Illinois Cuffs & Collars – April 5th, 2013

Region I

After receiving a tip from a retired Conservation Police captain, District 1 CPOs arrested an Elmhurst man for collecting plants on state forest property. The man also had several bladed weapons, archery devices, and a firearm. Officers arrested him for no valid FOID card and illegal plant collection.
A District 1 officer warned a 72-year-old Lena man for deer permit violations.
A Region 1, District 6 CPO, two Region 1, District 1 CPOs and Region 2 CPOs responded to the scene of a missing snowmobiler, who was reported to be involved in an accident, to assist the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Police. During the search for the injured snowmobiler, police received a call that a train had struck a snowmobile at Lukens Road in DeKalb County. Upon responding to the scene, DeKalb Sheriff’s Police, the CPOs and fire/ambulance personnel located the injured snowmobiler, who had sustained critical injuries. The injured snowmobiler was airlifted by Lifeline helicopter to St. Anthony’s Medical Center in Rockford. The snowmobile, when struck by the train, burst into flames and was pushed two miles down the tracks to the location the train finally stopped. This case remains under investigation.
CPOs arrested a McDonough County boat dealer for failure to apply for a registration/title within 15 days by a dealer (three counts) and for failure to surrender manufacturer’s certificate of origin to boat purchaser. He was wanted on a federal warrant for a parole violation (wire fraud) by the U.S. Marshall’s Service. According to his parole officer, he was engaged in a fraudulent boat dealership on the East Coast, which led to federal prosecution for wire fraud. He is currently acting as the primary salesman for a local boat dealer which manufactures pontoon boats. According to an investigating FBI agent, he is under investigation for fraud relating to his boat sales activity in multiple states, including Texas, California, Ohio, Florida, and other states. He would make a sale, demand payment in full, promise to deliver in several weeks, and then fail to deliver a finished product. He then would avoid calls, correspondence, and legal action from past customers. A search warrant on the business was executed on Feb. 18 by DNR, Illinois Department of Revenue, and Secretary of State officers. The dealer is in U.S. Marshall custody and being extradited to the East Coast.
A District 1 CPO completed an investigation into a complaint of damage to DNR trees. The investigation revealed a neighboring landowner of an DNR hunting property had created a fence on DNR property by attaching barbed wire to DNR-owned trees well within the DNR property. “No Trespassing” signs were also bolted to DNR trees. The subject complained of hunters trespassing on his land and hunting without permission. The subject stated he would remove the fence and signs from the DNR trees and place them on his property.
A District 6 CPO conducted compliance checks on several ice fishermen on Lake Shabbona and a homeowner association lake. One citation and one written warning were issued.
A District 6 CPO conducted a compliance check on a DeKalb county trapper. Out of the six traps in the trapline, the CPO found one trap not tagged. A written warning was issued.
A District 1 CPO completed the first portion of a deer hunting permit investigation in Jo Daviess County. The following violations were discovered: unlawfully take of deer without valid archery deer permit, failure to tag deer immediately upon kill, unlawfully loan/transfer deer permit to another person, unlawfully attempt to take deer without valid habitat stamp and unlawfully falsify deer harvest record.
A District 1 CPO conducted ice fishing compliance checks on the Mississippi River and private lakes in Jo Daviess County. No violations were discovered.
A District 1 CPO conducted snowmobile safety and registration compliance checks in Jo Daviess County. The following violations were discovered: unlawful operation of an unnumbered snowmobile (three counts), failure to transfer snowmobile identification number within 15 days of purchase (one count), operation of a snowmobile without the mandatory liability insurance (four counts), unlawful operation of a snowmobile without a working tail/brake light (one count) and unlawful operation of a snowmobile on a highway without a valid driver’s license or snowmobile safety certificate (one count).
CPOs cited two individuals for illegally operating their ATVs on the I & M Canal in LaSalle. One ATV broke through the ice causing the rider and the ATV to enter the freezing water. The operator was able to get out of the water (learned by watching Bear Grylls on “Man vs Wild”). The second individual on the ATV was able to tie a rope on the upside down ATV that broke through the ice and he tied the other end to his ATV and was able to upright it to prevent it from further damage. Both individuals tried to remove the ATVs before police arrived but were not successful. Both ATVs were towed from the scene.

Region II

CPOs completed a tagging investigation. The suspect was arrested for falsification of record, unlawful take or possession of deer, and improper tagging of deer in Bureau County. The suspect’s 8-point buck was seized by the CPO in Grundy County.
A CPO cited a subject for failure to report a snowmobile accident. It was reported by the Homeowners Association on Petite Lake. After speaking with neighbors, it was discovered it happened a week prior to our contact and involved personal injury to a 10-year-old boy. The operator claimed the throttle stuck and threw him off the snowmobile and then proceeded to strike the boy and a pier. He was also issued written warnings for operating too fast for conditions, un-numbered snowmobile, and no insurance. There was no snow on the ground at the time of the accident.
A CPO completed a tagging investigation. The two-week investigation concluded with a two-hour interview with the suspect admitting to taking an 8-point buck in McHenry County without a permit. He then purchased the permit after the kill. He was cited and his 8-point buck was seized.
A CPO encountered two deer hunters in McHenry County. The CPO inspected the licenses and permits. It was noted that the CPO was holding the permits, including leg tag, and one hunter had blood soaked hands. The CPO asked if the deer was tagged and the hunter responded "No, I forgot." The CPO asked about the possibility of bait in the field. The hunter advised he had baited earlier in the year and did not know if bait was still present. The hunter took the officers directly to the area where a bait block was observed. The hunter was issued two citations.
A CPO and CPO trainee completed an investigation into hunting deer by use or aid of bait. During the six-week investigation, the CPO saw the corn was supplemented on many occasions and found two gut piles in the field. The CPOT and CPO conducted an interview with the landowner who stated he does not hunt. He provided the name of the hunter, along with a telephone number. The CPO called the hunter and set up an interview. During the interview, the hunter gave a full confession and provided a written statement. The hunter was charged with two counts of hunting deer by use or aid of bait.

Region III

A CPO received a call of a deer carcass  dumped in the ditch about two miles east of Wapella with the leg tag still attached to the deer. After finding the deer, he went to the residence of the person who tagged the deer. While talking to him about the deer, a second untagged deer rack was located and an Illinois Department of Conservation Refuge sign were found to be in his possession. After questioning him on the possession of the illegal items and the illegal dumping of a deer carcass, appropriate enforcement action was taken.
During a deer permit investigation, it was found that a bowhunter in Livingston County shot two does during a hunt and only had one tag in his possession. The hunter stated that he was trying to do things right but did not want to pass up the opportunity.

Region IV

A District 13 CPO and a CPO trainee issued a citation to a trapper for failure to have his traps tagged. The trapper had set his traps in a farmer’s field without permission and ended up catching the farmer’s dog in the leg trap. The dog was released without any serious injury.
A St. Clair County CPO cited a subject for failure to immediately tag deer upon kill after conducting a deer permit investigation that was assigned by the Springfield headquarters. The subject who was cited admitted to shooting a buck when he only possessed an antlerless-only deer permit. He stated he went to the vendor and purchased a tag and came back to where he shot the deer to apply the tag.
A St. Clair County CPO arrested a subject for unlawful use of a permit from the first shotgun deer season. The hunter legally tagged and transported a doe with an either sex permit to the residence. The hunter unlawfully replaced the either sex permit with a recently purchased antlerless only, over the counter permit and reported the harvest. The hunter stated he did not want to burn his tag this early in the season.
A Monroe County CPO investigated a second-hand complaint on trapping from the roadway and trapping without permission. The original witness confronted/spoke to the illegal trapper on scene and copied the violator’s license plate number. After checking the vehicle registration, the CPO learned it was a subject which he previously cited for the same violation two years before. The CPO foot patrolled several roads near the area of the complaint, which resulted in the discovery of evidence solidly linking the trapper to unlawful roadside trapping. The CPO visited the trapper at his residence, and during the interview, the trapper reluctantly admitted he had a bad habit of roadside trapping which he just couldn’t break. The trapper received a citation for trapping from the roadway and warnings for additional trapping violations.
The Monroe County CPO investigated a hunting accident in which a young goose hunter shot himself in the foot. The accident was caused by negligence and failure to follow key gun safety handling rules. In particular, the victim failed to keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. The subject intentionally placed the loaded 12 gauge shotgun barrel-down on top of his foot while attempting to put a recoil pad back on the gunstock. The shotgun was loaded and the safety was not on. Another hunter pointed out these serious safety omissions to the victim, however before the hunter could correct his errors the gun fired, discharging 13⁄8 ounces of BB shot through his foot. The victim suffered a lost toe with some other complications but is recovering well.

Region V

A CPO and a CPOT are investigating a criminal damage case involving timber in Jasper County.
A CPO and a CPOT cited a subject for transporting uncased firearms in a vehicle.
A CPO and a CPO trainee attended a Whitetail Unlimited Banquet in Crawford. The Chapter donated two trail cameras to the Conservation Police.
A CPO and a CPO trainee cited a subject in Lawrence County for unlawful take of whitetailed deer. The subject killed a doe and wanted to save his either sex tag for a buck.
An unlicensed outfitter case resulted in the unlicensed outfitter pleading guilty and paying a fine of $3,400.
A CPO responded to a call of an abandoned meth lab in Union County.
A CPO responded to a trumpeter swan that had flown into a highline wire. The bird was banded and was recovered at the site. The USFWS was notified of the incident.

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