Pennsylvania Cuffs & Collars – March 28th, 2014


From the Game Commission
• Clarion County WCO Jesse N. Bish reports that a Knox man was questioned and apprehended for shooting an antlerless deer from the upstairs bedroom window of his home in rifle deer season. The subject failed to retrieve the animal and shot the deer in the neighbor’s safety zone. His reason for shooting the deer out of his bedroom window was that he did not want to shoot across the travel portion on the highway because that was illegal.
• Clarion County WCO Jesse N. Bish reports that a Clarion County resident was awarded reward money by the judge for an incident that occurred in August 2013. Two misdemeanor convictions were secured from an investigation that started with information stating that two people retrieved dead turkeys after actively shooting into a flock. Penalties totaled over $4,000 with license revocation of five years for each subject.
• Erie County WCO Michael A. Girosky reports that he prosecuted a man from North Carolina who had purchased a resident hunting license in Pennsylvania.
• Erie County WCO Darin L. Clark reports that he investigated a significant waterfowl die-off on Presque Isle Bay. Most of the die-off consisted of redbreasted mergansers, but there were some other duck species and a few great blue herons. Five birds were submitted for testing.
• Jefferson County WCO Andrew D. Troutman reports that one of his deputies apprehended two individuals attempting to live-trap turkeys. Their reasoning was they wanted to catch turkeys so the trap would smell like turkeys and cover up the human scent, just so they could switch to coyote bait and catch a coyote.
• Mercer County WCO Donald G. Chaybin discovered the remnants of a bonfire from a sled-riding party on SGL 130. Reed’s Furnace Road is a “no winter maintenance” road that cuts through the state game lands in Sandy Lake Township, and the steep hill on the south side of Sandy Creek is popular with sled riders. Along with some assorted beverage containers, there was a large pallet box containing assorted smaller pallets and wood scraps left alongside the road near the fire site. Shipping information was found on a freight tag still attached to the pallet box that led to a Franklin company. A company representative was provided details of the violation being investigated. Within hours he and another member of the management team went to the scene and cleaned up the site – taking the materials back to the plant. The next morning he called a suspect employee into his office. Faced with the evidence provided, the employee quickly accepted responsibility. The company official then called the NWRO to provide the information he obtained. The employee also called requesting to be contacted about the incident. Following that interview, a citation was filed for the “transported litter,” along with warnings for other violations of SGL regulations.
• Venango County WCO Ronda J. Bimber  was called to a neighboring district for an incident of dogs chasing a deer. When she found the deer, it had to be put down as the dogs had bitten through both hamstrings and ripped open its belly area. The witness described the noise the deer was making as the worst sound she had ever heard. Bimber tracked the dogs back to a local residence. The dog owner will be cited.
• Warren County WCO Jason R. Amory reports that a man from Irvine was recently cited for littering on Allegheny National Forest land. 
From the Fish & Boat Commission
• Erie County officers conducted a Special Enforcement Detail on Presque Isle Bay, Erie County. Four anglers were issued citations for leaving litter on the ice, two cited for wanton waste and another was cited for an over-the-limit violation. Numerous warnings were also issued for various Title 30 violations.


From the Fish & Boat Commission
• Allegheny County WCO Michael E. Johnson reports that local officers with the assistance of the Special Investigations section took part in an operation in Allegheny County that resulted in an individual being charged with purchasing native species of the commonwealth. The investigation was the result of the PF&BC Special Investigations Section receiving information that a person from Ohio was traveling to Pennsylvania for the purpose of purchasing two northern copperheads. The individual that purchased the copperheads was charged with two summary counts of “Sale of Certain Fish, Reptiles and Amphibians Prohibited” and released from the scene.


From the Game Commission
• Lycoming County WCO Kristoffer Krebs reported that five adults and two juveniles recently were sentenced for their roles in the unlawful killing of two antlerless deer. The incident occurred on Oct. 5, 2012, in Cogan House Township. Each defendant pleaded guilty to two counts of unlawful taking of big game. The group was ordered to pay $32,000 in fines.
• Tioga County WCO Rodney Mee reports that Tulsa Frey and Calvin Jennings of Tioga County entered into a plea bargain with the Tioga County district attorney. They each pleaded guilty to one count of unlawfully taking big game, a first-degree misdemeanor, and were sentenced to serve nine months in Tioga County Prison, pay a $500 fine and $2,538.99 in restitution, plus lab fees, for the eight deer involved.


From the Game Commission
• Adams County WCO Cory M. Ammerman reports that two DUI arrests were made within one hour of each other in early March. Preliminary tests showed the drivers had nearly two times the legal limit of alcohol in their systems at the time of the stops. Both also admitted to smoking marijuana prior to driving. Multiple charges will be filed on both drivers, including driving while under the influence, and driving while under the influence of a drug/alcohol combination.
• Land Management Officer Steven Bernardi reported that two individuals were cited for littering after shooting at cardboard targets in a shale pit that is popular with local hunters for sighting in their guns. The violation occurred when they failed to take their targets with them when they left. Target shooting is permitted there, however, leaving the targets behind is not.  
• Blair County WCO William Brehun reports that multiple charges have been filed on a Snyder Township, Blair County resident for allowing his dogs to pursue, injure and kill two white-tailed deer and one cottontail rabbit. The individual was also charged with dog-law violations.
• Bedford County WCO Jeremy Coughenour reports that several thefts of firewood on property under commission control have occurred this winter. Citations in those cases are pending.
• Adams County WCO Darren David reports that charges have been filed against three men after an incident in December. One of them dragged out an untagged, protected spike buck he killed.  The other two illegally drove their vehicles across the fields of a hunter-access property in order to assist him and transport the deer.
• Perry County WCO Steve Hower reports that during November residents discovered multiple deer that had been shot and left lay in fields along Rupp and Dobbs roads in Saville Township, Perry County. On Nov. 30, he and a deputy stopped a vehicle after observing it being used in spotting after 11 p.m. During the stop, a loaded firearm was discovered and seized from inside the truck. After a three-month investigation, charges have now been filed against three of the vehicle’s occupants. Two men, the driver and the passenger, face first-degree misdemeanor charges along with numerous other charges relating to the killing or attempted killing of numerous deer in the area, spotlighting while in possession of a firearm, spotlighting after 11 p.m., and possessing a loaded firearm inside a vehicle. A female occupant of the vehicle has been charged with resisting or interfering with an officer for providing false identification during the stop.
• York County WCO Kyle Jury reported that in northern York County one case involving seven charges on two Dover men has been adjudicated. The two individuals were identified after the passenger shot out of a vehicle window at a remote-control deer decoy on private property. The driver of the vehicle was cited for assisting and for leaving the scene while being approached by a Game Commission officer. Total fines for the incident added to $1,700.    
• Fulton County WCO Justin Klugh reports that deputies investigated a possible illegal deer case. What they learned was that the deer was a roadkill for which the person did not get the proper permit. Charges are pending.
• Huntingdon County WCO Richard Macklem reports that the two individuals cited for taking an eight-point white-tailed deer during a closed season and unlawful possession and transportation of that unlawfully taken deer have pleaded guilty.
• Snyder County WCO Harold Malehorn reports that a night shooting case from November 2013 finally came to an end. A judge found the man guilty on all three charges and ordered him to pay more than $4,000 in fines and restitution, plus spend 15 days in jail. 
• York County WCO Shawn Musser reports that an individual pleaded guilty to charges stemming from an illegally killed buck. The person drove down a road, shot the deer from the roadway, and left it lay. He later attempted to return and retrieve the deer, but was scared off. As soon as Musser obtained a vehicle description, a suspect came to mind. During an interview, the driver of the truck admitted to killing the deer illegally and letting it lay. In the end, the nice buck cost him $2,000 in fines and he never did get to keep the antlers or any of the meat.
• Huntingdon County WCO Amy Nabozny reports that charges have been filed against seven individuals for allegedly killing nine deer out of season. 
• Blair County WCO Al Zellner reports that hunting without a license, over the limit, firearm prohibitions and regulations, were charges that were judged guilty in district court on one individual.


From the Fish & Boat Commission
• Wayne County Waterways Conservation Officer David Kaneski came upon a car that had crashed into a snowbank. The crash had just occurred and the driver was trying to get the car unstuck, when Kaneski asked if he could get the man assistance, the reply came with a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage. The driver then said he had too much to drink that morning and should not have been driving. Kaneski contacted the State Police and the driver was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.
• Wayne County Waterways Conservation Officer Chad McKenrick investigated a pollution of waters incident at Lake Ariel.  After overfilling of a fuel tank, a product was released making its way into commonwealth waters. Further investigation and cleanup procedures continue.


From the Game Commission
• Berks County WCO Eric Anderson reports that a Berks County man was cited for trapping after season as well as the unlawful taking of furbearers. 
• Berks County WCO Dave Brockmeier filed citations on individuals for operating vehicles through fields at Blue Marsh  SGL 280. One individual on a snowmobile actually drove around a PGC sign board with a clearly visible ‘Do Not Drive On Fields’ sign, he said. Another individual drove through a field and got stuck.
• Lancaster County WCO John Veylupek apprehended three individuals shooting snow geese in multiple safety zones in East Hempfield Township.
• Lancaster County WCO Dennis Warfel said a citation was issued to a snow-goose hunter that was found to be hunting with a shotgun not plugged to a two-shell capacity.   • Montgomery County WCO Chris Heil reports that the hairless deer reported in the Schwenksville area of the county over the past few years became a victim of subzero temperatures this past winter. The adult female doe was recovered and taken to the New Bolton Center for Necropsy by Regional Biologist John Morgan. It was determined that the doe died from a combination of pneumonia as well as exposure. She was carrying twin fawns at the time of her death that were developing normally. The hairless condition was diagnosed as alopecia, which is a condition more likely to occur in domestic pets than in wild deer.   • Montgomery County WCO Chris Heil reports that on Feb. 10, David J. Komorowski, Ambler, was found guilty in District Court 38-1-24 of the unlawful taking of game or wildlife, shooting into a safety zone, hunting from a motor vehicle and having a loaded firearm in a moving vehicle. Charges arose from an Oct. 31 deer poaching incident.

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