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Illinois Cuffs and Collars – October 4th, 2013

Region I

A District 6 CPO observed an individual fishing in the dark along the Illinois River. The individual dropped the pole when the CPO turned on his flashlight. The individual stated that he was not fishing and that it was his friend’s pole that was lying on the ground in front of him. The individual was cited for fishing without a license. The individual realized he was caught, paid the $120 fine on scene, and signed a guilty plea.
CPOs responded to an ATV accident. The ATV struck a metal mile marker (cemented into the ground) on the I & M Canal, one-half mile west of Boyce Memorial in Ottawa. Two people were on the ATV. Ottawa police reported that the ATV and an occupant had left the scene before the ambulance/police arrived. The victim was transported to OSF Hospital in Ottawa for head injury and rib fractures. She sustained serious injuries and was transferred to OSF Medical Center in Peoria. The case is being referred to the LaSalle County State’s Attorney for charges.
While conducting boat safety inspections, a District 1 CPO observed a red ATV traveling on the road against traffic. As the CPO watched the ATV, it came to a stop and would not start back up. The CPO went and spoke to the female rider and asked what she was doing. The woman explained she was riding to a friend’s house, but had run out of gas. The CPO explained it was illegal for her to ride her ATV on the road and she was on the wrong side of the road. The woman explained she was having bad luck; the reason she was riding the ATV was because her husband had totaled her car. The CPO smiled and said and then you run out of gas in front of a CPO. The CPO issued the woman a written warning and the woman’s husband brought her gas and followed her back to their residence.
A Chicago man was cited for keeping under-sized walleyes at the Oregon Dam. Several fish were in his bucket all mixed together. On the bottom was a 10-inch walleye.
A CPO cited a subject for hunting with an unplugged shot gun and his partner was cited for not having a hunting license.
Two District 6 officers conducted a boat patrol on the Illinois River over the Labor Day weekend. Numerous boat safety checks were conducted. Several written warnings were issued for equipment violations. One boat was issued a citation for no observer while pulling a tuber. An operation of a watercraft under the influence of alcohol (OUI) arrest was also made on another boat operator. The operator submitted a breath sample of 0.215 BAC.
A CPO arrested a Hancock County hunter for unlawfully taking a wild turkey. The man had harvested a wild turkey on opening day of the spring 2013 first season. He did not have a hunting license, habitat stamp, or a Hancock County turkey permit. He did have a fourth season McDonough County permit. His violations were discovered by the investigating officer on Facebook. Three citations and three written warnings were issued and the tail and beard were seized.
A CPO observed a dove hunter shoot across a road near the Victoria Pheasant Habitat Area in Knox County. He then watched him carry his gun onto the roadway and shoot the crippled bird in the ditch. The hunter was issued a citation for hunting on a public right-of-way and a written warning for shooting on the roadway.

Region II

A Lake County CPO cited a hunter for failure to have a Federal Waterfowl Stamp in possession on opening day of the early goose season.
A Lake County CPO cited a subject for pollution of waterway at “beer can bridge” on Nippersink Lake. The subject was observed placing an empty beer bottle on a ledge as the boat passed under the bridge, followed by a series of “high fives” and cheers from other occupants in the boat. The celebrating stopped when they noticed the red and blue lights.
Two District 2 CPOs cited individuals for not having their Federal Waterfowl Stamps in possession on the opening of nuisance goose season.
A District 2 CPO arrested a subject at the boat ramp of the Chain O’ Lakes State Park for OUI. The subject blew a 0.147 BAC. A 19-year-old subject was arrested at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park for speeding 67 miles per hour in a posted 20-mph zone.
A District 3 CPO checking fishermen along the Kankakee River found two subjects fishing without a license and one of the subjects also had a smallmouth bass that was in the protected slot limit.
A District 3 CPO working with the K9 at Kankakee River State Park checked seven fishermen in a group, six of whom did not have fishing licenses.
A District 3 CPO seized a 14-foot john boat that had the HIN removed; investigation pending.
A District 3 CPO working a boat registration investigation found a boat with the HIN removed. The CPO was able to locate the hidden HIN, contact the original owner and return the boat to the original owner.
District 3 CPOs responded to a complaint of a missing 6-year-old child at Kankakee River State Park. A search was conducted and the child was found quickly by a family member.

Region III

A CPO, while on boat patrol on Clinton Lake, arrested a Peoria man for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol with a 0.174 BAC.
A CPO pulled up behind a Windsor man who lost the load from the back of his pick-up truck on the highway in Shelby County. The man was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol with a 0 .177 BAC.
A CPO, while on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville in Moultrie County, stopped a boat that was overloaded. An Indiana man was arrested for operating watercraft under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and overload of capacity on watercraft.
A CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint in Vermillion County. As the CPO approached the three hunters, one hunter ran and hid his firearm. The CPO located the Rankin man and his firearm. The Rankin man was a convicted felon and prohibited from possessing a firearm. The subject was transported to jail and charged with unlawful possession of firearm by a felon and obstructing justice along with several wildlife violations.
CPOs assisted a sargeant with the use of ATVs in an attempt to locate an escaped prisoner from the Robinson Correctional Facility in Crawford County. The search was conducted by local, state and federal law enforcement.
A CPO cited a man in Eagle Creek State Park in Shelby County for Illegal Transportation of Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle.

Region IV

A CPO observed a pontoon boat entering Piasa Creek in Jersey County at no wake speed. The operator got up, walked behind the seat, and started urinating over the side. The operator was not wearing his lanyard, the pontoon boat was still in gear, and headed up the creek. The pontoon boat was stopped and an inspection was performed. During the inspection, there were several empty beer cans in the boat, and the operator had a moderate odor of alcohol on his breath. The subject submitted to a horizontal gaze nystagmus test, which he failed. He refused to do anymore tests. His BAC was 0.122.
A CPO observed a john boat violate the no- wake zone in Piasa Creek in Jersey County earlier in the day. A few hours later he observed the same operator and john boat dock at Piasa Harbor. The CPO performed an inspection and confronted the operator about the earlier violation. The operator admitted it was him. During the inspection, the CPO observed several empty beer cans in the boat. The CPO requested the operator to do field sobriety test, which the operator failed. The operator had a BAC of 0.238. The operator had been arrested on Norfolk Lake in Arkansas for operating a boat under the influence during the past Fourth of July.
A CPO assisted Grafton Police Department with a domestic battery at a local business. A man hit his girlfriend in the head with his hand.
A CPO assisted Schuyler County Sheriff's Department in looking for a man with Alzheimer’s. The man returned to his residence, knocking on his door, wearing his boots and boxers. He had no idea where he had been or what he had been doing.
A CPO assisted the drug task force by taking them by boat to walk islands on the Mississippi River in Calhoun County. Sixty cannabis plants were located and removed. A subject has been interviewed and charges are pending.
A CPO obtained charges against several subjects as a result of a fatal boat accident on the Lamoine River on the Brown/Schuyler County line. Subjects were charged with unlawful consumption of alcohol by a minor. One subject was charged with the unlawful gift or sale of alcohol to a minor.
A CPO took a report regarding vandalism of construction equipment and a stolen 1975 work john boat at Sangchris Lake State Park near the west boat launch construction site.
A CPO was checking ramps and fishermen when he encountered a man with three boys. The man stated the boys were only 14 and didn't need fishing license. The CPO, having a hunch, asked the man who drove to the area. The man stated one of the boys drove. When asked again about licenses, the man stated he drove and did not have a license. A routine check revealed the man was also wanted. No insurance was found for the vehicle. The man was lodged in Sangamon County jail and vehicle towed after arrangements were made for the children.

Region V

A District 14 CPO checked two individuals dove hunting a private field. The CPO observed the hunters were nervous and acting strange. The CPO walked the sunflower field and observed milo spread throughout the field. The hunters admitted to baiting the field and illegally shooting a crow. Later the same day, a CPO saw three individuals hunting doves. The officer checked the shotguns and found they did not have plugs in the magazine tubes as required. Citations were issued with one written warning for the offenses.
A CPO cited two Harrisburg fishermen for fishing without permission on SILCO property in Saline County. Enforcement action was also taken for no fishing license and numerous vehicle code violations.
A reckless driving complaint was acted on by a CPO in Saline County. The driver was stopped and cited for a vehicle violation in view of the officer.
CPOs stopped a boat in Marcum Cove on Rend Lake during a boat patrol. The operator was arrested for OUI. His alcohol content was 0.16 percent. During ramp checks at Sailboat Harbor a separate CPO arrested an intoxicated operator on Rend Lake for OUI. His BAC was registered at 0.15 percent.
A theft report of five signs from the Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park was taken and is currently under investigation.
A CPO issued citations and warnings to dove hunters on opening day in Hamilton County. The violations were for unplugged shotgun and possession of nontoxic shot at Ten Mile Creek. The same CPO issued a boating citation for failure to transfer a certificate of number.
District 14 and 16 CPOs and sergeants assisted Franklin County in the search and recovery effort on Rend Lake for a missing swimmer believed drowned near Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park, north of the Route 154 Bridge on Labor Day.
Conservation Police utilized four watercraft in the search including boats equipped with side-scan and tow-fish sonar.
A sergent assisted State Police and Crawford County police in the search for an escaped prisoner from the Robinson prison. At press time the prisoner has not been captured.
A sergent worked dove hunters at Sam Parr State park in Jasper County. The area has been restricted to using steel shot only for the last five years. Six individuals were cited for using lead.
CPOs worked a boating detail at Forbes Lake. Three citations were issued for PFD violations and violating a no wake area.
A CPO responded to Sam Dale Lake in Wayne County and rescued an injured bald eagle. The eagle was transported to a rehab facility.
A CPO cited six hunters from the Chicago area hunting in Lawrence County without permission from the landowner. The USFWS was notified of the incident.

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