of the bed open if you need more space, or remove the cover in just a few minutes to tote a large load. It is just that simple and no tools required. Double sealed hinges keep water out and a dent-resistant Colorfast aluminum cover is standard. LED lights illuminate the underside. It has a three-year warranty.


​The new StrikeMaster Lithium Lazer auger can cut an amazing 56 holes through two feet of ice on a single charge. No half-pint show pony, the Lithium Lazer is a bonafide workhorse with a removable 50-volt lithium ion battery under the hood, and provides consistent speed and torque without reduced power or slow-down from waning battery. The Lithium Lazer delivers maximum efficiency with a lighter weight than ever. 


Fished fast or slow, the Arashi Wake runs true, creating a consistent fish-enticing wake. A single-ball cadence rattle creates a unique sound and vibration, adding to the Wake Crank’s ability to call in fish from a distance. Like all Arashi baits, the Wake Crank features a circuit-board lip, patent-pending self-tuning line tie, rotated hook hangers, holographic 3D eyes and premium VMC Black Nickel Hooks.


Outdoor News

Don’t forget to give the gift that the sportsman or woman in your life will receive all year: Outdoor News. The subscription comes at a great price, and if you already have a copy arriving in your mailbox, tack on another year, or send a gift subscription to another family. Don’t forget that new Outdoor News apparel and books are available.



The XTC450 Mossy Oak is the newest coated 1080p HD wearable video camera from Midland. Equipped with Wi-Fi, the XTC450 can connect to tablets and smart phones to control the camera through an easy-to-use app (available for iOS and Android). With the app, you can start and stop recording, take 12 MP photos, set up time-lapse photos, set low light sensitivity, and more. The camera also has an external microphone jack and a rotating 270-degree lens that ensures the picture is always upright so more time can be spent living the experience and less time spent on editing. Several mounting options make it the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Husky Liners

Stay organized with the new Gear Box. It installs with no tools under your crew cab’s back seat with a custom fit. Forget about tools and other sporting gear from banging around and getting damaged. And for keeping your vehicle’s carpet in “new” condition, consider Weatherbeater liners with FormFit Design that hits every contour perfectly thanks to laser measurements. Raised FormFit Edges runs along the door jam to keep snow, salt and mud at bay.

Beaver Dam

Beaver Dam is known for the best tip-up ever, so it’s no surprise that it’s enter the ice rod and combo market with guns blazing and tips glowing. The new Titanium Tip Stick is the first rod that comes standard with a built-in, retractable, no memory, titanium spring bobber so anglers can switch from jigging Kastmasters for walleyes with the tip recessed to finessing panfish with the tip extended. The rod comes in 23-inch UL, 26-inch ML, and 29-inch M actions.

Double Deer Drag

Who wouldn’t mind a hand when dragging a deer out? The Double Deer Drag enables two draggers to easily drag their deer, in the most direct route, from the thickest of cover. The IN-Line concept allows the two draggers to work with each other, continually transferring the maximum amount of energy to the deer. 


​Rapala’s Scatter line took the industry by storm last year with its “built-in” action that looks like a fleeing injured minnow. Well, this year it added its magic lip to the classic jointed Rapala – you betcha. The result is even more unique action because the jointed bait lends itself to have more erratic moves.

Cobra Ice Rod

The Cobra Ice Rod is an innovative ice fishing pole designed for quick and easy pick up while keeping the reel out of the snow and water. Forget about losing rods in your ice hole. It’s built with a cold-weather resistant plastic frame with a spooled Okuma ultralight reel and a solid fiberglass rod removable blank. The rod blank can be replaced with one of three action blanks: the pan fish tip (with or without a spring bobber), medium tip and heavy tip. 


Gameplan Gear

The new BaseCamp Scent-Control System 36-inch PVC duffel and four-piece Cube Set provides a way to organize and transport hunting clothes in scent-safe, airtight PVC cubes. This allows you to open a day’s worth of clothing without contaminating the entire bag. A drop-bottom compartment stores your safety harness and boots, and a pullout mat provides a dry area to change into your hunting set-up.  


The X2 Grizzly is the final word in arrow stopping power.  Whether you’re using any of today’s compound bows or one of the latest crossbows, the X2 Grizzly’s high density Endurance foam takes shot after shot. It’s large enough for long range shooting, offers easy arrow removal and weighs only 9 pounds. With six sides to shoot at, archers get 66 percent more shooting surface than competing brands.


​The ThermaCell Heated Insoles ProFLEX has more features and functionality than any other foot warming option on the market. The removable, rechargeable battery can easily and quickly be changed while the insole remains in place. With extra battery packs (sold separately), users can easily “reload” their insoles, ensuring all-day warmth. The batteries can be charged by using the included wall charger or any USB port.  


The model M100U is 20 percent lighter than its predecessor at 11.5 pounds, yet supports 300 pounds. The seat allows for long sits while the durable powder-coated finish blends into the woods. An ample 20- by 38-inch platform is standard.


The R-1 is the first underwater camera that rotates to let you see 360 degrees on command or continually. Forget about cable twirl or looking down the hole. No dead spots means you can see more fish in all directions and know right where to catch them.


The HR-200 is the first and only in-the-field ozone machine. It blankets your scent zone with scent destroying ozone. You mount Ozonics above you in a tree or to the support rod in your blind, angled downward and facing downwind. 
The unit electronically changes oxygen molecules into ozone molecules and projects them downwind with a quiet fan. The heavier ozone molecules fall through the scent zone and, because ozone molecules are extremely unstable, bond to and transform your scent molecules, rendering them indistinguishable to the nose of the deer. You will notice a dramatic reduction in the number of deer that smell you.


Many crossbows are designed and marketed for the youth shooter, but few fill the gap between the youth and adult hunter. The Barnett Recruit not only fits the smaller-framed hunter, but it offers enough adjustment to grow with that hunter. Ideal for youth and small women, the Recruit is easy to handle, but it still provides plenty of speed and power for the hunt. The 140-pound crossbow pushes arrows at 300 feet per second.



Whether a person is ice fishing or packing a smoke pole for late-season deer hunting, keeping feet warm is paramount for staying out longer. The Ice King has 400G of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation and a removable foam lining for extreme insulation. A full-grain leather upper is complemented by a 100 percent waterproof bottom. Trac-Lite outsole is great for traction in snow, mud, and loose terrain.

Redneck Blinds

The new Redneck Portable Hunting Chair will keep you comfy in the woods for as long as you want to sit. A silent swivel seat is capable of 180-degree turns and three independent, height-adjustable legs allow for effective hunting even on uneven ground. It collapses in just seconds and is easy to carry with the included nylon carrying strap. It has a 400-pound capacity.


Carbon Express

The Launchpad is a performance lighted nock with Precise Contact Points that provide controlled arrow release for precise shooting. A concentric design promises more consistent centering in the arrow shaft while the straight nock barrel is manufactured with four-axis consistency and straightness within .001-inch. 


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