Making changes while fishing when mother nature throws you a curveball

Cory YarmuthHow do you approach your favorite lake when mother nature throws you a curve ball? Personally, I have found that I need to dig deep into my previous experiences on any body of water and adjust and adapt to the conditions in front of me.  You need to take into account a multitude of factors and put them together as though you were putting a jig-saw puzzle together.

I was just recently faced with such a puzzle and the challenge was just as exciting as figuring out how to solve it.  Weather, water, and weeds all made for pieces to put together to find fish and get them to bite.  With the late spring and colder temperatures in force, it made for a new challenge on a familiar lake.   It is a matter of taking your time and knowledge and putting them into practical applications and learning from what is or is not working.
Once the puzzle is figured out you will be very happy with the success that you have.  

Now back to my original question, How do you put the puzzle together?  Think about this the next time you are faced with adverse conditions and use it to your advantage.

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