King salmon looking ready for a nice run

Cory YarmuthWell, the fall weather is here and to me that means one thing.  The fall king salmon run has started.

Every year, the 4-year-old fish start coming into the harbors and rivers that they released in to start the spawning process.  This is an opportune time for the angler to do battle with one of these great fighting fish.

It doesn't take a lot of sophisticated gear to head out and test your skills against these fish.  Most can get by with some heavy bass gear or if you want to dedicate a little extra money you can get yourself into a nice 8-foot, 6-inch spinning combo that will handle all you can throw at it.

Arm yourself with a good selection of glow spoons and some crankbaits and you are all set.   A quick tip to keep in mind is to change out your hooks and split rings on your baits.  These fish are tough on these baits and putting on good quality hooks will certainly allow you to land more fish without the worry of a hook being straightened out or a split ring opening.

There is fishing access in all the harbors from Indiana all the way up past Milwaukee.  Take  a little time on the internet to research and area and you will most certainly find the best places to park and the easiest access.

Safety should always be in the back of your mind anytime you fish and shore fishing is no exception.  There are areas that you will be fishing large rocks and the footing can be very hazardous.  I always suggest wearing some sort of PFD when fishing the piers and the rocks.  This can make your trip much safer and will certainly save your life if you happen to take a misstep and end up in the water.

These fish are going to be around for the next month and will allow the shore angler a great opportunity for an incredible fight.  This year's run has proven to be a record breaker as far as the size of fish that are being caught.  Fish over 20 pounds are being caught on a regular basis and there has even been a few that are pushing 30 pounds.

Don't spend your free time wishing you were fishing, get out there and try your luck.  You certainly won't be disappointed.

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