Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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November and the deer rut is here in Pennsylvania — bowhunters know it, but didn’t anyone tell the deer?

Ron SteffeLet’s see. First week of November. The windswept leaves are falling quickly, leaving trees barren and empty. A couple of cool mornings have given a glimpse of the harsh air winter will bring. The woodlands, which are quickly heading toward their winter prep, are ready for the next couple weeks when white-tailed deer are obsessed with their annual drive to perpetuate their existence.

Except in my neck of the woods it has been slow to come into view.

I don't mean to suggest that archery season has been slow and without deer sightings, for that would not be true. I have seen quite a few deer, including a decent number of bucks –one of which was a bruiser, or hopefully, still is a bruiser.

Does with fawns, young bucks without enough points to be legal, plus bucks whose horns have sprouted the right amount of bone to make them fair game, have passed me in numbers sufficient to hold my interest when I’ve been tree bound.

But I have yet to see a buck charging toward the rear end of whitetail female that is close to full estrous and ready to be mated.

There have been a few days with spring-like temps, probably warm enough that the deer suspended their mating rituals for at least a few hours. I adhere to that belief, although I have no scientific evidence to support that sentiment.

There have also been some rainy days that kept me indoors, unable to know if some initial stages of reproduction were occurring.

All in all, however, I’m sure the whole performance associated with mating whitetails is taking place throughout their range. I may have missed it so far, but the only way to witness this delightful scene is to be in the woods.

I'll be back there soon!

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