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Fishing Report for Southeastern Utah September 7, 2012

ABAJO MOUNTAINS: (August 31) Conservation Officer Dennis Shumway reports good fishing in San Juan County. Trout are active at Blanding #3 and #4, where worms, marshmallows and PowerBait are most effective. Monticello Lake and Foy Reservoir are still full of water and have plenty of trout. At these waters, anglers should try dry flies, worms and marshmallows. Recapture Reservoir is pretty slow, and people aren't catching many fish.

BENCHES POND: (September 07) Conservation Officer Devin Christensen reports that worms or rainbow PowerBait with sparkles have been very effective.

BOULGER RESERVOIR: (September 07) Worms have been the best bait at Boulger Reservoir.

CLEVELAND RESERVOIR: (August 31) On Aug. 27, Tom Ogden fly fished in a kick boat from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. He caught 10 rainbows ranging from 13 to 17 inches. He used fast-sinking line and a size 6 bead-head woolly bugger or soft-hackle fly in black/blue or red. Aquatics Biologist Mike Bolinski said that some anglers have reported success with chartreuse PowerBait.

DUCK FORK RESERVOIR: (August 31) On Aug. 25, Tom Ogden fly fished from a kick boat with two other anglers. They fished from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. They caught a lot of fish, but most were fairly small. The biggest was 17 inches. The average tiger trout was between 10–14 inches. Tom used sizes 6–8 soft-hackle flies in black/green and blue. Tom saw 12 other anglers on the water, and most were catching fish. Conservation Officer Devin Christensen described fishing as slow when he checked the reservoir, but said that the best-performing fly pattern was a renegade.

ELECTRIC LAKE: (September 07) The best attractants have been colorful Panther Martin, Roostertail or Mepps spinners.

FERRON RESERVOIR: (August 31) On Aug. 24, an angler reported slow fishing with any kind of bait or lure.

GRASSY LAKE: (September 07) This pond sustained a lot of fishing pressure last weekend. Worms were the most effective.

HUNTINGTON NORTH RESERVOIR: (August 31) On Aug. 23, Dan Keller and a friend fished near the dam from 7–10 a.m. They caught seven largemouth bass and many green sunfish. The largest bass weighed about two pounds. Bass ranged in size from 7–14 inches. White rattle traps worked the best. As the weather cools in September, bass fishing is expected to improve. State Park Manager Dan Richards has heard from anglers who caught some nice trout just off the dam. Dan recommends early morning or late evening for the best bass fishing.

HUNTINGTON RESERVOIR: (September 07) On September 5, Tom Ogden and a party of friends fished from 7:30 a.m. till 2:30 p.m. They used fast-sinking line and size 6-8 leech patterns in Canada blood and purple, as well as soft hackle flies in black/red/blue. Among the four anglers, they caught 62 tiger trout that ranged from 10-19 inches. The fishing party found trout close to shore as well as in the middle of the reservoir in 35 feet of water.

JOES VALLEY RESERVOIR: (September 07) Randall Stilson reports that he was witness to a 37-inch tiger muskie, caught by a Castle Dale resident. Sometime next year, there will be harvestable tiger muskies in the reservoir. This reservoir has special regulations that can be viewed in the Utah Fishing Guidebook.

LA SAL MOUNTAINS: (September 07) Conservation Officer Tj Robertson reports that anglers had good fishing at Dons Lake last weekend. Tj suggests dropping PowerBait to the bottom or using lures. Algae are beginning to interfere with spinners. Tj also checked Hidden Lake where the fishing was good with salmon eggs or PowerBait.

MILLSITE RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (September 07) The water level is low and fishing has slowed down.

PETES HOLE: (September 07) This pond had a lot of fishing pressure over the holiday weekend. Fishing was reported as good at that time.

POTTERS PONDS: (September 07) Last weekend, the ponds sustained a lot of angler pressure. Baits and flies were effective.

SCOFIELD RESERVOIR: (September 07) Conservation Officer Devin Christensen reports slow fishing. A large algal bloom has precluded the use of spinners, especially near shore. Devin says chub meat continues to be the best bait with PowerBait and worms coming in behind cut bait. Gordon Hicks reports good fishing trolling with pop gear, followed by a pink/black Triple Teaser. Scofield Reservoir has special regulations that can be viewed in the Utah Fishing Guidebook.

WILLOW LAKE: (August 31) The fishing is good, and there has been quite a bit of fishing pressure.

WRIGLEY SPRINGS RESERVOIR: (August 31) Conservation Officer Devin Christensen said that fishing has been slow, but anglers are having the most success with yellow-spotted black Panther Martins.

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