Deer hunter involved in controversy no longer part of Illinois Whitetail Alliance

Keri ButtOutdoor social media outlets have been set ablaze in recent days concerning a controversy involving Peoria-area outdoor writer Marc Anthony. Anthony, who is also a taxidermist, has allegedly been involved in questionable activities.

Until recently, Anthony had also served on the leadership team of the Illinois Whitetail Alliance (IWA). In an effort to keep the negativity from affecting the group, Anthony is no longer a part of the IWA.

The IWA issued this response to the controversy:

"In light of recent events, Marc Anthony is no longer a part of the Illinois Whitetail Alliance leadership team. We're not here to judge Marc's innocence or guilt, but to move forward without any unnecessary distractions to the Alliance goals.

"The Alliance is gaining strength and credibility in its efforts to take the management of the Illinois whitetail deer herd in a new direction, and any distraction from that mission here won't be tolerated. We take our mission seriously. This can be seen in the Alliance proposal asking for stiffer penalties for game violations. Integrity is the part of the foundation of this group, and we should all work together to make sure we instill the highest possible standards in the hunting community we all represent.

"We hope this situation doesn't divert attention away from the fact that the Illinois deer herd is in serious trouble and major regulation changes are needed before the start of the 2014 hunting season."

Read more about the Anthony case in the May 16 issue of Illinois Outdoor News

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