Illinois Cuffs & Collars – September 6th, 2013

Region I

Two District 6 CPOs responded to a missing 56-year-old fisherman on the Illinois River near Hennepin. The fisherman had been fishing the day before and failed to return home. The next day his wife contacted the local police department who contacted the officers. The officers and a Putnam County deputy found the fisherman deceased in his boat. An autopsy is being conducted to determine the cause of death.
A CPO received a complaint of subjects taking illegal fish at a dam in Whiteside County. The CPO responded and began checks of the numerous fishermen. The CPO located a subject who was in possession of an undersized walleye and had an over limit of smallmouth bass all of which were undersized. The subject was issued three citations and his fish were seized. The CPO continued checking fishermen and soon located two other subjects in violation. One subject was in possession of two undersized smallmouth bass and the other had an undersized walleye. The subjects were issued citations and their fish were seized.
A District 1 CPO conducted boat safety checks on the Mississippi River. The following violations were discovered: expired watercraft registration, unsecured storage battery and failure to wear engine cut off lanyard.
A District 1 CPO conducted fishing compliance checks on Lake Galena. A Galena man was issued a citation for fishing without a valid sport fishing license.
A CPO stopped a motor vehicle in Rock Cut State Park which had a child under age 10 hanging out of the open back seat passenger window. It was discovered that there were three children under age 10 not in seat belts or child restraint systems in this SUV. Neither the adult male driver nor his adult male passenger was wearing their seat belts as required either. The driver contended the children did not have to wear seatbelts or restraints under Illinois law if they were driving in state parks under 10 mph. Once the CPO re-educated the driver on Illinois’ seat belt law, the violations were addressed.
CPOs worked a security detail at Lowden State Park in Ogle County. The Hell’s Angels Annual Rally was based out of Rockford this year. Multiple law enforcement agencies worked together to ensure the safety of the general public throughout northern Illinois.
A District 6 CPO responded to a complaint of a disorderly camper at Shabbona Lake State Park. While investigating the complaint, the CPO could smell a strong odor of alcohol on the disorderly subject’s breath. Eight bottles of beer were removed from the campsite and the subject was issued a citation for possession of alcohol in a prohibited area. A second complaint was received approximately one hour later on the same male subject. The female caller stated that the male subject was driving recklessly around the campsite and almost hit a group of children walking through the camping area. The CPO located the subject near the south entrance of the park and observed him do an illegal U-turn in the roadway at a high rate of speed. A traffic stop was conducted, and the subject was issued three citations and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.
A District 1 CPO conducted vessel safety inspections on the Mississippi River Pool 13. Equipment violations such as: failure to wear engine cut-off lanyard, battery terminals not being covered, not having a sounding device, PFD not being accessible, and improper display of valid registration number were addressed.
A District 1 CPO responded to a phone call of an abandoned boat on the Rock River at a public boat launch. The caller stated he “found” the boat when, in fact, the boat had already been pulled from the water by someone else and tied to a tree away from the edge of the water. The caller demanded to know the information from the expired registration since he found it, but was told the information was not available to the public. Furthermore, he wanted to call the last registered owner and purchase the aluminum. He was told to leave the boat alone and it would be investigated as an open case for an abandoned boat. The caller got irate with the CPO on the phone and said he would just load it up anyway. The CPO advised he could be charged with obstructing the investigation and possibly theft. The local police department responded as the CPO was en route and secured the scene. The caller was no longer on the scene and the boat was secured away from the area. The investigation continues into the ownership of the abandoned boat.
Officers from District 7, with assistance from CPOs from Region 3 and 4, conducted a detail during the White Trash Bash on “ParaDice Beach” in East Peoria. Two arrests for operating watercraft under the influence were made. Assistance was also provided by FonDuLac Park Police and the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Department.
A District 1 CPO conducted a fishing compliance check on the Apple River in rural Jo Daviess County. When asked for his fishing license, the Illinois resident provided a Wisconsin fishing license. When asked if he had an Illinois fishing license, the man said “No.” When asked why he didn’t have an Illinois fishing license the man stated he thought the Wisconsin license was good for the entire United States, except for Lake Michigan, which would cost $10 more. The man was educated on Illinois’ license requirements and given a citation for fishing without a valid sport fishing license.

Region II

A Lake County CPO on foot patrol stopped a vehicle going the wrong way in a campground at Chain O’ Lakes State Park. The driver was found to be suspended and issued two citations.
CPOs arrested two subjects at the DPCA boat launch, one for DUI and the other for OUI. One subject was backing in the trailer for the boat and the other was the operator of the boat. Both subjects refused to submit a breath sample. The subject arrested for DUI has a pending aggravated DUI case in Will County.
CPOs recovered a stolen boat while on patrol at DPCA. The victim thought that the boat was still up on Lake Michigan.

Region III

A CPO arrested a Monticello man, acting as a guide on Lake Shelbyville for two clients, for over limit of crappie less than 10 inches in length. The guide and clients possessed eight crappies in excess of the legal the limit.
A CPO arrested a Tuscola man for failure to release three short largemouth bass, and for over-limit of crappie less than 10 inches. Subject possessed 18 crappie over the 10-inch length limit and 13 crappie over the overall limit for Lake Shelbyville. Subject was issued multiple citations with a must appear court date in Shelby County.
A CPO stopped two Marshall men in Clark County. The driver was cited for driving while his driver’s license was suspended. Both men were cited for illegal transportation of open alcohol in a vehicle.
A CPO, while on boat patrol on Lake Shelbyville in Moultrie County, stopped a Dewey man for operating a boat with expired registration sticker and improper display of registration. The man was found to be OUI (Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol) with a .203 BAC. The man was issued citations for: OUI Alcohol, OUI with a BAC greater than .08, Operation of an un-numbered watercraft, improper passenger location while under way and failure to transfer certificate of number. The man was also issued four written warnings for boat equipment violations.

Region IV

A CPO responded to a boat accident in the Bath chute. The operator fell asleep and collided with debris in the water. Both subjects were ejected and suffered only minor injuries. The operator was cited for careless operation of a watercraft.
A CPO responded to a Target Illinois Poachers (TIPS) complaint in Morgan County. The TIPS complaint advised that an illegal commercial net was catching migratory waterfowl, turtles, etc. The CPO located the net, and after an investigation, found the owner of the net. The commercial fisherman was issued citations.
CPOs responded to the Sangamon River near Petersburg for emergency assistance. A boat operator along with his children were missing and had not returned home. The operator and children were located and in safe condition. The operator spun his prop off and was unable to return home.
While conducting boat patrol on the Illinois River, District 9 and 10 CPOs conducted a boat stop. It was discovered that two occupants were wanted on a warrant. Both subjects were arrested and transported to Mason County jail.
While conducting boat patrol on Lake Springfield, CPOs checked a fisherman for a sport fishing license. The fisherman did not possess a fishing license and was also wanted on a warrant for failure to appear on an aggravated DUI. Subject was taken into custody and transported to the Sangamon County jail.
District 10 CPOs were assigned to Sanganois and Sandridge State Forest blind drawings. CPOs answered numerous questions and assisted park staff with the performance of their duties. The blind drawings occurred with no incidents.
District 10 CPOs with, the assistance of District 9 and Region 1, conducted another detail during the annual Redneck fishing tournament. During the course of the two- day detail, approximately 100 boats were inspected. Numerous written warning and citations were issued for boating violations.

Region V

A CPO assisted the Fayette County sheriff with a subject who was mauled by his 800-pound black bear. The subject suffered a broken hip, broken femur, and multiple lacerations but is expected to recover. The bear was shot by a family member before officers arrived.
A District 16 CPO discovered a fresh pile of trash dumped along a creek at the Kinkaid Spillway. While looking for clues in the pile, he overheard the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office talking about another trash pile elsewhere in the county. Having found some addresses in the pile of trash the CPO proceeded to that location. At the location a subject was observed cleaning out a building. When interviewed by the CPO, the subject admitted to dumping trash at the Spillway and three other areas in the county. The subject was cited for pollution of waterways by the CPO and immediately cleaned up the mess. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office referred its case to the Jackson County health department where the subject faces fines up to $1,500 on each dump site. The subject informed the CPO that he was going to lose a lot of money on this job.
CPOs cited two subjects who were in possession of four short largemouth bass.  Three of the four bass were documented as short illegal, the fish were released.
A CPO cited a crappie guide working on Rend Lake for not having a 2013 Passenger for Hire License. Corrective action was also taken for operation of a watercraft without required equipment.
CPOs arrested two operators for OUI while on Rend Lake boat patrols. A CPO arrested an out-of-state operator for OUI. He was operating a personal watercraft creating a wake in a no wake zone. He registered over the legal limit at .14 percent.
A CPO arrested a man operating in Gun Creek for OUI-Drugs. While on a stop for a no wake violation, three and a half cannabis joints were found. In addition to OUI and no wake, the man was cited for possession of cannabis and a personal flotation violation. 
A CPO reports the disposition on a Crawford County case involving the serving of a search warrant last February. When the search warrant was served, two subjects were arrested for cooking meth. Multiple wildlife mounts were seized and as well as a crossbow. All items seized were forfeited to DNR. In a negotiated plea, one subject agreed to testify against the other and received a $450 fine with multiple wildlife convictions. The second subject received a seven-year sentence in the Department of Corrections.

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