Time to get those hunting and fishing licenses

Steve PollickYou may notice a few worthwhile changes this time around if you buy your Ohio fishing and hunting licenses on-line this year.

Before I forgot to do so later this spring, I went on-line today and bought my 2013 fishing license, general hunting license, state duck stamp, and spring turkey permit, all in one session. It was 80 bucks well spent, way I see it. I’ll get the deer tags later, but otherwise I now am set till fall.

When I printed my tags, I found that the fishing and hunting licenses and state duck tag all are on one piece tag, so I printed two of them — one for the waterproof fishing folder and one for its hunting twin. I like the idea of having all the pertinent info for both tags all in one, but unless you keep it in your wallet, or one place you never will forget to have with you, best make two copies and two folders. Oh, and sign the licenses and permits before you put them in their folders.

Personally I carry my fishing license in my wallet, inasmuch as I may use it any time of year, on a moment’s notice. Some tackle never is further away than the rear of the SUV. Hunting for me means more prep and is less casual, so I keep those tags with my hunting gear.

I also spent the few necessary minutes calling in toll-free to do the HIP survey and certification to include the 10-digit number on my hunting tag. All I’ll need now for ducks and geese come fall is a U.S. duck stamp.

Any case, the process was painless and quick for me – I live out in the sticks and driving into town a license agent is not convenient for me. I am good to go.

This is the perfect time of year to get this necessary duty done. Hunting seasons, save vermin, are done and most fishing is still a couple of weeks or so away. You can lube your fishing reels and respool them only so many times.

Besides, just buying the tags gets my blood boiling to get outdoors with hooks and bullets. Soon. 

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