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Illinois Cuffs & Collars – October 17th, 2014

Region I

Two District 6 CPOs and a CPOT responded to a call of a fox missing all of its hair in downtown Rockford. The fox was located along with food left by an unknown person.
A CPO arrested a subject for taking game fish and undersized largemouth bass with a casting net. A second subject was cited for operating a watercraft without navigation lights. The second subject was also found to be wanted on a warrant. Following his arrest, the subject was bonded and released.
A California man was cited for hunting squirrels without a non-resident hunting license. The subject was out hunting squirrels with three of his friends. The District 1 CPO observed three of the men walking out. When they saw the CPO one of the men stepped back into the timber and started heading away from the CPO. The two men on the trail tried to distract the CPO. The CPO was able to get into the timber and stop the other two men. When the CPO approached the California man, he stated he was holding the gun for his friend. A further field interview revealed the man was in possession of ammunition for the rifle he was carrying. The rest of his friends were all using shot guns. The California man was issued a citation for hunting without a license and warned for hunting squirrels without a habitat stamp.
Two District 1 CPOs responded to a capsized boat in Thomson on the Mississippi River Pool 13. Local boaters helped the capsized boaters out of the water and back to an island. No one was injured and the boat was recovered without any major damage. The operator of the boat was cited for operation of an overloaded motorboat.
A CPO conducted a joint boat patrol with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) on Mississippi River Pool 14. Twenty boat safety inspections were conducted. Multiple written warnings and a citation were issued. The CPO and USCG then responded to a boat accident in Carroll County to assist another CPO. This accident is still under investigation. Two of the people involved in the boat accident were found to be in the United States with an expired visa. I.C.E. was advised of their status and will be following up with them.
CPOs in Winnebago County conducted a Sunday afternoon watercraft patrol on the Rock River. CPOs inspected 10 watercraft and issued seven citations and 11 written warnings and completed one OUI watercraft arrest where the operator blew 0.176 percent breath alcohol on portable breath tester then later blew 0.153 percent breath alcohol on the Intoximeter. Other violations addressed included: unlawful operation of unnumbered watercraft, violation of wake zone, operation of motorboat without fire extinguisher(s) in serviceable condition, passengers under age 13 not wearing PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices), and failure to yield to an emergency watercraft.
While checking shore fishermen along the Rock River in Winnebago County on Labor Day weekend, a CPO came upon a couple fishing without fishing licenses. A computer check of each subject was conducted while completing citations for the fishing offense(s) and the CPO learned the man was wanted on three separate warrants from three separate jurisdictions for traffic and drug offenses and known to be armed and dangerous. The combined bond amount on these three warrants totaled $1,325. Subject was arrested on warrant(s) without incident and transported to the Winnebago County Jail in lieu of bond.

Region II

District 3 CPOs responded to a boating accident on the Kankakee River in Wilmington. Two persons in a rented canoe went over the Wilmington Dam in their canoe. One of the occupants became trapped in the boil of the dam for a short while but managed to get out of the boil and was rescued by fire personnel. The other occupant was also rescued from the river. Both occupants refused treatment and left the scene just minutes prior to CPOs arriving on scene. Paramedics and fire personnel related to CPOs that both occupants seemed intoxicated. CPOs were able to make phone contact with the occupants who had been dropped off at a bar, but they were unwilling to cooperate with the officer’s attempts to meet with them. Officers attempted to locate the men but they purposefully and successfully evaded the officers’ attempts to find them. Followup investigation will continue.
A District 3 CPO received information from the Channahon Police Department that two subjects had been found to have illegally taken teal prior to the start of the teal season. Both hunters admitted that they had taken teal on Sept. 1 and stated that they had mistaken the start date of the season. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.
A District 2 CPO responded to a call from state police regarding a personal injury rollover accident at Moraine Hills State Park. According to the subject, she was only traveling “20 mph” when a deer jumped out in front of her and she swerved to avoid it. She drove up a steep embankment, struck a tree, and flipped the car over onto its top. The subject was transported to Centegra Hospital where she received a single stitch to her middle finger. A can of Dust-off was found lying outside and near the vehicle. The subject had previously been arrested for numerous drug charges. Contact was made at the hospital where she admitted to “huffing” weeks earlier but stated that she did not do that anymore. She was cited for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident.
A District 2 CPO responded to a call from park personnel at the Chain O' Lakes State Park regarding an individual who forgot to place his vehicle in park prior to loading his boat and the vehicle rolled down the ramp and submerged. Lake County Marine Unit was on scene and handled the accident.
A 26-year-old subject was stopped for creating a wake in a no wake zone on Grass Lake. The operator exhibited signs of impairment, and field sobriety testing was done. The subject failed the testing and was arrested for OUI. The subject refused to submit to a breath test.
A pontoon boat on the Fox River in St. Charles was stopped while operating after sunset with no operable navigation lights besides a Coleman lantern strapped to the front of the boat. The boat was occupied by several adults and small children and the children under the age of 13 were not wearing PFDs. The operator was cited for the violation along with not having valid registration and a written warning was issued for improper lights.

Region III

A District 11 CPO responded to a complaint in rural Coles County near Fair Grange of a poached deer. After speaking with one of the suspects, numerous other squirrel hunting violations were discovered. A citation and multiple warnings were issued for those. The investigation into the deer still continues with other possible suspects yet to be interviewed.
A District 11 CPO responded to a dove hunting without permission complaint. The subject had been cited last year for the same offense. The investigation is on-going.
A District 11 Sergeant and CPO cited a Mattoon man for violation of quiet hours in Walnut Point State Park and served him with a 90 day eviction notice. Numerous complaints were given on this subject on different dates.
Three District 11 CPOs assisted Cumberland County and Drug Task Force with two Sigel men who were stopped and found to be in possession and manufacturing methamphetamine. The two men were found to be in possession of ginseng. Also present were records of numerous ginseng violations. The two men received 16 citations for trespass to harvest ginseng, license and out of season violations.
A District 19 CPO was patrolling DeWitt County at the Clinton Lake Spillway. The CPO encountered three males who were walking towards the parking lot with fishing poles in hand. During the inspection the CPO found no fish but did find a glass bowl with residue, a grinder, and 6.5 grams of cannabis. The man was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis. Further investigation found the other male had a joint (cannabis cigarette). He was arrested for possession of cannabis, as well.

Region IV

An Adams County CPO received a disposition of a wildlife case made earlier this year. A subject was charged with hunting by aid of his vehicle when he intentionally ran over a deer with his truck. The subject paid total fines and court costs of $2212 and another $1,000 in restitution to DNR.
A Jersey County CPO stopped a truck with no tail lights after dark. The driver was wanted on a warrant for theft. Bond was $5,000. He was arrested and transported to the Jersey County jail.
A Jersey County CPO observed a male and female subject act suspicious upon seeing the marked squad while patrolling Pere Marquette State Park. The CPO made contact with the subjects and found the male subject to be in possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. He was arrested and transported to the Jersey County jail.
A Jersey County CPO was patrolling the Grafton boat ramp when a boat approached the ramp with no lights 30 minutes after sunset. A safety inspection revealed an unserviceable fire extinguisher, no sounding device, and the title had not been transferred. The operator had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. He failed field sobriety tests, was arrested for OUI, and refused to take a breath test.
A Calhoun County and Jersey County CPO were on boat patrol and stopped a watercraft on the Mississippi River for an unlawful passenger location violation. A safety inspection revealed no fire extinguisher, no sounding device, insecure batteries and an insufficient number of PFDs on board. The operator showed some signs of impairment and was questioned on his alcohol consumption. The subject advised he had already consumed three beers in the short time they had been on the water. Field sobriety tests were conducted and the subject passed. He was issued one citation, four warnings, and released. Four hours later, the same boat was observed being operated without a stern light. Upon stopping the boat for the second time, the same operator showed several signs of impairment. He failed field sobriety and was arrested for OUI.
A Jersey County CPO is investigating a personal injury boat accident. A boat operator made an abrupt turn to recover a downed skier when an elderly passenger slid off the seat and injured her back.
A Jersey County CPO and the District supervisor responded to a boat fire on the Mississippi River in the Grafton area. While investigating the accident, they learned the accident occurred in Missouri.

Region V

A CPO investigated a possible fish kill in Gallatin County on the Little Wabash River. Several rough fish were dead, however no foul play is suspected. High heat combined with low water upstream is likely the reason the fish died. A substantial rainfall the previous day possibly brought the fish downstream.
The Rend Lake Marina requested an accident report for a rental boat that was damaged while cruising the lake. The investigation revealed the single boat accident was not USCG reportable due to the dollar amount of damage but a field report was completed.
On the opening day of the Dove season, a CPO made contact with a subject hunting dove. While speaking with him, the CPO observed numerous dove attempts to land in a single location next to a horse barn.    When the CPO went to check the hunters near the barn, the older hunter immediately attempted to call someone on his cell. Two younger men jumped over barn gates to hurry and meet the CPO. The CPO walked past them to their hunting location and observed a large amount of wheat seed dumped on the ground in a horse lot. One of the hunters said his grandfather placed the seed and he knew it was illegal to hunt doves over it. Citations for hunting doves over bait were issued to each subject.


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