Sling bow now legal to use for carp, other rough fish in Illinois

Ralph LoosBowfishermen can now use a device called the 'Sling Shot bow" to take carp, shad and other rough fish from the state's waters. Gov. Pat Quinn has signed Senate Bill 1538 into law. It amends the Wildlife Code to include the sling bow as a  "bow and arrow" in the taking of some species of fish.

This is the same legislation that had been pushed by Chief A.J. and the Central Illinois Tribal Council, which manufactures these devices. They wanted to make it legal to use the sling bow for hunting and fishing, but DNR offered to support  the use of the sling bow in the expansion of bowfishing opportunities in the state.  The law is effective immediately.

"I have actually shot one of these sling bows during a demonstration," DNR Director Marc Miller said on Tuesday. "It's not an easy device to shoot."

Learn more about the new law and the sling bow in the August 23 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

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