New law in Illinois places shed antlers under protection from trespassers, poachers

Ralph LoosA bill that gives landowners broader protection against poachers has been signed by Gov. Pat Quinn.  Senate Bill 1831, sponsored by Sen. Bill Brady, R-Bloomington,  amends a section of the Wildlife Code to now make it unlawful to “take or attempt to take” any wildlife or wildlife parts — including carcasses and shed antlers — on the property of another without permission.  The previous law only pertained to actually hunting.
According to Brady's office, the new law allows for a landowner to appoint a designee to act as his representative in court if he is unable to appear or is out of the area.  

“We have a lot of landowners who migrate to warmer climates in the winter and this law will prevent them from having to return just to appear in court when someone is caught illegally on their property if they have a authorized designee in place,”  Brady said in a statement released today.  He explained that courts were starting to question the previous law which only required the landowner to appear if the person actually had permission.
The law also makes it clear that it is unlawful for a person to shoot at any wildlife standing upon or flying over the property of another without permission as well.
The measure was brought to the attention of Senator Brady by the Illinois Conservation Police Lodge, a fraternal organization consisting of active and retired conservation police officers.  Representative Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) was the chief sponsor of the measure in the House.

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