Northern Wisconsin Fishing Report – June 28th, 2013


Walleyes are in the weeds and wood right now on most lakes, but they are deeper on the big, deep lakes. There is still a good minnow bite going on. Smallmouth bass are going crazy on a lot of lakes on just about any kind of presentation. The crappies are just about done spawning, and bluegills are in the middle of their spawn. Muskie catching has been a little light, but anglers are witnessing a lot of sightings. One guy saw 10 fish one day last week.
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Bluegills are hitting on Lake Noquebay, the High Falls Flowage, and the Caldron Falls Flowage. In some spots on all three waters the bluegills have spawned out; other places they have not. On Noquebay, if you don’t find bluegills in the shallows, drift from the shallows to about 15 feet water and do different drifts. Crappie action at night has been fair. Use minnows for the crappies. Walleyes are hitting on Noquebay and High Falls, but the action is a little slower than anglers would like. The smallmouth bite on the Menominee River has been good. That action should improve.
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Walleyes were in the weeds, but mayflies started hatching on the Eagle River chain last week, so walleyes are now over mud, where leeches are working the best. Otherwise, use a jig and fathead in 6 to 22 feet of water over mud. Northerns are hitting everything. Crappie fishing has been good in 4 to 8 feet of water with a jig and fathead or slip-bobber rig. Bluegills are in the shallows. Muskies are hitting small spinners, but the larger muskies are coming on surface baits. Water temperatures were in the upper 60s to low 70s.
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The bluegill bite is on and just about everything is working. The crappies also are still hitting, but they’re a little farther from the shallows right now. They’re coming to the surface at night. Walleyes are hitting on Lac Courte Oreilles, the Chippewa Flowage, Lost Land Lake, and Teal Lake. Bass fishing is very good. Smallies are spawning on the deep, clear lakes right now. Largemouths are done, but they’re hitting well on just about everything. Muskie action is starting to pick up. Fish up to 45 inches have been caught on glide baits, crankbaits, and big tubes.
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Bluegills are in the shallows on the Holcombe Flowage. Walleyes are hitting in the river channel on the flowage. Anglers also are catching channel catfish in the Chippewa, Flambeau, and Jump rivers. Fishermen are just starting to report an improvement in the muskie fishing.
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Walleyes and perch are hitting minnows yet on Butternut Lake. The mayfly hatch is on, but fish were hitting in 7 to 13 feet of water. Anglers also have been finding bluegills in the shallows on the smaller lakes that have warmed up ahead of the bigger lakes. On the North Fork of the Flambeau River, muskies were hitting live bait last week. Smallies also are active on the river.
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Bluegills have been providing the best action in the Rice Lake area lately as water temperatures finally increase and the fish move into the shallows. Tube jigs have been working the best. Walleyes have been hitting well on leeches. They’ve been relatively shallow yet – 8 feet and shallower. Muskie action has still been slow.
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The crappies and walleyes had been hitting pretty good on Big Clam Lake. The bluegill action has been good on most area lakes.
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It was 38 degrees the morning of June 18. A cold front with high pressure in the middle of June has backed water temperatures down into the low 60s again. Temps yo-yo up with the sun in the afternoon, but overall are down for this time of year. Smallmouth bass action is excellent. They are nesting still on all but the smallest, warmest lakes. Big smallies (21 inches plus) are hitting X-raps, creature baits, leeches, and crawlers. Topwater lures like Chug Bugs and Jitter Bugs also are hard for these fish to resist right now. Muskie action is very good. The cool weather seems to be holding fish near shallow weeds. The best action has been on smaller bucktails and 5- to 7-inch crankbaits like Cranes and Jakes. There are lots of active fish in the 30- to 40-inch range, with a few mid-40-inch fish in the mix. Crappie action is good. Fish deeper weed edges and wood in 7 to 10 feet with small jig and spinner combos and jig and Twister tails. Anglers are scoring on big crappies to 141⁄2 inches. Northern pike action is good. The cool water appeals to this species. Cast spinnerbaits, No. 3 Mepps, and Comets over weeds in 6 to 10 feet of water, or try jig and chub combos for early morning action before the water warms up. Largemouth bass action has been good. They should be nesting and may be on small lakes, but water temps need to rise. The best action has been on 1⁄8-ounce jigs and 3-inch tails (black, red, and orange) in 5 to 7 feet of water and in weeds. Walleye action has been good, but it has been tough on cold, clear mornings. Opt for flowages on those days. Anglers are catching walleyes on chubs, leeches, and crawlers; there is no distinct favorite right now. Fish the flowages on edges of river channels. On lakes, fish in 14 to 18 feet of water on outside weed edges. Perch and bluegill action has been fair, but the water is just too cool yet for great action. Despite the oddly cool weather, the bite is not bad. In some cases, exceptionally large (smallmouths and crappies) fish are being caught. The big mayfly hatches have been delayed.
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