A little bit of mud ain't going to hurt anyone

Kristen MonroeStay out of the mud, or you’ll ruin your shoes.

You've heard that one before. A familiar phrase heard straight from the mouths of all mothers, right?. Now that I’m a mom, I find myself saying the same thing. Not all of the time, though. After all, mud is a metaphor for living a rural lifestyle. That’s something I like to support.

I let my kids play in the mud. You can’t have fun like that playing a video game. Feeling cool, squishy mud oozing between your toes? You only get that from being outside – and having your shoes off. During our last fishing excursion, the fish weren’t biting, so I let them get a little dirty on the riverbank. Why not? It will wash off.  My kids loved it. It’s one way to keep them excited about the outdoors. They don’t always get to do that. It’s a special treat to get dirty without getting scolded. Shoes are expensive.

Adults like mud, too. Or at least they should. I recall my first pheasant hunt with my dad and brother. Tromping around in the damp field and sinking into the ground a bit – hey, it's OK to get hunting boots dirty. In fact, there’s just something wrong with a clean pair of boots.
High school frields (l-r) Kristi Willey, Jenny Cameron, Kristen Monroe, Shari Black, Heather Dotzauer competed as a team in this year's Dirty Girl Mud Run.I can’t get all of my girlfriends to hunt or shoot with me, but they did agree to the Dirty Girl Mud Run. Four of my high school pals returned to our hometown of Waukesha this summer for the 5k Dirty Girl fundraiser race. A long distance run isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but when I found out that the Dirty Girl course would be full of mud slides and messy obstacles I was all in. Dirty Girl is an organization supporting women’s health and finding a cure for breast cancer. A total of $250,000 will be donated to Bright Pink to further its mission. We had a blast. The biggest highlight? My clean-freak friend Kristi Willey flying down a gigantic slide and splashing into a pool of mud. She hates getting dirty more than any of us and the angle of her fall wasn’t pretty. Poor Kristi had mud in her ears and everywhere else.

Heavy boots might not be fun during a long hike to the turkey blind in the morning, but getting muddy is one of my favorite things about being outdoors. It’s OK, even if your mother doesn’t agree.

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