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Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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Central Illinois Fishing Report – September 5th, 2014

Sangchris: Bass good using plastics, jig/plastics, spinners and crankbaits along outer weedlines or near timber.   Bluegills fair but small using waxies and crickets along weed edges in the west arm. Channel cats fair using cut baits, nightcrawlers and dip bait.

Springfield: Bass fair using plastics, swimbaits and midsized crankbaits.   Bluegills fair but small using waxies.   Channel cats good using most baits with some on liver.  

Lake Taylorville: Catfish picking up on nightcrawlers and shrimp. Some being caught on shad. The crappie bite is good on minnows. Bass fishing is fair using spinners and plastic worms.

Shelbyville:  Crappies good. Lots of fish are being reeled in from 12 feet of water over brush with minnows.   Bluegills good, with nice sizes being taken with red worms from area ponds.   White bass good. Look for fish near the William Street Bridge and around the ski club with lures and minnows. Saugers good. Anglers are finding fish in the Finley area near the schools of shad. Lower your bait under the schools. Channel cats good. Fish deep, medium, and shallow levels with stinkbait, nightcrawlers, chicken liver, or shrimp. 

Evergreen Lake: Largemouth bass good on plastics, flukes, and crankbaits along weed edges and on timbered points. Bluegills fair but small on waxies and crickets. Crappies good but scattered out deeper. 

Newton Lake: Crappies showing some action on minnows and jigs. Catfish good on nightcrawlers and dough baits.

Lake Decatur: Bass biting on spinners near weeds. Bluegills good on worms and crickets. Catfish picking up on doughs, worms and stinkbaits.

Lake Shelbyville: Walleyes are still active below spillway on jigs and twisters or shad bodies. Crappies are being caught with jigs over deadfall trees mostly in the shallow end. Large bass being caught with a mixture of spinners, crankbaits, jigs or plastics.

Bloomington: Bass fair along weed edges or deeper laydowns on plastics, swimbaits, and crankbaits. Bluegills fair and small on waxies and crickets near weed edges, docks, and sea walls. Channel cats good on cut baits, liver, and Hoss’s Hawg Bait. Crappies slow and small on jigs and/or minnows around deeper brush and timber. 

Clinton Lake: Crappies fair. Look for fish scattered deeper over brush. Bluegills good on red wigglers and wax worms are attracting attention around the docks. Striped bass good. Fish hitting chartreuse curley tails by the bridge.   Channel cats good. Put a nightcrawler or stinkbait on the bottom, also try in deeper water.

Dawson Lake: Crappies excellent. Anglers are using crappie jigs and minnows in deeper water levels – approximately 10 feet – by the dam.   Largemouth bass good. Look for fish down the center of the lake across from the beach with spinnerbaits and topwater lures.   Channel cats good. Shrimp is producing near wood and weeds.

Mattoon: Largemouth bass good, mostly using spinnerbaits and topwater lures along grass edges. Crappies fair, as fish have moved into deeper water levels with the change in weather temperatures. Channel cats fair. Cast shrimp, stinkbait, nightcrawlers, or chicken liver near weed beds or wood. A recent tournament reported the winning stringer weighed 28 pounds with 11.8 being the big fish. Night fishing best with shad.

Mill Creek Lake: Crappies are on minnows. Bass good. Fish up to 4 pounds are being caught with plastic bluegills in schools of fish. Channel cats good. Search the holes in the weeds or near wood with stinkbait, nightcrawlers, or liver.

Decatur Lake: Crappies good. Lots of fish are being taken near the banks with minnows. Channel cats good. Look for fish near the bridge with shrimp. Gar are being taken south of the dam.

Coffeen: Largemouth fishing is good using artificial lures and minnows. Bluegills fair using artificial lures and minnows. Channel cats good using Sonny’s stinkbait and shrimp.

Mazonia Lakes: Bass hitting topwaters and spinners. Bluegills slowing but still being caught on worms. Catfish are small but biting on liver. 

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