Friday, February 3rd, 2023
Friday, February 3rd, 2023

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Illinois Rivers Fishing Report – November 1st, 2013

Fox River: The saugers are good, bunching up on the flats as in 12 to 14 feet of water range off of the main river channels and up near the clam beds. Vertical jigging jigs with minnows or pulling “three-way rigs.” Also casting or vertical jigging blade-style baits.
White bass also are good on the flats in evenings. Many fish have been taken just before sundown. Anglers are fishing curlytail jigs in shallow areas and using minnows in rip-rap areas. Catfish can be found chasing the small shad, and there is a great chance of landing some nice cats and carp.

Mississippi River Pool 12: Water level at the lock and dam in Dubuque is at 4.6 feet and the water level at the bridge is at 7.3 feet. Water temperature is in the upper 60s and water is clear. Some vegetation is flowing causing some angst with anglers snagging floating “weeds.”
Northern pike are good. Bright flashy lures are catching pike in the tailwater and near cooler tributary streams.  Bluegills are good. Action has slowed a bit but fish can still be found on rock piles and snags throughout the pool. Use a simple hook and worm for best results. Fish close to rock piles and brush for best results. Smallmouth bass are good. Some smallies are being caught along current areas near rock. Spinners and crankbaits are best but some are also being caught by the bluegill anglers on worms. Most of these bass are small but fight quite well. Remember the size limit is 14 inches.
Largemouth bass are good. Numerous 12-inch largemouths are being caught nearly everywhere. Most folks are using minnow imitation lures but some are also being caught by the bluegill anglers using worms. Walleyes are fair. Some walleyes are still on the wingdams but fishing for them has been temperamental. Try staying above the wingdams and casting bright-colored crankbaits to the dams. The lure must intermittently touch rock for best success.

Mississippi River Pool 13: Water level at the Bellevue Lock and Dam rose a bit and is at 4.4 feet. Water is clear and water temperature is at 67 degrees. Bluegills still are being caught in decent numbers. It has been a great year for this panfish. Size ranges from 6.5 inches to 9 inches. Most anglers are using worms and bobbers or split shot rigs.
Fish very close to structure (logs and rocks) for best results. Some smallmouths are being caught along rock piles throughout the pool. Smallmouths concentrate along areas that are rocky and have current. Use jigs or spinners for best results. Anglers are also reporting catching rock bass while smallmouth fishing.
Sub-legal bass are providing good action on spinnerbaits in Pool 13.
Try fishing around rocky points or rip rap areas for best luck. The size of the largemouth bass has been small but good for kids fishing. Some walleyes were reported using three way rigs above the wingdams. Small chunks of worms or floating crankbaits yield the best results.

Mississippi River Pool 14: Most anglers are using worms and bobbers for the best success with bluegills and other panfish. Some smallies are being reported on the rock rip-rap areas of the pool especially up by Clinton.
Small largemouth bass are being caught seemingly everywhere on Pool 14. The size is mainly under the legal size limit of 14 inches but folks are having a ball catching 12-inch fish. Anglers are mainly throwing crankbaits on the dams for best results with walleyes.

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