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Illinois Cuffs and Collars – October 18th, 2013

Region I

A District 1 CPO received a complaint from a state park saying a woman was running around her camper naked and her husband was intoxicated. The CPO arrived and the female subject was sleeping in the camper and the man was drinking beer at the next campsite. As the CPO was speaking to a camper, the intoxicated man walked up to the CPO drinking a beer. The CPO checked on the woman and addressed the alcohol violation in a restricted area. When the CPO asked where the rest of the beer was, the man said he got the beer from the other campsite. The CPO saw a garbage bag under the camper with multiple beer cans that were the same lot as the beer the subject was drinking. The intoxicated man showed the CPO the cooler and the refrigerator and there wasn’t any more alcohol on the site. While the CPO explained that a citation would be issued the man said the CPO was like the Gestapo and he would not be coming back to the park.
CPOs were called to the Starved Rock Lodge where a woman attempted to sell marijuana to a bride on her wedding day. The woman’s vehicle was searched and no marijuana was found.
A CPO handled a crash where a small child was run over by a vehicle attempting to hook up to a camper. The child only sustained minor injuries, as the wheels narrowly missed him. The driver’s foot reportedly slipped off of the brake pedal and hit the gas pedal. The camper was subsequently pushed into the electric hookup. Power had to be shut off in order to safely remove the camper.
A CPO in Henderson County cited a subject for multiple fishing violations at the Henderson County conservation area. The lake was closed to fishing in October of 2012 for a rehabilitation project. An individual was observed fishing in the closed waters. The offender was confronted and the officer observed 13 bass, bluegills, and catfish in a bucket. The subject was cited for an over-limit of bass and no valid fishing license. Multiple warnings were also issued.
A CPO and USCG officer finished the boating season much like they started it this year – aboard a marked patrol boat doing multiple boat safety inspections. After the deadly 2012 boating season, these officers took it upon themselves to increase boat patrols substantially in the Quad Cities area on the Mississippi River (Pools 14-16). These patrols appeared to be effective at dramatically reducing the number of boat accidents and fatalities. One boating accident fatality occurred on the Rock River at the Steel Dam (Milan) and one fatality occurred when a subject dove into shallow water on the Rock River this year in the Illinois QCA.

Region II

A District 3 CPO arrested three fishermen for possessing under-sized smallmouth/largemouth bass while fishing in Will County.
A District 3 sergeant and two District 3 CPOs assisted ISP, District 5, in a manhunt for a subject that had fled from a trooper on a traffic stop on I-80. The subject was wanted for drug traffic/distribution violations. He was caught a half-mile away, fleeing through a neighborhood.
Two District 3 CPOs caught several juveniles gathered at Stratton Park after hours drinking and using cannabis. Charges are pending the State’s Attorney’s review.
A District 3 CPO and sergeant responded to a call of a lost 12-year-old boy at Kankakee River State Park. The boy was found shortly after being reported lost by the family.
Two District 3 CPOs conducted surveillance of a group of public waterfowl blinds on the DesPlaines River. While observing their hunting activities, a TIP complaint was filed about one of the blinds shooting ducks out of season. That violation was not observed, but one subject was cited for no federal waterfowl stamp.
A motorboat being operated on Grass Lake was stopped for improper stern light display. The operator showed signs of impairment and field sobriety testing was done. The subject failed the tests and was arrested for OUI. His BAC was tested at .097 percent.
A District 2 CPO cited a Chicago man for fishing without a license at the Grass Lake Bridge in Fox Lake.
CPOs found a bait store in Lake County which had been selling live bait for several years without an aquatic life dealer’s license. Appropriate enforcement action was taken and the business was brought into compliance.
A Lake County CPO cited a subject for no federal waterfowl stamp on Grass Lake (morning of teal opener). The subject was in a boat blind that was cited for insufficient PFDs one morning during the early goose opener.

Region III

A District 19 CPO responded to a truck and trailer in the water at a boat ramp at Clinton Lake. After further investigation the driver was found to be DUI and blew a .094 percent. This was 1.5 hours after the incident occurred.
Three District 19 CPOs assisted with a homicide in Farmer City. The CPOs provided scene security and transported witnesses.
A District 19 CPO responded to an injured elderly man near a boat ramp off Clinton Lake. The man was assisted and an ambulance transported him for injuries to a local hospital.
A District 19 CPO arrested a subject wanted on a warrant out of Effingham County. The man was fishing along Clinton Lake and was transported to the DeWitt County Jail.
A District 19 CPO has continued a boat registration and titling investigation in McLean County on a dealer with up to 30 violations discovered. A number of Class A misdemeanors and felonies have been discovered and filed with the court.

Region IV

CPOs responded to a complaint of a truck stuck in the Sangamon River. No one was present when the CPOs located the truck. A routine check of license plates with ISP showed no driver information. The CPO used information found on POS to develop a suspect. The suspect was found to be wanted on several warrants. The CPO decided to "swing by" one more time and found the operator trying to dig out the truck. The suspect was the one with warrants. The driver was arrested on two warrants and issued a river bed protection ticket. The truck was removed from the river bed.
A CPO conducted a routine check on dove hunters on a private field in Cass County. One of the non-resident dove hunters was in possession of an unplugged shotgun loaded to the max. The non‐resident was cited accordingly.
As a result of CPO’s pre-season scouting, several baited fields were discovered. A CPO in Menard County checked a hunter on one of these baited fields. The subject admitted to placing a salt substance around his field. The subject was referred to U.S. Fish and Wildlife for prosecution.
A CPO and a USFWS agent took down another baited field near Chandlerville in Cass County. The owner admitted to placing the wheat in order to enhance the dove hunting. Four subjects were referred to USFWS for prosecution.
A Christian County CPO took a report regarding the recovery of a missingstolen boat from the west boat launch at Sangchris Lake State Park.
A Christian County CPO checked dove hunters at the Sangchris Lake State Park dove fields, issuing several citations and warnings for toxic shot and license violations.
A Christian County CPO attended the Outdoors Expo at Scheels and answered 10 questions (five dealing with concealed carry permits).
A Christian County CPO patrolled eastern Christian County for dove hunters issuing a citation for ATV on roadway.
A CPO was doing traffic enforcement at Pere Marquette State Park. The CPO stopped a vehicle because the rear license plate was obstructed. The driver of the vehicle was suspended, wanted on a warrant for failure to appear, in possession of cannabis and a drug pipe.
A CPO observed a subject drive on the grass at Piasa Harbor in Jersey County. The driver was revoked and wanted on a warrant.
A CPO interviewed a subject in Calhoun County in reference to digging ginseng before season. The subject admitted to digging ginseng before season and his dried ginseng was seized.

Region V

A CPO worked a Jake’s Event in Clay County. A CPO issued five warnings for equipment violations and one citation for no fishing license in Richland and Wayne Counties.
CPOs cited an Effingham County subject for digging ginseng out of season, trespassing, and no license.
A sergeant and CPO worked teal hunters at Carlyle and four warnings were issued for failure to sign in and not maintaining separate bags. One subject was taken to Fayette County jail for possessing a firearm with a revoked FOID and he was also wanted on an Alexander County warrant.
A Pope County CPO was checking teal hunters at a fish and wildlife area. The CPO heard one group repeatedly shooting while none of the other groups fired a shot. The officer thought this was strange and moved to that location. The CPO got within 10 feet of the two hunters and observed their activity. The shooters would shoot then retrieve the duck but say nothing about the species. It wasn’t until one of the hunters hit a duck and it sailed over the CPO that the CPO got a sick feeling and realized the ducks they were shooting could all be wood ducks, which are not allowed during teal season. The hunter walked out to retrieve the wood duck and the CPO asked how many they had. The hunter was caught by surprise and said too many. The CPO walked the hunter back to the hunting spot and discovered another hunter with eight wood ducks. The CPO then discovered three more hidden in a decoy bag. The CPO counted a total of twelve wood ducks; five of the ducks were banded. The CPO asked why and the hunters said they wanted to kill something. They were issued multiple citations and given a mandatory court appearance.
While out in the morning hours on the opening day of teal season, two men were found fishing in a local sand pit near the Wabash River in White County. One fisherman was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, cannabis less than 2.5 grams, fishing without a license and operating a watercraft without life jackets. The second fisherman was arrested for a Posey County, Indiana, warrant and fishing without a license. He was delivered to the White County Jail to await extradition.
Two CPOs worked a teal hunter detail on the northern end of Rend Lake. They wrote seven citations to hunters shooting prior to sunrise; two hunters were cited for being in possession of lead shot.
A Hamilton County CPO is investigating two incidents at the Hamilton County Conservation Area. A camper dumped human waste from his camper on a roadway in the park and on State Route 14. The second involves a felony theft. The CPO is working with the local police agencies on the theft.
A CPO observed a vehicle that was driving without lights after dark. Upon stopping the vehicle the driver was found to have a suspended driver’s license. Appropriate enforcement action was taken and the driver was taken to jail.
CPOs observed several subjects with alcohol at the Kinkaid Lake Spillway, in the no alcohol restricted area. Enforcement action was taken.

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