Wisconsin Cuffs & Collars – July 12th, 2013

District 10 — Wautoma area

Wardens Jeff Knorr, of Fremont, Ted Dremel, of Waupaca, Judi Nigbor, of Montello, Mike Young, of Shiocton, Bryan Lockman, of Wisconsin Rapids, Dave Algrem (retired), and Carl Mesman, of Wautoma, received the Harold Hettrick Investigative Excellence Award as part of team that worked on the case in Waupaca County where snowmobiles were intentionally used to kill deer.
Wardens Jeff Knorr, Mark Schraufnagel, Ted Dremel, recruit warden Bryan Harrenstein, and deputy wardens Sam Schroeder and Tricia Verville spent two days patrolling on the Wolf River during Memorial Day weekend. They answered questions about aquatic invasive species and boating regulations, assisted with fish identification, issued numerous warnings, and issued nine citations for fishing and boating violations.
Warden Judi Nigbor, of Montello, worked the opening weekend of the fishing season in Marquette County. Citations were issued for fishing without licenses, and one warning was issued for no trout stamp.
Wardens Schraufnagel and Horne worked AIS enforcement on Upper and Lower Red lakes during a bass tournament. One fisherman failed to remove any vegetation from his trailer. He also failed to drain the water from his livewell, and had an empty fire extinguisher and no trailer lights.
Warden Mike Young, of Shiocton, put an injured doe down and dragged the carcass into a landowner’s woods with permission. The next day, two fawns were lying on the carcass. Young took the fawns to the Green Bay Wildlife Sanctuary for rehab.
Warden Nate Ackerman, of Berlin, investigated a call about a subject taking an 11-year-old turkey hunting and allowing the boy to shoot a jake. Neither the adult nor the child had a license or stamp to hunt turkeys. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Ted Dremel, of Waupaca, and recruit warden Bryan Harrenstein found a turkey hunter hunting within a few feet of several bird feeders with a compound bow, decoyss and calls. Bird seed was on the ground.

District 11 — Peshtigo area

Warden Werner, of Crivitz, responded to a bear attack in Marinette County. A man was attacked by a bear after the bear was spooked by his dog. A Marinette County deputy dispatched the bear prior to Werner’s arrival. Werner investigated the attack.
Warden Werner and warden supervisor Ben Treml, of Green Bay, investigated a fatal ATV accident that occurred on May 26. The victim died May 29.
Warden David Oginski, of Wausaukee, cited a hunter who illegally shot a tom and two hens with one shot. The hunter picked up the tom and came back an hour later for the two hens without contacting anyone about the mistake. Enforcement action was taken.
Wardens Joe Paul, Matt Meade, and deputy warden Sara Pearson checked ATV riders in the Lakewood area. Citations were issued for loud ATVs, no helmets, operating without safety certificates, registration, and operating an ATV with a .158 BAC.
Warden Mike Stahl, of Oconto Falls, saw two separate plumes of black smoke during a no-burning day. Stahl contacted the individuals. One was burning electronics. The other was in violation of his permit. Two citations were issued for illegal burning.
Warden Jim Horne, of Shawano, was serving as the court officer when another officer showed Horne a photo of a large muskie that a man recently had kept. Since the season was closed, Horne contacted the individual when he came to court for his initial appearance. Horne learned that the 48-inch muskie had been caught May 8. Horne cited the suspect for keeping a muskie during the closed season and seized the fish from the taxidermist.

District 12 — Green Bay area and Northeast Operations Marine Unit

Warden Chris Kratcha, of Sturgeon Bay, and warden supervisor George Protogere, of Green Bay, contacted two fishermen on Kangaroo Lake with five smallmouth bass in the livewell during the release season. All five of the fish were released.
Warden Andy Lundin, of Green Bay, heard from a man who observed the shooting of two sandhill cranes north of Pulaski. The investigation revealed a man shot two cranes with a rifle because he was frustrated about crop damage. Evidence was collected, and enforcement action was taken.
Warden Cara Kamke, of Green Bay, receives several calls every month about adults fishing at the pond near Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. In May, Kamke issued one citation for fishing without a license and two citations for fishing during the closed season. More than 10 warnings were given to adults who were fishing at the pond.
Warden Lynch contacted two individuals fishing in the Kewaunee River who were in possession of a smallmouth bass during the release-only season.
Warden Lynch contacted two individuals fishing from a canoe in Kewaunee County with no PFDs. The two underage anglers had been drinking alcohol. They were warned for the alcohol, and one citation was issued for no PFDs.
Warden Robert Stroess, of Manitowoc, was supposed to be presenting trapping ethics and laws at the District 8 rendezvous of the Wisconsin Trappers Association, but got called away due to an incident in which one man shot another man while they were both turkey hunting near Saint Nazianz.
Northeast Operations Marine Unit
No report available.

District 13 — Oshkosh area

Warden Jason Higgins, of Oshkosh, found a subject fishing with too many lines and in possession of 50 crappies. The subject’s friend was fishing without a license. The fish were seized, and the subject was cited for being over his daily bag limit. His friend was cited for no license. Higgins warned the subject for fishing with too many lines.
Wardens Higgins and Heather Gottschalk, of Wautoma, checked fishermen on a pier where one subject presented his girlfriend’s license. He was cited for no license and for loan/borrowing another person’s license.
Warden Tom Truman, of Winneconne, and Bryan Harrenstein, of Madison, contacted an angler in the Menasha area who did not have a license. It was found that the individual’s hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges had been revoked due to child support issues.
Wardens Truman and Higgins contacted a group of individuals in the Neenah area. One angler had short largemouth bass. A citation was issued. That individual also had a warrant for his arrest. The wardens assisted the Neenah Police Department with his arrest.
Warden Michael Disher, of Chilton, cited a local man for conducting unlicensed taxidermy work at his home. Wardens searched the man’s residence and smartphone. It was discovered the man had a second freezer in a friend’s garage. In this freezer, Disher found multiple walleyes, wood ducks, an 8-point deer rack and cape, and an untagged bobcat pelt. The bobcat was killed in a relative’s illegal snare. The man took the bobcat from the snare for mounting without a trapping license or bobcat tag. Multiple carcasses were seized.
Warden Disher investigated several complaints in May in Calumet County. He took action for illegal motor trolling, failure to display boat lights, fishing without licenses, transporting river water, dogs off leashes on state lands, littering, and no PFDs.
Wardens Disher and Goetsch worked AIS duties on Lake Winnebago and the Fox River. They contacted a half-dozen people fishing without licenses, and made several traffic stops of vehicles that were pulling trailers with aquatic weeds attached.
Warden Nadolski was assisted by warden Paul Nell, of Horicon, with complaints about overbagging, snagging of fish, and keeping foul-hooked fish at Mill Creek below the Fox Lake dam. Citations were issued.
Warden Nadolski used DNR loaner fishing poles to take 18 kids from Cub Scout Pack 3777 on an outing at Harris Mill Pond in Waupun. Several fish and trees were caught.
Wardens Erickson and Ryan Propson, of Appleton, were working an AIS event in Winnebago County when they saw water splash out of the right side of a boat on a trailer as it was being towed around a corner. Erickson stopped the subject, who failed to drain livewell water. The subject was issued on citation for transporting water away from shore and warned for transporting live fish away from a water body.

District 14 — Sheboygan area

Warden Tony Young, of Port Washington, completed a turkey case that was made from several complaints originating on Facebook. The case resulted in two citations for possession of untagged car-killed turkeys and one for transporting them.
Warden Mike Clutter, of Adel, fielded complaints in May that included ag waste applications, sewage concerns, a motorboat on a no-motor lake, water-skiing without an observer, a burn barrel in residential area, camping on DNR land, burning plastic and other illegal items, hunter harassment, deer feeding, turkey baiting, and a fertilizer spill.
Warden Nick Blankenheim, of Milwaukee, received many complaints about undersized bass being kept at Estabrook Park. This is an ongoing issue, with this year being worse than previous years. Several citations were issued for possession of undersized bass.
Warden Blankenheim contacted a fisherman who did not present a license upon request. The subject had a felony warrant for resisting and causing injury to an officer in Winnebago County. Blankenheim arrested the subject and turned him over to the Glendale Police Department.

District 15 — Milwaukee area

Warden Sanidas has observed an increase in bowfishing as lake management districts create incentives for the harvest of rough fish. Along with this increase in bowfishing activity comes the issue of illegally dumped fish along roads and in parking areas.
Warden Sanidas responded to an injured-loon complaint on Upper Phantom Lake. He was able to capture the loon, which had a broken left wing. It was transported to a local rehabilitation facility for treatment.
Wardens Sanidas was on Lake Beulah and contacted a four people on a pontoon boat. While Sanidas conducted a safety check, one individual opened a storage compartment where a marijuana pipe was located. While the individual was attempting to retrieve PFDs, the pipe was dislodged from its location and fell onto the floor. The pipe came to rest in front of Sanidas. The responsible party was identified, and the violation was resolved.
Warden Groppi assisted the Oconomowoc Police Department with a motor vehicle OWI accident. Groppi was checking area rivers and found the driver (a 78-year-old female) had crashed into a power box near an intersection that knocked out the power for the nearby traffic lights. The driver was unaware she struck the power box and was still trying to drive even though her right front tire came off and her wheel was stuck in the mud.
Warden Groppi investigated a complaint regarding a group of hunters who shot more turkeys than they had tags for. Groppi found that two hunters killed three turkeys. One of the turkeys was killed by accident and was not reported. Groppi found that one of the turkeys was not registered and none were tagged. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Kaitlin Kernosky, of South Milwaukee, received a complaint about a bait shop in Milwaukee selling game fish out of the back of the shop. Kernosky and Rick Reed found that the bait shop was not selling live game fish and found it to be in compliance with all bait-dealer laws.

District 16 — Racine, Kenosha area

Warden Isaac Kruse, of Racine County, and warden supervisor Jen Niemeyer received a call that a deer had broken through a business window in a Racine strip mall. The deer had broken through the window and was lying in the office space of the business. Kruse, Niemeyer, and a wildlife biologist were able to trap the deer in a bathroom and tranquilize it for removal. The deer was transported away from the scene.
Warden Kruse assisted in an investigation being conducted by the Kenosha Police Department regarding alligators, turtles, and snakes being held in a residence that had been foreclosed. Kruse responded to the scene to determine if the animals were native and being held illegally. Kruse and staff from the Racine zoo determined the animals were not native to Wisconsin. Kruse assisted with the removal of the animals, which were taken by the zoo.
Warden John Sinclair, of Kenosha County, checked an individual and his wife fishing on Silver Lake. The man and his wife each had caught their daily bag limit of 25 panfish – plus 33 more panfish. The husband was cited for being over his daily bag limit.
Wardens Sinclair and Niemeyer assisted a towing company and divers in retrieving a vehicle that had gone through the ice and been abandoned in the waters of Camp Lake. An individual drove his car through the ice and failed to remove it. The individual was issued citations for that violation. The individual also will be responsible for the costs the DNR incurred while removing the vehicle, which were over $3,500.

District 17 — Madison area

Warden Boyd Richter, of Janesville, cited two men on the Rock River under the interstate bridge for fishing with too many lines.
Warden Richter found an angler at the Monterey dam on the Rock River in possession of a soft-shelled turtle. The turtle was in a bucket under a dozen rough fish and was still alive. The subject was cited for being in possession of a turtle during the closed season. The turtle was released.
Wardens Richter and Mike Dieckhoff, of Janesville, worked AIS enforcement at Clear Lake near Milton during Memorial Day weekend and found numerous subjects transporting Eurasian watermilfoil on trailers, and with water in boats. They issued five citations for transporting aquatic plants on the highway and away from the boat launch.
Warden Henry Bauman, of Madison, investigated a boating incident on Lake Mendota in which an operator and passenger were ejected when the operator lost control of the boat at a high speed. The boat flipped and sank. The operator and passenger had to be rescued by another boater. Bauman issued a citation for operating a motorboat at an unreasonable and imprudent speed.
Warden Jake Donar of Madison, was checking fishing licenses at the Wingra dam when a man pulled out an unvalidated turkey tag along with his fishing license. The man had shot a turkey on a borrowed tag, but had not registered it. Citations were issued to the man and his companion for fishing without a license and for failing to register the turkey.
Warden Kyle Dilley, of Madison, received a call about a subject at Babcock Park who placed an illegal-size bass in the trunk of his car. Dilley contacted four fishermen who stated they had only caught a few bluegills, but Dilley found illegal-size largemouth bass in the trunk of their car. Citations were issued, and the fish were seized.
Warden Mike Dieckhoff, of Janesville, located an angler fishing in downtown Beloit who had pulled out his marijuana and pipe to smoke while fishing. Dieckhoff turned him and the drugs over Beloit police officers.

District 18 — Poynette area

Warden John Buss, of Sauk City, found an undersized walleye tied beneath the surface on some fishing line. The suspect was cited for possession of an undersized fish.
Warden Mike Green, of the Dells, responded to multiple calls about anglers keeping undersized walleyes and smallmouth bass. Green issued multiple citations to individuals. One group had six short smallies and walleyes.
Wardens Roy Zellmer and Green contacted an angler below the Timme Mill dam who had been revoked for multiple closed-season deer-hunting violations. The individual was cited for fishing during revocation.
Warden Green received a call about a boat being pinned against a bridge pier in the Wisconsin River in the high flow. Green responded, and the individuals got into Green’s boat. Green then pulled their boat off the bridge pier. One of the individuals was then able to drive the boat to the landing.
Warden Paul Nell, of Horicon, was on Beaver Dam Lake when he encountered several fishermen who did not have licenses. One had six body-only warrants from two counties. The person was turned over to the Beaver Dam Police Department.
Warden Nell found a man fishing in the Mill Creek fish refuge. The man had been issued a citation two days earlier by warden Ben Nadolski for having an undersized pike on Beaver Dam Lake. A citation was issued.
Warden Paul Nadolski, of Portage, issued several citations in May for a subject burning without a permit or contrary to the permit. Complaints were given to Ranger Henderson.
Warden David Horzewski, of Reedsburg, traveled to Cazenovia to meet with a caller regarding an illegal trap set. Horzewski met the caller and located the trap – a 220 Conibear set on dry land for what is described as being used to kill a woodchuck.

District 19 — Dodgeville area

Warden Mike Nice, of Richland Center, returned 20 stolen traps to a 10-year-old first-time trapper after catching the suspect.
Warden Martin Stone, of Fennimore, patrolled northern Grant County trout streams on the opener and issued two citations for illegally keeping trout in a no-kill section of Castle Rock Creek.
Warden Rick DeWitte, of Cassville, cited two Illinois fishermen on opening day for fishing without a valid Wisconsin license.
Warden Dave Youngquist, of Spring Green, learned of someone turkey hunting without a license, permit, or stamp on the first day of the fourth period. The hunter forgot to put in for the fourth-period tag and missed the purchase deadline in March, so he went behind his house to bag a gobbler anyway. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Youngquist found a nonresident angler who did not have a license and who, for the past two years, had bought resident licenses anyway. The angler also had three hooks on his three lines for a total of nine baits. Enforcement action was taken. Another angler was fishing with four lines and that angler’s companion, who was from outside of the United States, had no license. Enforcement action was taken.

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