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Pennsylvania Cuffs & Collars – September 27th, 2013


From the Game Commission
• Clarion County WCO Jesse N. Bish said charges have been filed on a Knox man who made application and purchased a hunting license while his hunting and furtaking privileges were revoked for prior offenses.
• Lawrence County WCO Byron D. Gibbs said multiple citations have been filed for geese being shot and killed outside of the lawful season.
• Warren County WCO David W. Donachy reports numerous baited areas have been located within the last few weeks.
From the Fish & Boat Commission
•  Clarion County officers have increased patrols in response to numerous complaints concerning littering and underage drinking from canoeist and swimmers partying at the “Rock” on the Clarion River at Toby and Mill Creek Access areas. The additional patrols resulted in 42 littering citations, three individuals charged with underage drinking, two charged with marijuana possession, four with fleeing and eluding, four with interference with officers and two false statements. The area and the Clarion River had become an eyesore from the remnants of drinking and discarding or sinking the cans, bottles and trash.
• Mercer County WCO Jeff Giardina and DWCO Mark Kasiorek arrested a boater for BUI on the Shenango Reservoir on July 19. The boater had initially been stopped for a lighting violation. The BAC from the operator was 0.206 percent, nearly triple the legal limit.
• Mercer County WCOs Jeff Giardina and Chad Doyle stopped a boater for a wake violation on Lake Latonka on July 13. The operator was then arrested for BUI, his BAC was 0.12 percent.
• Crawford County WCOs Matt Visosky and Chad Doyle were at Conneaut Lake on June 22 investigating slow no wake buoys that had been illegally moved when the suspect, who they had seen drinking heavily on his anchored boat earlier, drove his boat over to intimidate the witnesses. He was then placed under arrest for BUI. BAC results obtained later showed a 0.182 percent BAC.
• Crawford County officers stop a vessel on Conneaut Lake on July 6 for passengers riding on top the motor cover. The operator showed signs of intoxication and was arrested for BUI. He refused testing but later pleaded guilty to all the charges.
• Officers at Lake Erie stopped a boat for operating at night without required navigation lights. Officers noted signs of intoxication and placed the operator under arrest for BUI. The operator’s BAC reading was 0.17 percent.
• WCO Jim Smolko and Sgt. Tom Edwards apprehended an operator of a personal watercraft, who had ignored their orders from shore to stop after he exceeded wake speed in the Erie Channel of Lake Erie on Aug. 2. The operator had just docked the watercraft when officers stopped him and placed him under arrest for BUI and multiple summary violations. His BAC results  were 0.11 percent.
• Lake Erie officers stopped a boat on July 4 for exceeding wake speed in a buoyed area. The operator had just stopped his boat and began urinating off the swim platform even though there were four children with their parents. The operator was arrested for BUI and public lewdness, his BAC was 0.17 percent.


From the Fish & Boat Commission
• Beaver County Waterways Conservation officers apprehended an individual operating a personal watercraft after sunset while under he was under the influence of alcohol (BUI). Not only was the individual’s BAC in the high rate of alcohol 0.10 to 0.16 percent, he was a minor. This made him several times over the legal limit.


From the Game Commission
• McKean County WCO Tom Sabolcik said that while trapping for bears damaging a field of sweet corn he discovered another crop that had been planted without the knowledge of the farmer: marijuana. The discovery was reported to the state police which harvested the illicit crop. The investigation continues.
• WCO Kristoffer A. Krebs said that on July 30, a Trout Run man was sentenced in connection with an incident that occurred in December along Roaring Branch Road in Jackson Township, Lycoming County. The defendant pleaded guilty to charges of persons not to possess firearms, driving under the influence of alcohol at the highest rate, possession of drug paraphernalia and unlawful taking or possession of game or wildlife. The defendant was the operator of a vehicle and allowed a passenger to shoot a deer from the vehicle on Dec. 4. At the time of the arrest, the defendant’s blood-alcohol level was 0.125 g/100ml. The defendant was in possession of 15.79 grams of marijuana at the time of the incident and a pipe containing marijuana residue. The defendant was prohibited from possessing firearms as a result of a prior conviction for corruption of minors. The defendant was sentenced to pay $1,400 in fines, complete 50 hours of community service, serve seven days in jail and complete 42 months probation. The defendant also had his driver’s license suspended and faces revocation of his hunting and fur taking privileges.
• Clearfield County WCO Mark Gritzer euthanized a habituated yearling male white-tailed deer in the town of Lanse. The deer displayed no fear of humans and came into contact with various people in the community. Rabies test results came back negative.
• Potter County WCO Mark Fair issued verbal and written warnings to multiple individuals for unlawfully feeding bears. 
From the Fish & Boat Commission
• McKean County WCO Robert Mader was patrolling the access areas at the Allegheny Reservoir by vehicle when he noticed two men shooting a pellet gun at something on the water. Suspecting that they were vandalizing the Slow No Wake buoys, he continued to observe them only to discover that they were actually attempting to kill ducks. This was being done out of season, with an unlawful weapon, and without the proper licenses. The information was turned over to the local Game Commission WCO where the defendants face the possibility of both state and federal charges.
• Lycoming County WCO Emmett Kyler apprehended a group of individuals on Rock Run consuming alcohol in a portion of the Tiadaughton State Forest where it is prohibited. One of the defendants was a 19-year-old woman who claimed to have left her identification at home. She indicated that she was over the legal drinking age and provided her name, address, and date of birth to Officer Kyler. Further investigation determined that the information she provided was not her own, but actually identified an acquaintance of hers. She had memorized the information off her friend’s license that she frequently used to gain entry to bars and night clubs. In addition to the original charges, the defendant now faces misdemeanor charges for providing false identification to a law enforcement officer.
• Centre County WCO Gregory Kraynak issued two citations to a 22-year-old Centre Hall man following an investigation into the illegal possession and attempted sale of a timber rattlesnake.
• Jefferson County WCO Richard Valazak apprehended two Ohio men, ages 44 and 45, illegally operating ATVs on Fish & Boat Commission property along Red Bank Creek.


From the Game Commission
• Perry County WCO Kevin Anderson said a Dauphin County man recently was charged for an incident that occurred in Perry County on private and public property. The young man drove his off-road vehicle onto private property and shot a landowner’s trail camera after he was caught trespassing on it. He then proceeded to SGL 170 and drove on roads closed to vehicle travel. He was cited for criminal mischief and driving on closed roads. In addition to his fines, restitution for the trail camera has been requested.
• Blair County WCO William Brehun said an individual recently was cited after being caught riding on State Game Land 198 and Altoona City Water Authority property. He had been warned earlier this spring for the same activity.
• Bedford County WCO Jeremy Coughenour reports that charges are expected to be filed soon on an individual for the unlawful use of poisons to kill wildlife. Two poison bait sites were discovered in agricultural fields with several dead animals in close proximity to the bait. The individual responsible admitted to placing the poison and faces several summary charges.
• Adams County WCO Darren J. David reports that two men were cited for violating regulations relating to driving a motor vehicle and drinking beer on a Hunter Access property.
• York County WCO Kyle Jury stated that a Dover man was recently charged for picking up a road-killed deer in January and not contacting the PGC for a permit to keep the deer. The remains of the deer where discovered in the man’s trash can and first believed to have been a dog. During the time the individual picked up the deer, there were also special regulations because the area is within the chronic wasting disease management area.
• York County WCO Steven Knickel reports three poachers who had shot a buck one night were caught. The violators had put on a deer drive in the dark, and used a spotlight and two rifles to kill the deer. When asked for a reason, they simply stated that they were bored and it seemed like a “fun” thing to do. 
• York County WCO Shawn Musser reports that, thanks to a call from a local resident and the quick actions of officers, three individuals are being charged with Act 54 violations. These stem from a “jack-lighting” incident. The violators used a spotlight to unlawfully kill a deer out of season. All three face stiff fines and the loss of their hunting privileges.
From the Fish & Boat Commission
• Adams County officers recently held an overnight special enforcement detail at the Long Pine Reservoir, encompassing dusk to dawn hours. Utilizing covert surveillance, 25 summary citations were issued to subjects for property violations (littering, unintended use, trespass after hours, illegal operation of vehicles) as well as two individuals criminally charged with misdemeanor drug offenses.
• Huntingdon County officers patrolling Raystown Lake recently investigated three separate boating accidents involving towed aquaplaners (tubers) being seriously injured. In two of the incidents, the aquaplaner became entangled in the tow rope after slack developed in the line, and subsequently sustained a broken arm and serious lower leg trauma. In the third incident, a waterskiing party was utilizing two boats, one as a stationary platform to video tape the second vessel towing its aquaplaner in close proximity. The operator of the towing vessel maneuvered the tuber too close the stationary vessel, resulting in the aquaplaner striking the drifting vessel. The aquaplaner sustained a broken leg as a result of the collision. The operator of the towing vessel was cited for negligent operation.
• Officers on Raystown Lake over the Labor Day weekend apprehended several individuals for boating under the influence.  One of the individuals was arrested for his fifth BUI offense.


From the Game Commission
• Monroe County WCO Ryan Gildea reports an increase in camping on state game lands. Several individuals have been warned and made to pack up their camps and leave. 
• Susquehanna County WCO Rich Briggs reports that night-time shooting and poaching have increased substantially. 
• Pike/Monroe County WCO Mark Kropa reports several people were cited at the SGL183 shooting range for shooting at unauthorized targets.
• Pike County WCO Kirk Miller reports that multiple people were cited in August at the SGL 183 shooting range for violating range regulations.
• Lackawanna County WCO Aaron Morrow reports that an adult and two juvenile Lackawanna County residents had charges filed against them for the use and possession of a controlled substance on SGL 300. The three defendants each face fines exceeding $400.
• Lackawanna County WCO Aaron Morrow reports that an antlered deer was shot and killed in Jefferson Township near Madison Township after midnight on Aug. 8. The subject or subjects were unsuccessful in attempting to cut the antlers off. A local resident called in the complaint; the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Northeast Regional Office.
• Bradford County WCO Jeffery Oleniacz reports an Athens Township man pleaded guilty in August to one count of unlawful possession of a bobcat carcass. The defendant claimed the bobcat was given to him from a friend several years ago in Virginia and that he had brought it back to Pennsylvania where he kept it frozen. After his freezer broke, he threw out the bobcat, and several antlered deer capes, into a patch of woods. The transportation of bobcats across state lines required a CITES tag, which the defendant had not obtained. Athens Township Police and Virginia Conservation Police assisted in the investigation.
• Wayne County WCO Frank Dooley reports that an investigation into a nighttime deer poaching spree has landed New Jersey resident Mark Nicholas Jarema a jail term of eight to 18 months in a Pennsylvania prison. In addition to the jail term, he was ordered to pay $4,200 in fines and costs, submit to alcohol and drug testing, and pay $50 a month to Wayne County Probation Department. Jarema will lose his hunting and trapping privileges in Pennsylvania for several years.
• Wyoming County WCO Victor Rosa reports the unlawful dumping of more than 100 used tires in a parking area of SGL 57, near Noxen. A reward has been offered for anyone providing information for the successful prosecution of the individuals involved. A local tire dealer in the county volunteered to pick up and recycle the old tires at no cost to the Game Commission. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Game Commission Northeast Regional Office at 570-675-1143.
From the Fish & Boat Commission
• Bradford County Waterways Conservation officers assisted state police at Sayre River access after it was alleged that a man had exploded pipe bombs there leaving some unexploded pipe bombs in the Susquehanna River. None were found.
• Luzerne County Waterways Conservation Officer Aaron Lupacchini and Captain Larry Bundy were on patrol at Lily Lake when they observed a canoe, which did not display any registration. The canoe was along the north shore, so the officers walked the shoreline towards where the men were fishing. As the officers got close to the boat, they could smell burned marijuana, the closer they got, the stronger the odor. As the officers approached the area, the men brought the canoe to shore and one got out. It was discovered the men were in possession and under the influence of marijuana. The men were given field sobriety tests and then arrested for suspicion of “boating under the influence of drugs.”
• Wayne County Waterways Conservation Officer Walter Buckman is currently investigating the cause of thousands of fish dying in Lake Ariel.
• Luzerne County Waterways Conservation Officer John Cummings responded to a motor vehicle accident at the Fish & Boat Commission’s Harveys Lake access area.  Upon arrival he found the driver lying in the parking lot unresponsive. Cummings and two others performed CPR until paramedics arrived.
• Carbon County Waterways Conservation Officer Scott Christman investigated a boat accident where a boater had fallen from the boat and was missing. After a long search for more than a week, the victim’s body was recovered from Beltzville Lake. Although it is unknown why the boater had fallen from the boat, it is known that no personal floatation device was worn.
• Wyoming County Waterways Conservation Officers Kadin Thompson and Jeremy Yohe responded to a boat accident call on Lake Winola. They arrived to find a pontoon boat had hit several docks. While interviewing the operator, the officers suspected the operator was under the influence of alcohol. After field sobriety testing, the operator was arrested for suspicion of boating under the influence of alcohol.
• Wayne County officers observed a boat violating the slow-no-wake zone at Mangan Cove while patrolling Lake Wallenpaupack. After stopping the boat, it was discovered the operator had been drinking alcoholic. Field sobriety testing was conducted by the officers, and the operator was arrested for suspicion of boating under the influence of alcohol.


From the Game Commission
• Berks County WCO Eric Anderson reports that individuals are still using Game Commission ranges without a valid hunting/furtaking license or a Commission-issued range permit.    
• Bucks County WCO Cassie Zliceski reports that a sick deer had to be euthanized and submitted for rabies testing after the property owner had her hands in the deer’s mouth to try and force feed it. The test came back negative.
• Lancaster County WCO John Veylupek is investigating a case in which an individual is advertising to do wildlife pest control without a permit.
• Lehigh County WCO Kevin Halbfoerster reports that there were many hunters on the state game lands during the dove season. One individual was found to have an expired license. “When I informed him of the violation, the individual thought that it was valid. During further investigation, he admitted to not successfully completing a hunter education course.”
• Montgomery County WCO Raymond Madden reports that numerous citations were issued recently for unauthorized camping on agency-controlled property. Along with the citations for the unlawful camping, narcotics were recovered from all of the individuals and one individual was turned over to adult probation for other violations. 
• Schuylkill County WCO Kevin Clouser reports bear and deer are on the move with many calls on bear sightings and deer involved with auto collisions.
From the Fish & Boat Commission
• Chester County WCO Robert Bonney arrested a 33-year-old Linfield man for boating under the influence on the Schuylkill River in Phoenixville on Aug. 25. The man was observed striking the dock at the boat ramp with the bow of his boat while attempting to pull up to the dock.

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