Arrow diameter: Is thin ammo better for bowhunting?

Tony PetersonThis may seem like a strange time of year to ponder bowhunting ammo, however with the recent release of the new-for-2013 products, I thought I’d weigh in on the latest in the arrow world. Arrows designed for bowhunting have gotten progressively thinner over the past two decades, with one of the biggest evolutionary leaps occurring last year with Easton releasing their Injexion line. Other arrow manufacturers are dabbling in the micro-craze, and I’ve heard a lot of speculation on whether this latest trend is beneficial to arrow shooters and bowhunters.

In my experience, the answer is a definitive yes. But, that affirmative comes with a caveat: Micro-diameter hunting shafts are better provided they can withstand the abuse doledout by actual hunting situations. Thin shafts provide some obvious benefits like a reduction in aerodynamic drag, less friction in the target aiding in better penetration, as well as a “concentration of energy” effect that further aids in momentum and penetration. All of these are good things, and in an attempt to curb potential problems with components like inserts, arrow manufacturers are utilizing stronger metals and ingenious designs to ensure that each part of their arrows represents an equally strong link in the entire chain.

Downsides to micro-sized ammo include limited availability for broadheads and points with some models and the fact that some existing quivers won’t hold the slim shafts in place. Price is another concern, however it seems as if many of the manufacturers are addressing that issue this year.

So, is it worth it to shell out good money when your current arrows work just fine? The answer depends on your individual situation, but if there’s an opportunity to try out a fresh dozen of these slimmer arrows, I’d suggest giving them a shot.

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