Wisconsin Cuffs & Collars – June 28th, 2013

District 1 — Ashland area

Warden Amie Egstad, of Bayfield, and recruit warden Brandon Smith patrolled on Lake Superior. Citations were issued for not enough PFDs and too many lines.
Members of the Ashland team participated in an aquatic invasives/VHS check of smelters, focusing on Chequamegon Bay and Lake Superior. They emphasized draining all coolers, buckets, etc., to prohibit transporting water away from the lake.
Warden Brad Biser, of Brule, was contacted by a Brule River canoeist who reported that two elderly canoeists were missing. Douglas County emergency crews were notified. The canoe was found overturned against a deadfall in a rapids. Afterwards, the two people were found in good condition.
Warden Matt Mackenzie, of Ashland, worked boating enforcement in May and issued several warnings for boating violations.
Warden Jill Schartner, of Drummond, found a vehicle parked in a no-parking zone marked by four signs. The subject was in possession of an undersized bass during the closed season. A citation was issued.
Warden Schartner spent time in May checking ATV trails in southern Bayfield County, where she found most operators to be in compliance. She did issue four warnings and a citation for underage operation.
Warden Schartner assisted with the National Archery in the Schools program tournament held in Wisconsin Rapids.
Ashland team wardens gave law-enforcement presentations at ATV, boating, and hunter education courses in May.
Warden Lance Burns, of Gordon, responded to a call about a subject who had to be rescued after sinking a snowmobile while water-skipping. Folks on a nearby pontoon rescued the man, who sank his sled in 20 feet of water. The sled must be removed in 30 days. The subject was cited for no PFD.

District 2 — Cumberland area

Warden Phil Dorn, of Cumberland, attended the Barron County Safety Fair at Tainter Elementary School in Rice Lake.
Warden Ashton, of Luck, worked with intern Jacobs and issued several citations in Polk County for various boating and fishing violations during the Memorial Day weekend.
Warden Ashton received a call about an illegal dump site containing dozens of paint cans in southern Burnett County.
Warden Ashton is working with storm water staff on a large storm water violation. A local town widened a road, disturbed about 7 acres of soil, and did not apply for a storm water permit. The site has numerous problems (lack of silt fence and run-off violations). Enforcement action is pending.
Wardens Hagen and Gurnoe worked ATV trails north of Spooner. They observed a four-person UTV being operated southbound into Spooner from Hwy. H. None of the three passengers were wearing seatbelts. The passenger in the back seat was 13 and was not wearing a helmet. Three seatbelt warnings and one citation for the helmet violation were issued to the adult operator.
Wardens Hagen and Gurnoe patrolled Balsam, Red Cedar, and Hemlock lakes. They issued a citation for a short walleye (18-inch size limit). The anglers used a $1 bill to measure the fish, but came up an inch shy of an actual tape measure.
Warden Heisler, of Winter, watched two individuals smoke marijuana while fishing on a lake in the Flambeau River State Forest. Charges were referred to the D.A.
Warden Tyznik, of Amery, got a call about a turkey shot and killed from a road. Tyznik got the license plate of the suspect vehicle from Minnesota. While en route, Tyznik checked for any homes in the area with the last name of the registered owner of the vehicle and found an address five miles from the shooting complaint. Tyznik located the residence and observed the suspects and suspect vehicle in the driveway. Enforcement action was taken.

District 3 — Park Falls area

Wardens Jason Bayer, Bryan Vergin, and Scott Bowe monitored fishing activity in the Phillips area on opening weekend. Six citations were issued for walleye bag-limit violations, mostly for double-tripping.
Warden Bayer contacted a group of anglers on the South Fork of the Jump River with two muskies on a stringer. The fish were under the size limit, and the season was closed. Bayer seized the fish and issued citations to two anglers in the group. Bayer contacted another group of four anglers on the river. All four were cited for fishing without licenses. One member of that group had a warrant for his arrest and was turned over to the Price County Sheriff’s Department.
Warden Bayer cited a North Dakota resident who bought a resident fishing license.
Wardens Andy Dryja and J.J. Redemann, of Langlade County, arrested two individuals for ATV OWI. The subjects were contacted for operating 50 mph over the speed limit.
Wardens Dryja, Redemann, and Brad Dahlquist, of Crandon, caught four individuals illegally taking walleyes at night out of a small stream. They seized four large walleyes and lights. Citations were issued.
Wardens Dryja and Redemann issued many warnings for fishing violations in May and issued three citations for fishing without license citations. They issued more than 20 warnings for boating violations and three citations for not having wearable PFDs.
Warden Kirk Konichek, of Ladysmith, contacted a subject fishing below the Thornapple dam in a refuge. Konichek was dressed in uniform. Upon contact, the individual said that he did not believe Konichek was a warden. Konichek showed credentials and asked why the subject was fishing in a refuge. The man stated that he did not know it was a refuge. Konichek showed the subject the bright yellow fish refuge sign that was directly in front of the subject’s vehicle. A citation was issued for fishing in a refuge.
Warden Konichek created a sturgeon watch program in Rusk County with the help of several interested parties. The group also will maintain the soon-to-be-developed sturgeon trail along the Chippewa River.
Warden Dan Michels, of Park Falls, worked with DNR forestry and fisheries employees in hosting a fishing day at the Coolidge Springs Trout Ranch south of Fifield for 67 third-graders. Each student kept two trout thanks to support from the St. Croix Rod Company.
Warden Michels responded to a call from the Price County Sheriff’s Department regarding a boating accident on Round Lake. Four tribal members had been spearing walleyes when they ventured too close to the Round Lake dam and were swept over it.
Warden Ron Nerva, of Tomahawk, was involved in several forest fires in May. In one incident, Nerva found a fire that was burning on county forest land. Nerva located a subject who had been trying to put out the fire and had a health-related problem that rendered him incapacitated. Nerva called an ambulance and firefighters.
Warden Nerva worked on a complaint about a person harassing tribal spearers.
Warden Nerva worked fish-run cases and wrote citations for fishing during the closed season, undersized fish, and AIS violations.
Warden Nick Nice, of Medford, checked boaters and fishermen in May and issued citations for fishing without a license, failure to register a boat, and failure to carry PFDs.
Warden Nice worked with the Taylor County Sportsmen’s Club to organize the annual youth expo at the fairgrounds. All fifth-graders from Taylor County, most from Price and some from Lincoln, participated in 23 outdoor activities. Several wardens from the Park Falls team also assisted.
Warden Nice and regional warden Dave Zebro found an illegal fill at a property along the Mondeaux Flowage. Enforcement action is pending.
Warden Tim Otto, of Antigo, investigated a case of a person illegally hunting turkeys. The suspect was cited for two illegal deer feeders and failing to register a turkey.

District 4 — Woodruff area

In May, Warden Brad Dahlquist, of Crandon, took enforcement action for fishing without licenses, fishing by means other than hook and line, and operating motorboats without valid registration.
Warden Dahlquist, along with GLIFWC warden Adam McGeshick, completed a case involving an individual who took part in illegally harvesting a black bear and then illegally tagging it. Penalties resulted in fines of over $1,500, community service, and revocation of hunting privileges.
Warden Pat Novesky, of Three Lakes, worked the spring fish run and took enforcement action for violations including attempting to take walleyes by rocks and by hand, attempting to spear muskies and walleyes, unattended lines, and possession of bass during the closed season.
Warden Novesky assisted the Three Lakes Police department with locating a subject who fled police during a domestic dispute on a snowmobile in May. The suspect fled on gravel and paved town roads until crashing and fleeing on foot. Novesky, along with a K9 unit, tracked the subject until Novesky located the subject hiding under a trailer. Novesky ordered the subject out at gunpoint and arrested him.
Warden Rich Thole, of Boulder Junction, investigated a complaint on Island Lake about a subject who possibly had an undersized muskie in a fish basket. Thole found two small northern pike and a 13-inch largemouth bass. The bass was undersized, and the season was only catch and release.
Warden Thole observed two trucks behind a gate on state property near Boulder Junction. Thole contacted three subjects who were trying to get a new Hummer out of the woods. The owner was intoxicated the previous night and drove down the snowmobile trail. He then tried to drive around the gate through a bunch of small trees but got stuck on two stumps. Enforcement action was taken for driving in an unauthorized area on state land.
Warden Thole attended the Lakeland Union High School senior awards night. Thole assisted World Championship Musky Classic tournament organizer Beth Kebl present two scholarships in the name of former Boulder Junction game warden Ben Bendrick (deceased).
In May, warden Timothy Ebert, of Woodruff, investigated several complaints about people attempting to illegally harvest spawning game fish. In one case, two anglers netted seven walleyes and a northern pike. The two anglers had been fishing legally, but then decided to use landing nets to net the fish.
Warden Ebert contacted a group of three anglers in possession of 11 northern pike. Ebert found that two of the anglers did not have licenses and the one angler who did have a license overbagged on northern pike.
Warden Jim Jung, of Rhinelander, took enforcement action for various fishing violations in May, with the majority being fishing without a license.

District 5 — Lower St. Croix area

Warden Brad Peterson, of Ellsworth, assisted DNR wildlife management staff with traffic control during a controlled burn of one of the wildlife areas in Pierce County. Peterson also assisted the sheriff’s department with a traffic stop and arrest of a subject who attempted to outrun a deputy. A search warrant later was issued for the vehicle and illegal drugs were found in the vehicle.
Warden Jim Cleven, of Colfax, saw a snowmobiler operating down the middle of a state highway, after a snow storm, on May 2. This was the first citation ever issued by Cleven for a snowmobile violation in May.
Warden Cleven and deputy warden Gary Schwoch saw a subject wading in Chetek Lake, with all his clothes and shoes on. The man said he was looking for snails, but he had a 5-gallon pail on shore containing eight crappies. The man said he was not fishing and denied that the pail was his. Cleven had cited the man a week earlier for fishing without a license. The wardens surmised that the man saw them approaching in their boat, so he threw his fishing pole into the lake and then acted like he was searching for snails, as he still did not have a license. The subject was given a warning for fishing without a license, and the wardens released the fish.
Warden Cleven got a call from a homeowner who found a sick or injured eagle in his backyard. Cleven caught the eagle and had the injured bird transferred to the Raptor Center in Wabasha, Minn., for rehabilitation.
Warden supervisor David Hausman followed up on a call of obstructing navigation in a trout stream near the border of St. Croix  and Dunn counties. The landowner placed a fence across the stream, which blocked wading up the navigable stream. The owner agreed to provide a passageway.
Wardens Paul Sickman, of Hudson, and Peterson worked together on Memorial Day, checking anglers and boaters along with trout streams to and from various waterways. They contacted a grandfather and grandson. The grandfather had caught more than his legal limit of five trout.
Warden Bill Wrasse, of Durand, worked on a timber theft complaint in Buffalo County. An official survey was done to prove the correct property lines. The numbers of trees taken unlawfully were few, and no charges will be filed. This case will be civil, as one landowner wants the fence moved to the current survey line. The other landowner is objecting and claiming adverse possession.
Warden Wrasse also responded to other complaints, including a manure spill, injured deer, illegal feeding of bears, a missing child, and various wildlife complaints.

District 6 — Eau Claire area

No report available.

District 7 — Wisconsin Rapids area

Warden Barry Fetting, of Marshfield, issued a citation to a subject in May who baited his turkey blind area with sunflower seeds – about 40 yards from a treestand that was baited for deer by the same man and others during the gun season. The subject and his party have been issued citations for group deer-hunting violations, hunting before hours, hunting deer over illegal bait, and now for hunting turkeys over illegal bait.
Warden Fetting issued citations for fishing without licenses and possession of illegal-sized fish. Fetting also conducted deer farm fence inspections.
Warden Bryan Lockman, of Wisconsin Rapids, issued citations for fishing without a license and possession of illegal-sized walleyes. Warnings were given for various boat equipment violations.
Wardens Lockman and Fetting responded to a two-boat accident with two injured parties during Memorial Day weekend on the Biron Flowage in Portage County. One operator was arrested for OWI. The accident occurred when a V-hull boat traveling at about 40 mph overtook a pontoon boat.
Warden Jon Scharbarth dealt with wildlife issues, patrolled trout streams and water bodies, assisted fisheries staff with a lake survey, and assisted with a river cleanup.
Wardens Barry Meister, of Stevens Point, Ted Dremel, of Waupaca, and wildlife biologist Jake Fries, along with several helpful citizens, captured three bear cubs from a tree in southeast Portage County. The sow had been killed by a car. The cubs were transported to Wausau by Wildlife Services agent Barry Benson and turned over to a wildlife rehabilitator. The cubs will be released into the wild this fall.
Warden Meister settled a 2012 deer case in court. The subject was found guilty of hunting deer without a license and was fined $2,268. The subject’s DNR licenses were revoked for three years.
Warden Paul Leezer, of Wausau, and warden supervisor Korey Trowbridge contacted seven subjects camping on an island in the Wisconsin River. Two of the subjects were fishing without a license. All seven had been transported to the island in an unregistered boat with no PFDs on board.
Warden Mike Rader focused on boating, fishing, and ATV enforcement during Memorial Day weekend. Enforcement action was taken for failure to provide the proper number of PFDs, possession of illegal-sized walleyes, and fishing without a license. One subject was arrested for a Marathon County warrant. This subject also was operating a motorboat without valid registration or any PFDs.
Around midnight on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, warden Ben Herzfeldt, of Schofield, was contacted by warden Andy Dryja regarding an ATV accident in Langlade County. The operator, who was found to be intoxicated, was being med-flighted to a Wausau-area hospital. The operator left a bar on an ATV, traveled about 500 feet, and crashed into a telephone pole. The subject was cited for ATV OWI and refusing a blood draw.
One evening during the fifth period of the turkey season, warden Herzfeldt was contacted by the Everest Metro Police Department regarding a subject who shot a turkey off a road. Due to an excellent witness in the case, the responsible party was contacted and was found to have shot a hen out of the passenger window of the vehicle while on a road. Several citations were issued.
While checking fishermen below the Wausau dam, warden Herzfeldt contacted two subjects who stated they weren’t having any luck. Herzfeldt observed that a minnow bucket inside a 5-gallon bucket was in an odd position. Herzfeldt found two undersized walleyes under the minnow bucket. One of the subjects then stated he caught the fish. A citation was issued.
Warden Matt Weber, of Necedah, contacted a fisherman who had overbagged on trout at the Outdoors Forever trout pond. His wife, who was at home, had a fishing license so he thought it was OK to catch her limit as well. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Wade Romberg, of Friendship, issued citations in May for landowner preference fraud, illegal baiting, hunting turkeys without a valid permit, and ATV and boating violations, including OWI.
In May, warden Bill Miller, of Adams, issued 14 citations to people for fishing without licenses. One of them, when asked for his license, said he left it at home. When asked what type of license he had, he said a salt water license – he had moved here from South Carolina and did not buy a license in Wisconsin. Other citations were issued for short fish and trolling.
Warden Miller issued four people citations for overbagging on fish in May. In one case, Miller received a call that a man double-tripped on catfish (17). The man asked for a warning and told Miller if he did it again Miller could double the fine. Miller had cited the man for overbagging on walleyes and having short fish in 2004. Miller said the fine was $452, and asked if he should double it. The man said no, $452 was enough. All but one fish were released.
Warden Miller ticketed seven people for applying for 2013 spring turkey permits as qualified landowners.

District 8 — La Crosse area

Warden Bob Jumbeck, of Alma, investigated a case from the 2012 archery season where a hunter shot two bucks. A shoulder-mounted 10-point buck was seized as evidence.
Warden Jumbeck learned about an individual who harvested and gave a turkey away, but failed to possess a valid license. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Edward McCann, of La Crosse, organized an AIS group check. The group of wardens talked about AIS issues with trout anglers on local streams.
Wardens Dale Hochhausen, of Onalaska, and McCann were working fishing enforcement at the Onalaska spillway when McCann saw a deer carcass dumped in the parking lot. McCann also found a carcass tag nearby. Later, Hochhausen followed up with the subject and found that he had dumped the carcass. Other deer registration and tagging violations also were discovered.
Warden Chris Shea, of Trempealeau, contacted an angler fishing in the Trempealeau River near Blair. Shea located three undersized pike. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Shea and warden supervisor Tyler Strelow, of La Crosse, observed two men fishing from shore on the Mississippi River. One man littered a glass bottle. One of the anglers had a warrant and the other gave a false ID, leading to his arrest on obstruction charges. Enforcement action was taken for littering, fishing without a license, contempt of court, and obstructing.
Warden Matt Modjeski, of Sparta, completed a case involving two individuals who were road hunting at night with a .22 rifle and a spotlight. The firearm was discharged from a vehicle at small game and a skunk. The firearm, ammo, and a spotlight were seized. Charges are pending.
Warden Cody Adams got numerous calls about truck operators “mudding” on Lower Wisconsin State Riverway property. Enforcement action was taken.

District 9 — Black River Falls area

No report available.

District 10 — Wautoma area

No report available.

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