Southeast Ohio Fishing Report – August 2nd, 2013

Piedmont Lake (Belmont County) – Channel catfish anglers should try fishing nightcrawlers using tight-line techniques in the shallow coves of the lake. Channel catfish can usually be caught using nightcrawlers and chicken livers. Flathead catfish are also found in the lake; try using bluegills as bait and fishing the area close to the marina. Largemouth bass may still be caught in the very early morning and late at night when the weather is a bit cooler. Try rigging a worm “wacky style” for a different presentation.

Lake Snowden (Athens County) – The high water and hot temperatures left over from the recent storms have not created the best conditions for anglers, but with a little planning and some patience you can still find some fish. Largemouth bass are going to be moving deeper this time of year to take advantage of the cooler water, but will come into the shallows between dusk and dawn to feed. Try targeting them at this time using plastic worms or crankbaits. Channel catfish may provide the best opportunity in muddy conditions since they are not primarily sight feeders. Try targeting shallow coves and bays at night using any of the typical catfish baits such as nightcrawlers, chicken livers, or any of the prepared baits.

Wolf Run Lake (Noble County) – Anglers like this 220-acre lake for sunfish and catfish. Decent catches of sunfish can be reeled in around weeds and structure, or at any shoreline access along the lake. Try fishing plastic worms or small crankbaits, although a basic live worm fished under a bobber should produce results. Channel catfish can be found in pretty much any cove off the main lake. Live worms, chicken livers, and stink baits are all popular choices this time of year. Try fishing in the evening hours through early morning to take advantage of the cooler weather.

Pike Lake (Pike County) – This 13-acre lake is a favorite for bluegills, bass, and catfish. Bluegills are generally found along the shoreline, but may be more active in the cooler mornings and evenings. Use wax worms on a small hook and bobber. Largemouth bass up to four pounds can be caught on a variety of artificial lures, twister tails, and live minnows. Fishing around the shoreline for bass is best early and late in the day. Large catfish up to 25 inches have also been seen in this lake. Nighttime fishing might be the best opportunity for these fish right now; try cut baits, nightcrawlers, or chicken livers.

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