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Illinois Cuffs and Collars – November 1st, 2013

Region I

A CPO in Winnebago County received a complaint of an unknown individual(s) who drove a motor vehicle through a gate at the Rockton Bog public hunting area outside of the city of South Beloit. An investigation to locate those responsible is ongoing.
A District 6 officer citied four individuals for snagging on the Illinois River.
A District 6 officer was returning from a boat patrol when he saw a couple fishing next to the Starved Rock boat ramp. When the officer asked for their fishing licenses, neither had one. The man claimed he wasn’t fishing, he was just reeling in the line for his girlfriend. Enforcement action was taken.
A District 6 officer arrested five individuals for unlawful snagging in waters closed to snagging.
A District 6 CPO cited an individual for unlawfully leaving the scene of a property damage accident. The individual backed into another vehicle legally parked in a handicapped spot at Starved Rock State Park. The occupants got out and looked at the damaged vehicle before leaving the scene. The individual’s vehicle was located in another parking lot.
A CPO located two baited deer stands. The areas were baited with five salt blocks, whole corn and apples. Samples of the bait were taken for evidence.
A District 1 CPO is investigating a report from a cattle farmer of five dead deer being found. While tending to his cattle, the farmer came across five dead deer in varying stages of decomposition. It appears the deer died of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD). A report was completed and the district biologist was notified.
A District 1 CPO checked known baited deer hunting areas during the opening days of archery season. No hunters were found. Attempts to locate hunters in the areas will continue throughout the fall.
A District 6 CPO conducted an investigation of a male subject making comments on Facebook about baiting deer on the property he intended to hunt. On opening day of the archery deer season, the CPO found the subject’s truck parked along a roadway in rural DeKalb County. The CPO located the bowhunter in a ladder stand overlooking a small section of timber and a mineral block. The hunter was instructed to remove the remaining bait from the area and not to hunt the site for 10 days. Citations were issued for unlawfully feeding/baiting deer and unlawfully hunting deer over bait. An area is considered as baited during the presence of and for ten consecutive days following the removal of the bait.

Region II

A District 2 CPO and a District 4 CPO were working a plain clothes snagging detail at Waukegan Harbor when they observed a suspicious vehicle pull into the parking lot. When the two male occupants opened the doors, the CPOs smelled an odor of cannabis. The CPOs followed the two subjects onto the pier where they lit a glass pipe and passed it back and forth. The CPOs arrested both subjects for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. Later in the evening while working the same detail, the same CPOs were returning to their patrol vehicle parked at the Waukegan Metra station when they smelled an odor of cannabis in the air. They observed two male subjects standing next to a vehicle smoking what appeared to be a cannabis cigarette. As they approached the subjects, they encountered a woman urinating on the wall of the train station. They attempted to question her about this activity but discovered she was deaf. They approached the males who had been smoking and one of them threw a cannabis cigarette to the ground. The CPOs attempted to talk to the subjects but discovered they were also deaf. One CPO noticed there was a woman sitting in the car holding an infant so he tried to talk to her but discovered she was also deaf. The CPO noticed a strong odor of cannabis coming from inside the vehicle and observed a 2-year-old child sitting in the back seat with her head slumped forward. The CPO tried to wake the child to determine if she was ok but could not wake her up. The CPO called dispatch for an ambulance and backup units. When the ambulance arrived on scene, EMS personnel took the child into the ambulance but were unable to wake the child for several minutes. When the child finally woke up her vital signs appeared normal and EMS released her back to the mother. The CPOs conducted a search of the vehicle and discovered more cannabis. Both male subjects were arrested for possession of cannabis. A report was made with DCFS the following morning and they have an investigation pending regarding this incident.
A landowner said he observed two men loading up a deer at the edge of his property. The landowner provided a license plate number and vehicle description. A CPO ran the license plate number and determined the identity of the vehicle owner. The CPO responded to a residence near the location and spoke to a man there about the incident. He said his friend had killed a deer on the complainant’s property but had already left to go home. The CPO then called a District 3 CPO to go to the vehicle owner’s house in Bolingbrook. The District 3 CPO spoke with a woman at the house who informed him her husband was staying at a farm in Round Lake. She provided a phone number and the CPO contacted him and arranged to meet. When the CPO arrived he found the hunter with a freshly killed doe. When the CPO spoke with the hunter he said he had received permission to hunt the property indirectly through friends approximately 10 years ago but had never confirmed his permission. Upon further investigation, it was determined the hunter had illegally killed a 10-point buck on the property in 2011. The CPO seized the hunter’s bow, doe and buck mount as evidence. He was cited for hunting without permission and two counts of unlawful take of a white-tailed deer.

Region III

CPOs cited a subject for illegally hunting white-tailed deer over bait and for unlawfully feeding of wildlife during the early morning hours of Oct. 1 in Macon County. The male subject was from Lebanon. The CPOs had scouted this area prior to the beginning of bow season.
A CPO checked on a vehicle on Oct. 5 at 1 a.m. due to a female passenger getting sick along the side of the road. The male driver, the husband, was checked and it was discovered he was revoked due to numerous DUIs in the past. The driver was cited.
A CPO responded to a complaint of subjects illegally camping and cutting down firewood in a restricted hunting area around Clinton Lake. After a thorough interview, the subjects were cited for their offenses.
A CPO responded to complaints of subjects illegally hunting over bait. The incidents are still under investigation.

Region IV

A CPO located four subjects who had entered a restricted area at CWLP to fish. The area is off-limits for security and safety issues if the lake gates were to open. The four subjects were cited.
A CPO followed up on a complaint involving a pet wild raccoon, which had been destroyed after biting a 2-year-old. The raccoon’s owner was charged with unlawfully possessing a wild raccoon.
A CPO checked a male subject at Sandridge State Forest camping area who was in possession of alcohol. The subject was later identified as a sexual predator and transported to Mason County jail.
Several fishermen were located fishing in a restricted area below the CWLP spillway. None had fishing licenses. 
A CPO received a tip about The Outdoor Bow Shop in Taylorville selling minnows without a license and failing to maintain record of purchases and sales. It was determined the store was selling minnows without a retail minnow dealer license and the wholesaler (Pana Wholesale Bait Co.) failed to maintain the proper records (the proper licenses numbers) of the minnow sale to the bow shop. The proper citations and warnings were issued to both the retail and wholesale minnow dealers for the license and records violations.
A CPO issued citations and warnings to kayakers fishing a Lake Taylorville contributory for boating violations and charged three bowhunters for hunting deer by the aid of bait and CWD bait placement on Lake Taylorville property.

Region V

A CPO cited a hunter on the opening day of archery deer season for unlawfully feeding deer. He had a mineral block placed at one end of his food plot on the property he was headed to hunt. He also investigated a Facebook complaint where a suspect posted a picture of 13 squirrels online. The subject was bragging about limits when advised he was over limit. The case is still under investigation.
A CPO assisted White County deputies and the Illinois State Police with a manhunt resulting in an Indiana Police pursuit in which the two subjects drove their vehicle into the Wabash River at New Harmony. The subjects then swam the river and fled into Illinois. They were wanted on suspected meth-related charges.
A CPO assisted Gallatin County, Saline County, and ISP with an attempt to locate a suicidal subject who stated he was fishing at a pond near Equality.
A CPO investigated a child sex offender who was tent camping inside Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park. The subject was ejected from the park.
A CPO, while conducting sport fishing checks at Harrisburg City Lake checked a Missouri fisherman and noted a fishing license violation. The fisherman thought because of the government shutdown, game wardens wouldn’t be working. The fisherman also had a warrant from Jefferson County for theft. He was arrested and held on $35,000 bond.
A CPO stopped two Missouri hunters on a side-by-side who were both carrying their uncased/unlocked bows on their laps. In addition to the transportation violations, the hunters were cited for open alcohol and operation of an ATV on a public roadway.
A CPO cited a Harrisburg man for failing to carry his permits in the field while bowhunting. He was also cited with not having a hunting license on his person and transporting a bow without a case or lock.
CPOs investigated a hunting accident at the Hamilton County Conservation Area on the first day of the deer hunting season. The victim suffered four broken ribs, was treated and released, then went back hunting.
A CPO observed a truck parked along a section of Shawnee Forest in Hardin County. The CPO observed several dead copperheads on the road, but entered the woods and found an individual with a pouch. The CPO asked if he had any ginseng and the subject showed the officer 29 roots. The officer explained that ginseng hunting in the forest is illegal.
A CPO discovered a stand baited with acorn rage. The CPO also located a trail camera and left the area. The next day the CPO returned and cited a subject from Arkansas for hunting the baited area. Another individual from Louisiana was found in violation for failure to tag his deer.

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