Key tip! Proper jigging actions when catching hard-water, winter walleyes

Terry TumaThere are tough-bite timeframes when you really need to coax a fish into biting. Your jigging action will make or break your success.

I starts by ticking the rod tip – just moving it a tiny bit. Watch how the fish reacts. Are you bringing that walleye up off bottom? If so, usually it will bite. If after a couple minutes it doesn’t, forget about that fish. Work another one.

At the same time, watch your jigging action! Some guys are going overboard and jigging too much. Yeah, you may attract one fish that way, but then it’s over.

I recommend pulling a fish in with aggressive jigging, then slowing down or – even better – perhaps you’ve already parked a dead stick in an adjacent hole. Allow that finesse approach to seal the deal.

Sometimes fish are more aggressive, however, so keep some Jigging Raps or other lures accessible. They’ll perform for more neutral fish, too.

About 5 to 7 percent of the time you have aggressive fish. Those tough-bite fish are definitely catchable, but everything must be perfect.

If there’s such a thing as too much fishing information on a single topic in the world, it might be on “how to jig.” Don’t overthink it, folks.

The best jigging action occurs by using electronics or a camera to watch the fish’s reaction. Remember it doesn’t have to be aggressive, and even simple jigging can spook fish.

I’ve seen it so many times. Guys don’t pay attention and literally drive fish away. We really need to concentrate on what we’re doing out there while jigging.

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