Southeast Ohio Fishing Report – May 24th, 2013

Lake White (Pike County)

As the temperatures warm back up, anglers can expect good catches of bluegills in the 333-acre lake. Try trolling a small spinner bait, which can help you cover a larger area in a shorter time and hopefully lead you to where the fish are congregated, then set up in that location. However, a simple worm fished under a bobber in about two feet of water in the cove area should be successful. Channel catfish can also be found by fishing worms and cut bait on the bottom.  The area near the park office has been a hot spot in recent years.

Dow Lake (Athens County)

Anglers are still reeling in rainbow trout by the dam and near the beach area on artificial baits. Don’t limit yourself, there are lots of options that can prove successful for these trout: corn, cheese, small spinners, and prepared baits can all catch fish.  Crappies have also been biting, and these active fish have a varied diet so again don’t limit yourself to one type of bait presentation. A popular rig is a small grub or minnow below a slip bobber, which can be vertically jigged.  Crappies have a thin mouth, so use a light rod and a light line so you can set the hook properly without pulling it out.

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